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  1. TK52780

    Seventh Sister soft good help

    Thanks for the tips! I figured it was all custom fabrication for the soft goods, but it never hurts to ask in case someone out there has taken it upon themselves to start a side business doing them lol of course it wouldn’t be much of a business with just the Seventh Sister lol
  2. Hello everyone! I’m very proud to say my wife is interested in making a Seventh Sister to accompany me on troops! I have signed her up here, and her forum access is still pending, so until then I figured since I joined here a few months ago in an interest to make a Darth Nihilus, I would start this thread and gain some knowledge from fellow Seventh Sisters! I have purchased the hard armor from BullDogProps on Etsy, who’s wife is an approved sister. Pictures below. The help I’m asking for is for the soft goods. My wife, myself and my mother in law all can sew, so if it comes down to fabricating the jacket and pants, we got that covered. I just need recommendations on either fabric, or vendors everyone used, so it can aide in my research. I have found some interesting methods, but I’d like to get a collective opinion on things. I need recommendations for: 1. Coat material and possible vendor 2. Pants material and possible vendor 3. Boots source 4. Gloves source I looked through some threads here and the info is sporadic. I figured creating a thread with an obvious title may help get the right attention I need lol I appreciate everyone’s time!