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Hi all,


here a special question. Is this a dress for us or for the rebel legion?

They say the starkiller with this tie pilot

suit is no jedi...they won't it in they list.


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They could call him a pilot. A pilot with powerful Force abilities fleeing from a battle with Darth Vader and an army of Imperials on his way to consult with Jedi Master Yoda. Wearing a unique Imperial pilot uniform that just happened to be the cramped quarters of the advanced TIE stolen from Darth Vader.

In The Force Unleashed the character of Galen Marek is aligned with pretty much who the game says he is aligned with at that point in the game. The allusion of choice boils down to how much do you want to kill Darth Vader.

I would pass this for Rebel Legion approval. I would also suggest as Jedi first, pilot second.
I think it silly for a costume judge not to consider the character and their role in the saga when approving and placing a possible costume.

Beyond that, I recommend those looking to do this costume to do it justice.

Be well

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Ok I play the game yesterday and makes a lot of screenshots.

I think we are wrong with the story.


Starkiller wear the tie pilot dress after the cursed. Directly after the first mission.

He want to find out if he is a clone and heute will find the lady Juno.


This is why he have to rescue Kota. He is defently no jedi in this time! Maybe no sith, rather a dark knight!


Sorry for my bad grammar i hope you understand my justification.


I realy think we can make them approved.

It will be a big big waste if we are bureaucrats now ;)

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I have to remind our membership and membership hopefuls that you are not making a costume for 501st Approval.

First and foremost you are making a costume that you are going to wear. With that effort it would make the most sense if you were going to enjoy the costume you wear.
Membership to some costume club can be a bonus, but only a bonus. It you make it your only reason for acquiring/making a costume you will set yourself up for disappointment.


For my experience I see this character as a hero (Rebel Legion) aligned Jedi first, pilot second.
Approval of new characters in the 501st happens at the Legion Membership Officer level. They may use or ignore input from a Detachment.

The strongest argument will always come form the interested party.

In the end, it is most important that the costumer is happy with their costume.

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Honestly, I see him in the same boat as Han Solo. No, he is not a Jedi, but he is absolutely not dark side, either. As a clone of the original Starkiller, he is inherently good, and shows that through the canonical story of TFU.


Yes, he was trained by Vader at the start of the game, but he escapes and ends up helping the rebellion, much like Han did when he was a pilot in the Imperial Academy. This version never actually kills anyone before the point where this costume is shown, and in fact, is to be destroyed by Vader's orders for not killing a test droid that backs the fact that he is not dark side. The story writes this clone of Starkiller as good, whether the player picks light or dark through gameplay (much like Revan and his "canon" storyline places him as back to light side, whether you finished the game as dark or not.


By those details, I would put him in the RL. Under what, I'm not sure as I'm not familiar with the breakdown of their designations, but he is very much a "good guys" character at this point and not a "bad guy" as the 501st holds. Much like Mara Jade has both a dark and light side version in the different Legions, so should Starkiller/Galen Marek.

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@Emperor i'm a member since 3 years and i love the 501st. If i spend many time for a project and i cant wear it for the 501st events then the time was invested for nothing

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Sometimes it fun just to make a costume and wear it at conventions, I have a few that are not 501st or RL, like my Biggs Darklighter Legacy TIE Pilot.  I must have to agree with Thomas on this one, tho the costume is awesome looking and I would love to make it and wear it, this is a RL costume and not a 501st.

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