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Darth Nihilus COFT CRL change

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I would like to re-open this one and support Blanes proposal to change the text back, found here : https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/3019-darth-nihilus-cotf-update/

We don´t have levels in TFE like for exampel the IOC/FISD, so I think it should be optional for the wearer, otherwise I would have suggested the blackout mask to be a higher level then basic approval.


Blackout Mask

The face is blacked out by a sculpted black mask with visible mouth details.


A form-fitting black balaclava is worn to hide the costumer's face and neck.


Face Covering
The costumer's face is blacked out behind the white mask. This may be accomplished with a sculpted black mask, or a tight-fitting fabric blackout mask that shows facial features.

The eyes are hidden with black fabric behind the eyes of the mask or by the fabric of a blackout hood. 

If a sculpted mask is used, wearer must also use a black balaclava underneath to cover the neck.

Thank you for your time


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