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  1. @DarthCephalus should know, so I've tagged him. He just received approval on his KOTOR. I got approved for Darth Nihilus COTF, so it's a little different.
  2. Oh, ok. They look really good though. My Wicked Armor COTF Nihilus was approved in a day. I was really impressed. Their construction and fabrics are very high quality. More importantly, they were willing to make small customizations to meet the CRL, like the 2 ovals on top of the mask (vs the 3 he normally casts), which meant I didn't have to "fix" anything. It seems they (WA) are consistently producing high quality, as yours looks fabulous. Can a Nihilus COTF and Nihilus KOTOR troop together? LOL. If so, we'll have to do that sometime...or meet up at a convention so I can by you a soda.
  3. Gomcse


    Love that fabric you're using for the cape and tunic and skirt. Is this taken in a mirror? The tunics need to go left over right.
  4. Bro! Looks great! I'm Gomcse from the YouTube comments! Loved your recent review of the sound fonts. Nihilus just rocks... By the way, your gloves look fantastic. Could you share the source and type?
  5. Actually, the cloth blackout mask has been removed as an option for COTF Nihilus. This might have been updated in the last 2 months, since the option was available when I started working on this costume in March 2020. Now the only option is the hard plastic black mask.
  6. How do you hook the saber hilt to the Nihilus costume...? I don't want to hang it on the leather belt, and the CRL doesn't show any hooks anywhere. I suppose I can add some sort of contraption to the belt I use for the skirt, but is there a consensus on what to do...? Thanks!
  7. Approved this morning! I have to pull the Cape back at troops, as previously mentioned. The good news is that this photo allowed the GML to see details.
  8. Gomcse


    Watch out with Wicked Armor. Their suit and mask are amazing, but their default mask has THREE ovals at the top of the mask instead of the correct TWO. Rob will correct it if you buy it, but you need to ask and then follow up. They did mine correctly with no problems, but I pointed out the CRL and requested the correction. I submitted for approval yesterday.
  9. Submitted for approval today! I noticed the CRL has been updated again, and blackout (cloth masks) are no longer allowed. Good thing I got the plastic one! I had Wicked Armor make some changes so that the mask only had 2 ovals instead of the 3 he normally makes. Also had them separate the inner tunic from the skirt, though that isn't an issue anymore thanks to DarthValkyria. The costume is comfortable and looks really good on me (if I do say so myself...) Keep your fingers crossed for me!
  10. Gomcse


    Wow, the outside surface is very smooth!
  11. Gomcse


    I'm translating this because it's a good post. It says, "Hello, I did not know that OutcastProps was no longer selling the suit, it could be a momentary stop due to Covid19. The Etsy suit you are talking about seems expensive to me."
  12. Gomcse


    Perhaps you could work with a seamstress and use the WIP from@Heavy1973 listed above, along with the CRL and get this custom made? It might be under $500 USD that way. If you do go with etsy, check with your GML first and get them to look. You don't want to put $1000 USD after belt, boots, and saber...and then not get approved. @DarthValkyria probably has the most knowledge and experience in this and I would follow their advice. I've tagged them. Good luck, and keep us updated!