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I was wondering about this one. I saw a question on it from a while back but no real answer. A also saw that there was one approved Cade in RL, but he seems to be retired. At any rate, I like the Sith apprentice version a lot better. Cade_Skywalker_003.JPG

As far as I can tell, this looks like a modified version of his regular outfit.


Here are the parts I see:

The Breast plate:

This plate is sometimes shown with a raised section in the middle and sometimes without. It is a breast plate with 3 small plates beneath it, the top of which might be fused to the breast itself or might not be. It is attached to a back plate at the shoulders and under the arms.



In the Sith version it has shoulders composed of one big plate and 2 small ones



Look to me like Vader pants (see first image)



Look to me like Vader Shins



Heavy tread boots with two armor plates


Red sash, modified Imperial knight belt. Sith version lacks holster.


Attaches at the top of the breast plate where it meats the shoulder straps.


Single vanbrace with insignia. No red wrist wraps in Sith Version


Arm tats as in Sith reference


Sleeveless shirt shirt with high collar. Sometimes ribbed looking, sometimes not.




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11 hours ago, Mitthrawnuruodo said:

Be careful with some of the references you're using, some of them are when he was a "sith apprentice" and some of them are just how he looks in every issue.

Yea, I was going off the fact that his Sith outfit is virtually the same as his regular outfit except for the paint job, the shoulders, the cape, no leg holster, and the vanbrace instead of the wrist wrap. The pictures I used with the regular costume showed the pants and boots better and those parts seem to be the same in both versions. Didn't mean to be confusing. If it is a problem, I will break out my comics and try to take other pictures. They may just not show some of the detail as well.

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The general rule of thumb is that if you cna show a complete 360 degree detail reference from OFFICIAL sources, and those references are cohesive, then the character is approvable (pending dark side eligibility, ofc). 

Those references need to show a majority of the same details, parts, and colors. I say majority because comics are often not cohesive from panel to panel, much less issue to issue. So, you take all the references you can find, and bunch together those that are similar, and that is your reference pool. Even if you can show different parts being majority similar, it still works (the majority of boot references might not match the majority of armor references, and so forth).

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