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  1. Oh, cool. Then I think I'm going to pull the trigger on it next week (payday!). I have Vader, but there are *many* times someone else is Vader and I have to be a TIE Reserve and show my face. I want to be anonymous more often, and this seems like a great way to do that.
  2. Hi Nina, yeah, I understand the part about "fit." I'm more interested in the quality of the fabric; the weave; details in the mask; the thickness of the material. If those meet the standards then his outfit is a good one-stop shopping experience for the most important parts of the outfit. Gloves and boots are easy. I reached out to Robert (SL-7338) and asked specific questions and for detail photos. I also asked if he could comment in this thread, and I'm waiting for a response. Your Darth Revan is AMAZING by the way.
  3. Hm. Okay. I have a message out to Wicked. Their site description seems to follow the CRL but you never know. I wish they participated in the forum so we could get them to a definite standard. It would probably be good for business too. Does anyone on the forum own one of these? I've checked through search but I'm new to this Detachment and might have missed something.
  4. Nice job and thanks for the info. To be clear, Vader takes 6 months to three years to complete and will cost $2500 - $6500 USD. Dave SL91019 ROTS Vader
  5. Hello, but the costume itself is approvable from wicked armor?
  6. Hi all, this is great info! I had exactly the same question about Wicked Armor. Their KOTOR outfit is here: https://wickedarmor.com/collections/inspired-by-kotor-darth-nihilus/products/costume-inspired-by-kotor-darth-nihilus Assuming I get appropriate boots and gloves, this appears to be approvable, correct? I know the CRL states the local GML cannot approve this outfit and it must go through the LCO, so before I spend any more money (I'm an approved ROTS Vader and TI Reserve) I really need to make sure this costume will pass. Thanks! Dave
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