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  1. Gomcse


    I'm translating this because it's a good post. It says, "Hello, I did not know that OutcastProps was no longer selling the suit, it could be a momentary stop due to Covid19. The Etsy suit you are talking about seems expensive to me."
  2. Gomcse


    Perhaps you could work with a seamstress and use the WIP from@Heavy1973 listed above, along with the CRL and get this custom made? It might be under $500 USD that way. If you do go with etsy, check with your GML first and get them to look. You don't want to put $1000 USD after belt, boots, and saber...and then not get approved. @DarthValkyria probably has the most knowledge and experience in this and I would follow their advice. I've tagged them. Good luck, and keep us updated!
  3. Gomcse


    Really! That's really surprising to me. Ok, ignore my last post then.
  4. Gomcse


    It's more than double the price of Wicked Armor! I don't know if they have an approval track record either, so be careful. At least WA has over 100 approvals. I wouldn't pay that much. For $400 more you can buy an armored, approvable Darth Revan! Here is WA KOTOR, less than half the price of the that you posted: https://wickedarmor.com/collections/inspired-by-kotor-darth-nihilus/products/costume-inspired-by-kotor-darth-nihilus Here is WA COTF, and while it's listed as sold out, you can ask them if they'll make one anyway. Again, less than half the price, and with a proven record of approval: https://wickedarmor.com/collections/darth-nihilus
  5. Gomcse


    Wicked Armor makes them custom to your measurements. They offer KOTOR, but might be willing to do COTF if you contact them privately. COTF Nihilus it's listed as out of stock, but you never know.
  6. Yeah, they're great.
  7. FYI, I spoke with the good folks at Wicked Armor and they said they'd make the mask with two ovals instead of three. I guess it's an easy fix.
  8. Oh, I see. Okay, that makes sense. Thanks!
  9. Exactly... You're making my point. At the top of the mask there are silver/metallic ovals. There's been some contention that either 3 or 2 are seen in the game. The CRL only specifies 2, but most people are approved with 3. WA makes theirs with 3, so all but a few approved costumes have 3. I'm recommending the CRL allow 2 or 3 so that everyone is on the same playing field, and so some people won't be denied approval when others were granted. Thanks Dave
  10. Should we update the COTF CRL to allow a mask with *either* 2 or 3 ovals? The WA mask gets approved without question all the time, so it seems it would only be fair to new submissions if they don't have to change it.
  11. Wow, you are RESPONSIVE! I'm saying that the skirt can be layered panels, giving the proper look along with necessary thickness. Wicked Armor uses this approach and apparently (according to him) has been approved for "over a hundred" submissions. I can't verify that of course, but it seems likely, since the finished product looks so good. I agree that a false skirt edge would not meet the standard in any way. It would be too thin.
  12. Oh, cool! Thanks for that. It would be nice to see an update to the CRL that also allows a layered structure to the skirt.
  13. Super helpful, thank you. The belt construction you described is exactly what I did. Total cost was very low even with the purchase of Chicago screws. Leather was from Amazon and saves $100+ from buying off etsy, where most belts are incorrect to the CRL anyway. Congrats again.
  14. Awesome! I'm not surprised. You got those mods done fast!
  15. I think you're going to pass.