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Darth Baras


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Hello, my name is Antonín and Im from Czech Republic.

I want to join a Czech Garrison.

I try to make a Darth Baras Costume its possilble to take it?

I found few problem in this character and I dont know everythink..... Lightsaber must be with elektronic? Becuase Darth Baras (Ingame sword) https://p3d.in/8wlDw/shadeless have bad laser emiter (head of sword) and I dont know how to plug with a light staf, and handle is too small in middle to have there a batteries....


Have someone riped 3D models of sword and character for 3D print? Or its possilbe use craft foam? (EVA Foam)


I need these two models:




Thanks for info

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Hello From Germany, I am about an hour away from your border.

Welcome to our Detachment!

Any costume that is "Bad" and we can see the character from all sides (rear is usually the hardest side to find) can be made to join the 501st.

If you have never made armor before, it's not going to be the easiest road, making a costume that no one else has made before, but you are welcome to give it a go.

You might have more fun making an easier costume for your very 1st costume, so you can join the 501st and start trooping with your Garrison, while then you work on this costume as your 2nd, just a thought.

Building materials are up to you, but it has to achieve the correct look, in order to be acceptable. If it looks like craft foam, it won't be accepted. 

The Lightsaber for this costume I would guess would be optional, so if your heart is set on making this costume, I wouldn't worry about the lightsaber till last.

Lightsabers do not have to have electronic, they are just more fun with electronics, or atleast a colored day blade.

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Thanks for answer....

I found 3D models on internet. I have a vision on all side of model. But I want 3D models from game.... to make 3D print of few corstume parts.... belt parts and this kind of stuff....  I never made armor from laminate or liquid plastic.... I allways use foam or leather. But I have a lots of friends who help me with it.


Revan in Middle its me.... Costume is made from leather....32207679_2183792548303381_3555154635188600832_o.thumb.jpg.f81416e87d2882b976ca013011a7d772.jpg


This is my work on Saber for 3D print... Hadl part will be made from soft materialsaber2.thumb.jpg.912ba934ad3f389d2f8f7358a46c46c6.jpg

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Yeah the lightsaber looks cool

Revan with leather will not work for the 501st, you can look in the Revan section for info on that costume, if you decide to make the armor correct, to join the 501st with.

Some people do amazing stuff with craft foam , where it is hardened and looks like real armor, then that is fine.

Others come from the COSPLAY world and it looks like foam, and that would not be acceptable.

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I made revan costume before I met people from 501 :) After it I decide make a new costume (Baras).... I will try my best and I hope it will good for 501 :)

Paper mask 1/2 


yesterday I finish mask in 1/1... first I will make it from foam... after it we will try make form for liquid plastic

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To continue off of Chris's response, yes, Baras is absolutely approvable. Just make sure that the 3D files you have match 100% to the ones in game. Sometimes there are discrepancies in details that the file maker's do not worry about, but we as the costumer need to. 

With the lightsaber, it does not need to light up or even have a blade, but the second file you posted is a lot different than the in-game file from Jedipedia. You will need to match the curve and the proportions of the emitter.

I am also currently building armor from SWTOR, so it will be exciting to have other characters!

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cool I just found way how to rip models from SW TOR. There is original Baras second sword model....



If someone will need some model from SW TOR send me a pictures with name and I will try found it in models

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