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  1. This gentleman, Charles Sheeley, shared his work on the Replica Props Forum and debuted it at SW Celebration Anaheim, 2015
  2. Under the Hood Nom Anor, WIP Sketch and Fibreglass
  3. As part of this ritual I have been designing a Vong Sigil based on icon seen in this comic; And in their faction symbol in Star Wars Miniatures I designed and sketched for a while before arriving here; I sculpted this piece first in apoxie putty, made a silicone mold, and after some experimentation made this casting with Smooth Cast 326 and EVO red colourant; More to come.
  4. Good afternoon, I encourage images of your work in progress and the research images you are building from. This will help your colleague understand where you are at and allow for meaningful feedback. Welcome to The Flagship Eclipse.
  5. Good evening, You may wish to try Pros-aide. It is a medical grade adhesive. Water Acrylic emulsion Non-hazardous Glycerol Guar gum Sorbitol Benzyl alcohol I swear by it. Be well
  6. Good afternoon, I will be happy to challenge the notion that non canon Sith cannot troop with 501st at events. (This was from last year at the staging area for the televised Dragon*Parade. Forsooth, 501st and Dark Empire characters troop together in the same way we would with the Mandalorian Mercs and Rebel Legion. Different communities, all costumes, all good.
  7. Thank you Jades Sword for your question, and Eliste for your thoughtful response. Mara in the adventures of the Swarm Wars: Dark Nest is dedicated to the Jedi Cause. Earlier in her career, when she had been selected by the Emperor as his capable Hand, she was a servant of the Empire. As Mara Jade, Choices of One demonstrates, Mara acted as a hero, even while serving the Empire. It is her appearance while in alliance with the Empire that makes a 501st approvable costume. Be well, Thomas
  8. I estimate that I am into my sixth hour on this submission. This is the costume that Tom is trying to replicate, and the most recent image I have of his suit; I wrote to the GML privately and in response to his query in the GML/ GWL forum on the 501st in support of Tom’s costume. I believe he has read my illustrated response because Tom has shared a lettre that appears to be written by the GML in question, dismissing my input and asking that Tom keep his costuming concerns within his garrison. LMO Capell contacted me and we had a live conversation on Tom’s approval. The LMO team pledged to back my assessment. But without GML and GCO cooperation there is no way to force the approval. So we can welcome Tom within the Detachment, update the CRL to better reflect accumulated knowledge, invite him into group photos and cheer Tom on. We just cannot sell him patches.
  9. Detachment Leader Pam Simpson once had a SW Miniature-based costume approved in the 501st. The Black Sun Bith Vigo might qualify. I think we might need a canon name though. (Wikipedia/fan-made entries without citation are not acceptable.) Be it approvable or not, I encourage you to make it. Be well, Thomas
  10. Thank you Rachel, you are an inspiration. I find myself working on three costume projects simultaneously. Just in a better space in my Life to do so. It is freeing. On this project front I have finished accessorizing the maquette. This gave me a good idea of how I would like to make the full sized cloak. I started working on the helmet lense buck. Several steps and much sanding latter I arrived here; The refined fibreglass buck I hope to use in my first vacuum forming experience. Once I have the lens I will sculpt the rest of the helmet for fibreglass casting. Be well.
  11. Good evening, This appears to fall in line with the talking points of the Rebel Legion’s description of the Imperial Knight, which itself was derived from The Flagship Eclipse’s 2010 recommendations for The 501st Legion Costume Reference Library entry for the character. The quick break down was once suggested as; 1. Full body suit A. Black Quilted leather/leather-like top with eight panel torso and high quilted neck B. Black Quilted or Plain leather/leather-like trousers 2. Black eight tabbard leather/leather-like skirt 3. Gloves 4. Three layer leather/leather-like brown belt and Imperial issue buckle, 5. Proper boots--A chocolate brown version of Obi Wan's Episode II boots (plain black boots have since been referenced) 6. Rich Brown cape Armour; 7. Unique L/R Red hand plates 8. Unique L/R Red Bracers and molded red straps 9. Unique Red Loin plate 10. Unique Red Abdomen plate 11. Unique Red Chest plate 12. Unique Red Back plate 13. Unique Red cape cap plate 14. Unique Red L/R under bells 15. Unique Red L/R over bells Accessories 16. Unique hilt lightsabre and white blade 17. Brown leather/leather-like belt pouches Order for CRL entry should roughly proceed top to bottom. Note the undersuit has eight pleats corresponding to the tabards per creator Jan Duursema. It is tyme to get this CRL done. I think we might do well to have both male and female versions for this CRL. Be well, Thomas I would merge the description of the neck with the undersuit top.
  12. Good evening, To me, this appears to be a challenging build. The armour will require sanding and finishing to work. The fabric has the appearance of leather or leather-like material. The references you have gathered are a great resource. But were it I, more would be needed. Mostly concerned with the back of the leg armour and perhaps the look of the bodice under the cape. Speaking of that intriguing cape, it looks like the designers adorned it with an alphabet new to the SW Universe; Runes For as tight as the detail is, you might be able to flub the exact characters. However, I encourage you to reach out to the game designers. A file must exist somewhere and those in the industry are often very interested in helping out a dedicated costumer. Please be sure to update this thread as you build. Be well.
