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  1. Haha at this point I've put well over 400+ hours into this build. If I had a printer farm, I would consider taking you up on that commission, unfortunately I don't have the resources/space to set one up. I was originally going to do it out of Sintra, however I realized I don't have the skill to get as detailed as I would get by printing it. I'm more than happy to help you out and send you any pics you need for reference (especially once I finish this kit and get it approved and the CRL written!)
  2. @argonvesher I actually am using the do3d files for this project. I spent about 2-3 weeks examining the images on their site and comparing it to my reference images and side-by-side with in-game references before I pulled the trigger on getting them. I'm printing it in PLA on my CR-10. It's able to print everything in, at most, 2 pieces. I was actually able to wear it in my first test fit AND first time wearing it for an extended period of time at Celebration on Sunday (I know some people saw how it looked *cough* @DarthValkyria *cough*). I'll have a full write up of that, along with what I have left to do either tomorrow afternoon, or Friday along with updating my imgur album with my latest pics (including the first images of me wearing it!)
  3. Big update here guys, things of note: 1) Almost all printing is done (only things left are reprinting the boot toppers at a slightly larger scale, and printing the thighs) 2) Boots have been acquired (jack boots from crow props, strap at top is going to be hidden by boot toppers as well as some of the soft parts) 3) Acquired a new helmet cast by RuthlessFX (the 3d printed one I had was incredibly difficult to assemble and would not have been as structurally sound as this one that is resin cast) (I CAN FIT MY HEAD WITH MY GLASSES ON IN THIS BUCKET!!!) 4) Paint is starting this weekend (RGB values I found are listed in here, after doing some color testing I found paint with acceptable values and look - exact paint brand/color to be posted later) 5) Remaining soft parts are in progress by local seamstress 6) Strapping to be done after paint (I have a rough Idea of how everything is going to get connected, just have to make it happen) 7) Celebration, here I come! Link: https://imgur.com/a/6otg5tx
  4. @Wesley Thornton nice! Always happy to have more people! I would recommend bringing this over to the TDE forums (thedarkempire.org), that way you can start up your WIP there and get direct feedback. If you have any questions, feel free to PM me!
  5. Hi @Wesley Thornton, I am in TDE and would be happy to answer any questions that you have! As @BHAsajj has stated, we are a part of the Galactic Senate, and we are recognized by LFL. Here in AZ we work hand-in-hand with all of the clubs (501st, RL, MMCC) and have a fair amount of crossover and people in multiple clubs!
  6. Project has been coming along nicely. Been printing non-stop getting these sized dialed in and printing done. Here's the link for the post with my latest batch of uploads. Last thing I did was glue the two halves for the front and back together to make two pieces and put the first layer of wood filler down. Tomorrow the sanding resumes for the prints, then it's on to color matching. As of now I don't have a lot of big pieces left to print. I have the shield, the left outer shoulder, the right shoulder (needs to be resized due to size of chestplate), and the thighs. I feel on track for my goal of Celebration at this rate! Link to Reference images and WIP on Imgur: https://imgur.com/a/6otg5tx?
  7. Got some close up of the mouth from the game and compared it to the black helmet I printed off before I realized it was slightly too small for me. It looks to me like there is a ledge of sorts just under the third row of teeth (right above the L), and it looks like there is a slight groove/valley above and below each row of teeth. I'll get some shots of me wearing what I have of the helmet tonight and posted up this weekend. I'm thinking part of the issue is that I printed the one that fits me in silver, making it much more pronounced than the black it will end up being. The mouth close up shots have been added to my imgur album.
  8. I'll get better pictures posted up of me wearing the helmet as is (no umbrella) this weekend. What details are you seeing on the mouth? I'm seeing 3 above the "L" pieces, and 1 below that. The indented parts are going to be black, so it shouldn't be noticeable, but I'll take another look at the game and take another look at the mouth and see what's going on there, but in the meantime I did a side-by-side of the faces
  9. Project was slightly delayed for a few weeks because I was moving, but I finished the dome of my bucket and uploaded pics to my WIP imgur album (link above). Still 4 pieces to print for the helmet before I move onto the next piece, what I refer to as the umbrella pieces that come off the side of the bucket. Any comments or critiques so far?
  10. Quick update: I pulled some better screen caps from the game to help with color matching - full reference gallery can be found here https://imgur.com/a/nkL5f
  11. Just updated the imgur album with pictures of my helmet so far. Not a lot is done, because each piece is taking about a week or so to print and I needed to resize it slightly after the first time. Its great to finally have some tangible progress!
  12. Don't mean to be a thread Necro, but how's this progress coming along?
  13. Looks great! Cant wait to follow this progress.
  14. Update on the armor: I found some 3d print files that are incredibly detailed and accurate and have elected to go with that route, as it will lead to a better costume than I have the skill to make via sintra (my original plan). Pictures to come of pieces as I finish them, but I have the first (albeit small) pieces going as I type this. All pictures will be posted to the imgur album I linked earlier in the thread.
  15. Hey all, I didn't forget about this build. I was making sure I was getting everything as accurate as possible, so it took a while to correctly source the soft parts. Here's a link to my WIP post on imgur https://imgur.com/a/6otg5tx
  16. As I'm sourcing the soft parts for Tulak, I came to realize that the bodysuit for him (based on my reference images) is the same as the Lord Starkiller (Hoth) bodysuit, as it has the vertical seams on the arms, and the angled seams on the torso. Would it be acceptable to use that? Edit: specifically I'm looking at the one from RuthlessFX Tulak Reference Image album: Lord Starkiller (For bodysuit):
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