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Darth Bane WIP

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Hello everyone!

I'm Matt from the Southern California Garrison and I'm currently in the works to putting together a Darth Bane costume from the clone wars. I'm hoping that once it is completed that I'll be able to make it an official CRL for the Legion. I'll be sure to keep you all up to date on my progress. Currently I have 3d files for a helmet printing, some leather working done for the chest and back pieces, burgundy top/bottom is on its way, as well as a old friend helping to create the cloth pieces along the waist

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All burgundy under tunic patterned to go under the armor:

https://www.dropbox.com/home/darth bane?preview=20210429_154754.jpg


 Cut out shapes from shin armor for Darth Bane's gauntlets


Once the gauntlet shape was cut out with a rotary tool I managed to engraved the recessed areas of the gauntlets.


Engraved gauntlets

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Darth Bane helmet has been painted and final details are complete.






The helmet is a dark gunmetal, the helmet detail, Mohawk, and face mask are all a white gold. Upon further inspection, it appears the topmost set of fins at the ears are the same light gray as the gauntlets with white gold embellishments. Yellow/orange LED lenses have been added to give the effect of glowing eye sockets like in the Clone Wars.

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Working on the chest piece. I have an extra rubies Darth Vader Mantle so I'm re-purposing it to be used for Darth Bane. It still looks a little too wide, but the basic shape is there.







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Initial kama has arrived created by a great friend of mine. All that is needed is some gray fabric paint to finish up the light gray details bordering the sith design in the center.



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Kama finished with light gray fabric paint. Here is the finished product with the reference.





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Finally finished turning a Rubies Darth Vader chest piece into the Darth Bane chest (minus the shoulder blades). Here it is with the helmet.



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I've finished the base painting and fabrication of the mantle blades as well as installed the chest lights with red LEDs. Still needs weathering but here is some updated photos. 









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17 hours ago, LordZedel said:

Very exciting build I would love to collaborate when you finish as I too desire to build this for the legion. But don’t have the templates for the armor designs 

I look forward to it and I'm more than happy to! Fingers crossed I can get this approved within the next couple months.

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10 hours ago, Trachta said:

I'm so glad you are still building this!  I look forward to seeing the completed costume! 


Thanks so much! It's getting closer and I'm so excited. 🙂

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Unlike most characters in Star Wars, Darth Bane does not wear boots, but something more like shoes.

Recently found some shoes at my local thrift shop that have a similar shape to Bane's.



I'm going to attempt something I've never done and lay down new layers of leather over the seams to match the reference.

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