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  2. DarthCephalus

    Updateing my Revan

    Next update: accurate sabers for both hands.
  3. SkySith

    Raven's Revan

    I can measure my center ring for you the next time I'm in the same house as my kit (haven't moved the kits to the new place yet!)
  4. Last week
  5. Requesting detachment access. Lana Beniko was approved today!
  6. Femakin

    KOTFE- Lana Beniko

    ... So half a year, a full armour redo, and one or two mental breakdowns later (and my undying love to my garrison XO with his army of 3D printers and apparently limitless patience)... SL 37912 is here to kick ass and pick on Theron and Koth. And I don't see Theron or Koth anywhere. ;)
  7. Tulak Hord

    Tulak Hord Character Research

    Project was slightly delayed for a few weeks because I was moving, but I finished the dome of my bucket and uploaded pics to my WIP imgur album (link above). Still 4 pieces to print for the helmet before I move onto the next piece, what I refer to as the umbrella pieces that come off the side of the bucket. Any comments or critiques so far?
  8. DarthCephalus

    Updateing my Revan

    Continuing the Revan upgrades in keeping with the new CRL. This time it is the raised doodad on the back of the kidney plate. Did it in clay and painted over it with the touch up paint from wicked armor. A bit more touch up needed, but I think it will work. Need to paint the whole lower portion dark copper anyways.
  9. Professor Az

    Darth Andeddu

    Email sent!
  10. Earlier
  11. Bogan

    Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Spine Armor is done...
  12. DarthValkyria

    Darth Andeddu

    Whatever is easiest for you. My email is
  13. Netrasenaar

    Raven's Revan

    Oh thank goodness.
  14. Netrasenaar

    Raven's Revan

    You definitely have a point with the open faced mold, that would be pretty simple and it's not like the back is really seen. Are there any exact dimensions for the size? Or at least something close-ish? I am glad you reminded me about heat. I was going strictly for looks and thinking "Oh last April Chicago was super cold". But unless I plan on having separate robes for the summer, (I don't) you just saved me some more time! This is why I love WIPs!
  15. Professor Az

    Darth Andeddu

    Awesome. Should I post in this thread, or via PM or email?
  16. DarthValkyria

    Raven's Revan

    Nooooooooooo. That is the post-KOTOR hilt. You'll want to stay far away from that one.
  17. Netrasenaar

    Raven's Revan

    Ahhhh then I am glad I asked! I'm thin and average height so stuff being big has been something I've run into. Back to digging for a mask! THIS is the second saber I meant to link.
  18. DarthValkyria

    Sith Apprentice Cade Skywalker

    The general rule of thumb is that if you cna show a complete 360 degree detail reference from OFFICIAL sources, and those references are cohesive, then the character is approvable (pending dark side eligibility, ofc). Those references need to show a majority of the same details, parts, and colors. I say majority because comics are often not cohesive from panel to panel, much less issue to issue. So, you take all the references you can find, and bunch together those that are similar, and that is your reference pool. Even if you can show different parts being majority similar, it still works (the majority of boot references might not match the majority of armor references, and so forth).
  19. DarthValkyria

    Character asset sheets

    I know some people have tried (Darth Atroxa comes to mind), but I don't believe LFL ever responded. They aren't too keen on releasing anything that isn't already public.
  20. DarthValkyria

    A'Sharad Hett WIP Questions

    @BHAsajj would be the person to ask on this.
  21. DarthValkyria

    Darth Zash

    I'm glad the video idea worked out for you! The 2D skin rendering on the models was what I was referring to on the details. You can't tell planes or depths because it is all flattened. Your in-game shots work great for that aspect.
  22. DarthValkyria

    Revan Updates and Improvements

    This looks slick! I need to redo mine (again) as I forgot to put in the flexible structure strip to keep it from folding under itself.
  23. DarthValkyria

    Raven's Revan

    Props Foundry does nice detail, but from what I've seen, their proportions are HUGE. The mask is way too big and almost reaches to the chest on a lot of people. The new ultrasaber version you linked looks lightyears ahead of their previous model. ALso, yes, for dual-wielding, they are the exact same hilt.
  24. DarthValkyria

    Darth Andeddu

    Never hurts to ask, and feel free to send me whatever references you have so I can check what we are working with!
  25. Professor Az

    Darth Andeddu

    Her Sithness, Yes, that's the position I'm in now, he only appears in three episodes of Legends, and in all three he looks a tad different: 1. His Holocron ghost 2. His re-animated body 3. His second Holocron ghost I can provide links to the pictures I'm talking about if necessary. The only two things that remain constant are the skeletal features of his face, and the headgear he wears. Everything else is subject to the artist's drawings, as is common with the comics, especially Legends. Armor on/armor off, face has skin/face has almost no skin, lighsaber/no lightsaber... I'm thinking this may not be doable, but I figured I'd ask first.
  26. DarthValkyria

    Darth Andeddu

    The character does not exist in the CRL databank, but in order to be eligible to be added, the costume must be built using official and cohesive references that show an entire 360 degree view of the character for details. That part is usually the killer for a lot of characters in joining the 501st roster.
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