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  1. Rico

    Darth Revan Incomplete set

    Interested about the 2 Vambraces if there are available.
  2. Rico

    Arrival in the Legion

    Bienvenue a toi et à bientôt
  3. Rico

    WIP Darth Revan

    Good luck
  4. Rico

    Dark Revan approved SL 7830

    New perosnnal patch and cards available for trade mp me
  5. Rico

    WIP Darth Revan for Ukrainian Outpost

    Is it a leather armor?
  6. Rico

    CE detachment photo

    We were on the bottom ride side.
  7. Rico

    CE detachment photo

    I have found this one: I'm the revan in the middle of the photo*
  8. Rico

    CE detachment photo

    I'll be on Revan Saturday morning for the photo.
  9. Rico

    Underclothing question;

    I'm don't wearing anything on the top, just get my black revan 501st approval shirt of course And under my Hakama nothing too. Like a scottish !! Ok ok just an underpant
  10. We are waiting about a future t-shirt run: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1852-tfe-tshirt-design/
  11. Rico

    Rico Darth revan

    My Darth revan Rico Belgium Fanwars Garrison
  12. Rico

    Dark Revan approved SL 7830

    :chewdance: :vader: Its a really easy and cool costume to wear
  13. Rico

    Detachment membership?

    Welcome aboard
  14. Rico


    Thanx for the tips !!