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  1. well, this is final look as I was imagining it (no additional weathering). Will there any issues with this on approval?
  2. Yet another update with full body armor painted.
  3. quick update. Finished with painting for smaller parts (varbraces, hand plates and O-ring). It looks like Revan've seen some ... battles
  4. As second update for today I'm glad to provide some WIP photos on armor parts
  5. Here is some updated photos for varmbraces. Might provide better look on those
  6. it is time for some WIPs, starting varmbraces and handplaces. Both varmbraces and handplates include some stratches and 'hits' to look more armor look more battle worn
  7. I didn't find any specifics on a CRL so will ask here. Is there any requirements for straps material on the chest armor that holds the capelet? should it be same material as straps on the abdomen armor (leather) of fabric? Is there any spesific/recommended type of straps to use to hold both parts of armor (front and back) together? Or simply the ones that would be the least visible?
  8. TI 91000 Request for 501st Access http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=26680
  9. Hello, everyone! Long story short: one year after my first post, approval as 501st member with TIE-pilot: ANH, I'm back to proceed with Darth Revan costume approval. This post dedicated to make a pledge to finish what was started. Looking forward to share some actual WIP photos. Wish me luck
  10. Hi, there. I'm currently on my way on doing Darth Revan costume to fit in Legion and Flagship Detachment. Initially costume was made for Kyiv comic-con this year and due to time restrictions I wasn't able to do full armor made to fit Legion's requirements, as well doing some variantion on belt. The final result looks as below and back This post is intended to provide photos of work-in-progress as well to ask an opinion and advices of those who already done this costume. I figure it out three main area of improvement: - armor, hand armor and hand plates - O-belt system -
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