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  1. requesting SLD access for TDE merch runs https://www.501st.com/forum/memberlist.php?mode=viewprofile&u=21836 SL-13988
  2. peer review: the sad history of the inconsistency of darth bane's battle of ruusans lightsaber are as follows , a straight handled saber from the comic (image 1) or a hook handled curved hilt from the darth bane trilogy, with this comic(jedi v sith) and the first book of the trilogy ( path of destruction) take place at the same time. my question for my peers is this. if i include a lightsaber with this build of (image 1) the straight hilt. will the ultrasaber darth bane saber work for this costume submission (image 3), are image 1 and image 3 similar enough to warrant being approved. or does the curved hilt have some credibly in this build despite not being the image shown. thank you
  3. 1st round submission (changes advised and made, will update soon)
  4. should pauldron was made to specification of source image
  5. belt buckle was made in 3 parts and given a silver coating identical to the medallion
  6. medallion was made in 2 parts and covered with a silver finish
  7. Very exciting build I would love to collaborate when you finish as I too desire to build this for the legion. But don’t have the templates for the armor designs
  8. creating a WIP for a Offical approval of the Battle of Ruusan Darth Bane for 501st approval. Provided are the reference sources i an using. Official photos to come.
  9. Hello my name is Max and I just got approved I have a Darth nihilus Cotf costume and I’m from Garrison Titan of Seattle Washington (Tkid 13988) I’m currently building a ruusan Darth bane costume( for fun) and I’m about 60% done. I’m extremely excited to be a member of flagship eclipse and the 501st.
  10. Good morning, I was curious when we’ll be doing a racer shirt run. I’m a brand new member (yay) and I want to have a flagship eclipse racer shirt to represent the dark side in my garrison.
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