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  2. DarthValkyria

    Lady Shaa Darth Vader comics 2018-2019

    If you could get some high res scans or photos of them, that would be great!
  3. 501st approval requires the eyes and mouth not be part of the mask, as they must be your own eyes showing and your mouth that can move freely. If you were able to cut around the lips and eyes and attach, it cold work but no guarantee.
  4. Hello everyone, May I please ask if anyone has obtained 501st CRL approval for Grand Inquisitor with the following Chris Stephens Creations latex mask? Appreciate everyone's input and suggestions.
  5. Hello everyone. My name is Kenny and I am in the MMCC and The Dark Empire in Phoenix Arizona. have recently started a build for a 501st Darth Malgus with the Dune Sea Garrison and hope to have it done by the end of the year. Hoping to see some of you out at troops!
  6. This is pretty awesome! Would love to have some extra shots of Lady Shaa!!! Would love to get her costume together!
  7. Last week
  8. It's the only cannon sith woman!!! Let's start with the banter on how to build her! Does anyone have the comics? If not I'll snag them to post pictures!
  9. Sicario

    Acólito en proceso.

    Colocadas las cartucheras funcionales,luce mejor así y tienen una función útil,guardar pequeños objetos(billetera,llaves de casa y coche...)
  10. mdwilson606

    M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Anthony says we aren't going for anything more than Basic approval.
  11. TheLorelei

    M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Looking good! Nice new insert for the center back, too. Don't forget the little triangles if you're going for level 2 certification, though: The inner circle is bisected by a single vertical line with small triangular engravings at the lower edge.
  12. DarthValkyria

    Darth Tyranus?

    You would be best served with that costume by visiting the SLD forums as they are the home for it.
  13. Sorry for the delay, Sidney! The soft parts from Etsy - that's tough. For starters it's hard for anything off the rack to be called "501st approved" since it's really how it fits you that determines approval. If you'd be willing to have parts tailored after receiving them then it'd likely work for you. The only other concern I have is how much red shows along the front overlap of the jacket. This is a common stylistic thing that has no basis in screen accuracy (that I can find). Since I'm guessing it will be custom made, perhaps you can ask the maker to modify that. Your level of patience is another matter altogether! But if you're making any of your hard goods from scratch, timing may not be too far off. The saber - oh boy. Rabbit hole is right. Despite how much I'd like to make it spin, the elaborate characters remain my biggest issue. Some people have carved them, painted them... I can only see 3D printing as a viable option given my levels of skill and patience (and 'cause I think they're 3-dimensional, not merely painted). I bought a double sided UltraSaber and planned to build around that but turns out it's a bit too long so I intend to use the guts from two very bright red LED flashlights with UltraSaber blades (bought extras) instead. When I last looked I don't remember finding any files - I'd love to see the one you found.
  14. Update - 01.18.2019 Robe - Arrived My Robe from Sharon Honey has arrived so will take pics and share. Now have to paint the sleeves. Will share too. Boots - Ordered Finally found boots that look right and complement the Acolyte. When you see them, its be pretty obv as well why these were chosen . Should have them by the 25th so will take pics and share. Geniune Grip Mens Twin Gore for $58.50 - Whats left Neck Seal - Ordered and waiting on arrival Leather Belt Pouches - Working with Bobby to make them
  15. mdwilson606

    M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Last piece of business is we purchased some files for the saber and started printing them. Had to make an adapter for the bottom mount but all seems to be progressing with it.
  16. mdwilson606

    M's Seventh Sister WIP

    Anthony didn't like the bracers that came with the armor kit so we took some measurements and modeled up new ones and some greeblies to go on them. Also didn't like the look of the center to the back armor so he modeled that up as well and printed a piece that we will have to attache in place of what's there. Well once we cut out the original. Also did some more trimming of the armor overall even though we don't have a jacket yet, I just wore a sweatshirt as a stand-in so we can hopefully get this show moving along.
  17. mdwilson606

    M's Seventh Sister WIP

    An update on the soft goods. We picked up a pattern that is actually really close to what is needed for 7S. After some trial an error, we don't do a bunch of sewing, the pants actually turned out quite fantastic. We should be tackling the jacket very soon.
  18. Tulak Hord

    Tulak Hord Character Research

    Project has been coming along nicely. Been printing non-stop getting these sized dialed in and printing done. Here's the link for the post with my latest batch of uploads. Last thing I did was glue the two halves for the front and back together to make two pieces and put the first layer of wood filler down. Tomorrow the sanding resumes for the prints, then it's on to color matching. As of now I don't have a lot of big pieces left to print. I have the shield, the left outer shoulder, the right shoulder (needs to be resized due to size of chestplate), and the thighs. I feel on track for my goal of Celebration at this rate! Link to Reference images and WIP on Imgur:
  19. Looking for TFE access, had Revan approved near the end of the year. Donsies! -DL
  20. Darth_harold

    Sith Acolyte

    Hello, can someone check these 3D files if they are accurate for print and make aprovable costume? Thanks for info Edit link on my cloud
  21. BHAsajj

    FS - Seventh Sister Kit(on going)

    Are sizes adjustable?
  22. Sicario

    Darth Revan for sale

    Este traje ya no está a la venta.El vendedor ha renunciado a venderlo...
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  24. Ciao a tutti. Vedendo che ho un costume da Visas Marr (approvato) mio marito vuole fare il costume di Darth Nilus per farmi compagnia. ora sto scrivendo per chiedere un consiglio: quale tessuto useresti per realizzare questo costume dal momento che non è specificato nel crl? se avessi usato la tela di cotone, potrebbe andare bene? Grazie in anticipo per le tue risposte.
  25. DarthCephalus

    Holocron Run

    End of the month. I think I will be backed up enough by then to call it.
  26. Littbuff

    Holocron Run

    These look awesome. How long is the run open for?
  27. ArcticHuntress

    Darth Tyranus?

    My husband is looking at this character - any recommendations on seamstress / sellers? Thank you.
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