  13. Good evening, In most cases you can attend the same troop as approved Legion members—most events are public. The ones that are 501st members only frequently have character request lists that preclude Expanded Universe. (That is just the way the holocron bounces.) I am currently working to expand the Darth Nihilus COTF costume reference library entry to allow for hoods that gather in the back. This may seem like minutia but apparently it has been enough to defer some costume approvals. Like all things, it is a process. I recommend sharing your current submission photos here, in this thread, for reference. Be well, Thomas
  14. I have to remind our membership and membership hopefuls that you are not making a costume for 501st Approval. First and foremost you are making a costume that you are going to wear. With that effort it would make the most sense if you were going to enjoy the costume you wear. Membership to some costume club can be a bonus, but only a bonus. It you make it your only reason for acquiring/making a costume you will set yourself up for disappointment. For my experience I see this character as a hero (Rebel Legion) aligned Jedi first, pilot second. Approval of new characters in the 501st happens at the Legion Membership Officer level. They may use or ignore input from a Detachment. The strongest argument will always come form the interested party. In the end, it is most important that the costumer is happy with their costume.
  15. I appreciate what you are adding to the costume. Really bringing a great build to life. Kudos.
  16. Not certain of which trooper you are asking about. ¿Perhaps the Havoc Trooper? This is not a costume covered by this Detachment. And I believe it is Rebel Legion only (Not 501st.) In any case, I recommend hunting down as many folk who have the costume you can find and inquiring directly. The truth is no one might respond. But then you only need one. Good luck.
  17. An important place to start with a matching question is the source you are trying to match. The Flagship Eclipse was founded by the Mara Jade Builders Group. That was a decade ago and I will hazard that many of our Mara Jade veterans do not visit this forum often (What with having completed their suits and all. I will put a call out on private TFE group on FB for assistance. I encourage other members to do the same for help in future.
  18. Paint treatment test 1 Nom Anor, Star Wars: Crimson Empire II I will finish the corrected cloak for this maquette, but my focus from here out will be the full-sized armour.
  19. A costume like Darth Vindican will take a serious commitment. Such a quest starts with reference hunting. A production turn around may not exist on the Internet. You may need to gather screen shots front and back on your own. Fortunately, being rendered in full cinematic quality for The Old Republic, assembling your own screen shots for details front and back should prove to be an afternoon’s work. Over a year ago we had our first Darth Vindican applicant. The applicant was asked to attend to so missing details on the face and belt. I do not know the status of his approval other than having encouraged him to take the next step. I would love to support the approval of a well researched and crafted costume for this character.
  20. They could call him a pilot. A pilot with powerful Force abilities fleeing from a battle with Darth Vader and an army of Imperials on his way to consult with Jedi Master Yoda. Wearing a unique Imperial pilot uniform that just happened to be the cramped quarters of the advanced TIE stolen from Darth Vader. In The Force Unleashed the character of Galen Marek is aligned with pretty much who the game says he is aligned with at that point in the game. The allusion of choice boils down to how much do you want to kill Darth Vader. I would pass this for Rebel Legion approval. I would also suggest as Jedi first, pilot second. I think it silly for a costume judge not to consider the character and their role in the saga when approving and placing a possible costume. Beyond that, I recommend those looking to do this costume to do it justice. Be well
  21. It is driving me crazy trying to find the image I took of this lady, but at last I found another shot of her Dark Bastila The costume looks best to me when there is depth—actual scrolling on the armour. Some have used craft foam to approximate leather. It is not the most durable. Leather might be the way to go for certain elements like the gorget and shoulders. Please share your progress here.
  22. There is KOTOR canon Jedi Master Bastila Then there is KOTOR canon Darth Malak’s apprentice; There are a lot of fan reskins for this character. I believe the above was the one used in the game. I believe a combination of Leather/hard armour and elastic (not pleather) leather like material would serve best in recreating the game costume. Here are a few examples I have seen personally; I just went through thousands of pictures spanning six years. I know I have a Dark Bastila costume example. She alludes me and it is driving me crazy.
  23. While not officially a 501st costume, Scott Jones is welcomed to troop with Michigan Garrison as Lego Boba Fett. (Scott is a 501st member with a Stormtrooper costume but would be unlikely to be turned away from troops including the 501st.) It sounds like you are asking about making a realistic costume based on a Lego character design. ¿Silver tights or trousers? That is hard to say. But I think there’s enough reference to make a realistic costume recognizable and have fun while doing it. ¿501st approvable? Approval would be between your GML and LMO. A DL can and should give their opinion, but it is only opinion. Make the costume excellent and I would argue the case. ¿Should you make the costume even if there’s a chance it would not be 501st approved? That is up to you. I hope you do. Be well
  24. A bit further along Nom Anor, Star Wars: Crimson Empire II Left to Right, Front to Back, about 90% into this 1/6 scale maquette. I plan to start the life-sized armour sculptures next month. First I need to make a new torso cast that includes the top half of my thighs.
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