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WIP Darth Revan for Ukrainian Outpost

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Hi, there. I'm currently on my way on doing Darth Revan costume to fit in Legion and Flagship Detachment.  

Initially costume was made for Kyiv comic-con this year and due to time restrictions I wasn't able to do full armor made to fit Legion's requirements, as well doing some variantion on belt.

The final result looks as below



and back



This post is intended to provide photos of work-in-progress as well to ask an opinion and advices of those who already done this costume.


I figure it out three main area of improvement:

- armor, hand armor and hand plates

- O-belt system

- mask (???)


If something I didn't mention please do tell. 

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As per the CRL, rigid armor is required for approval. The fabric armor does not meet the requirements of the references and therefore,should not be approved.

the cloak should be pleated in this fashion as well. 


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The hakama also looks really long.  Even with the left leg forward, it is still completely covering the boots.  This may or may not be an issue when it comes to being approved, but will definitely be a quality of life issue as you will be stepping all over it during troops, possibly tripping due to it.

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So from what I can spot initially:

-Mask is from SWTOR and doesn't look quite the same as his KOTOR mask (I did the same thing on my first attempt)
-All the armor pieces aren't made of a rigid material per the CRL

-The hood and cape don't quite sit right over the shoulders and does "cap" the shoulders off.

-The Hakama looks pretty long as well.

-And it's tough to tell because of the lighting but the shirt also needs to have a piping that runs across the chest horizontally.

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Hello, everyone! 

Long story short: one year after my first post, approval as 501st member with TIE-pilot: ANH, I'm back to proceed with Darth Revan costume approval.

This post dedicated to make a pledge to finish what was started. Looking forward to share some actual WIP photos. Wish me luck :)

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Welcome back and good luck for the costume !
I have nothing to add to the revious member pointing things to change, but I'll follow your progress !

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I didn't find any specifics on a CRL so will ask here.

Is there any requirements for straps material on the chest armor that holds the capelet? should it be same material as straps on the abdomen armor (leather) of fabric?

Is there any spesific/recommended type of straps to use to hold both parts of armor (front and back) together? Or simply the ones that would be the least visible? 

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it is time for some WIPs, starting varmbraces and handplaces. Both varmbraces and handplates  include some stratches and 'hits' to look more armor look more battle worn 


5Bn8EiU7mOI.jpg SMBSXi4Urwk.jpg

Ln3M8g-OKYk.jpg UKJlq5EWXLc.jpg


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These are coming out nicely! I'm not seeing any issues thus far in the sculpts, so good job!

My only comment is make sure that the bracers are as seamless as you can get them on closure since the closure line is on the bottom of it. :) 

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quick update. Finished with painting for smaller parts (varbraces, hand plates and O-ring). It looks like Revan've seen some ... battles :)j8kV74-rxQo.jpgswcDZNL4ofg.jpgqL9OIs7RlH0.jpg

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On 6/11/2018 at 6:52 PM, DarthValkyria said:

Looking good, though I still recommend going easy on the weathering. His armor is not that beat up.

well, this is final look as I was imagining it (no additional weathering). Will there any issues with this on approval?  

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