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  1. The saber is going to be a challenge, I don’t believe anyone is making it anymore. If you found someone who makes it I’m sure myself and a few others would like to be in for an order.
  2. Here is the example of the KB Props female version
  3. Kevin has been doing better, I will get in touch with him and find out what’s going on. I know he has three sizes of the male armor and two or so sizes of the female version. My armor is KB Props and my daughters is the female version KB Props as well.
  4. Close but not too close, I guess the LMO would have to decide, however, if they are still not requiring weapons for approval you should be okay with 501st. I'm not sure with Rebel Legion tho.
  5. I think a needed re-building of the IK Army for the Emperor is required!!!!
  6. That's where I got my armor from. KB Props!!
  7. Just bumping my build thread, I can't believe that it has almost 3 years since this build. I still absolutely love this costume! And will be wearing it more. Hoping that a renewed interest come back and increases our numbers. Long Live Emperor Fel !
  8. I haven't heard of this saber being approved or not approved. The biggest problem for Imperial Knights right now is no one is making the approved Imperial Knight saber hilt anymore that I know of. This one is as close as it gets to my opinion, however close only works in hand grenades so I guess it would be up to your garrisons Membership Officer to make the decision. By looking at it, the blade emitter is really incorrect, and the hilt has details and such when the IK hilt should be completely smooth with the grip detail area longer and in black power coat.
  9. danrodjr


    Pleather, I would like to end up with leather, but the pleather is fine for now.
  10. danrodjr


    Search for Khole's Custom Clothing on FB, send her a message and let her know you are looking for the IK pants and tunic, mention me and she will know what your talking about.
  11. Awesome work!!!!!! Its great to have another IK in the service of the Emperor.
  12. danrodjr


    It KB Props, you can e-mail him at kevin.brice00@yahoo.com.
  13. That's correct, they served under Emperor Ronan Fel .Around 137 ABY. The Sith attacked the Empire and the Empire split in a power struggle between the true Emperor (Ronan Fel) and the Sith. This was the Legacy series "Broken" from the Dark Horse Comics.
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