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Swfangirl visas marr build


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I am starting my visas build of the unseen unheard version, would one of these colors work for the inner dress/headpiece, and the outer dress?




In the light



In the shadow



Another option





Here's a jersey knit, ok color but not sure on the fabric


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Hi and welcome


It it´s the Visas Marr Unseen, Unheard version - then you´ll need to find some fabric that are more burgundy as it states in the CRL, and it needs to be a matte fabric - these, I´m afraid, are to red and light.   For the KOTOR version it will be okay with a dark red fabric.


The black one is a bit hard to see - is it a leatherette or vinyl ? 


Nice to see another "sister"  :))

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I wondered that, here is some material I had at home. It looks totally different in natural light versus inside light.


The lighter red fabric is some I have that I thought about using for the belt.








The black fabric was pleather type fabric

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For the belt I would use the dark red on your first pic - the light one is not going to work. The CRL also states, that you need a dark red fabric for the belt.  




And as to the pic in your second reply - yes, I would use the dark one in the middle as a ref. it looks like the right burgundy color  :))


As to the black fabric - just make sure, that you won´t die from the heat, if it is non breathable. My outerdress is killing me, so one of my next projects it, that I´m going to make a new one out of faux breathable leather. 

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Would the middle darker fabric color work? I didn't like the fabric texture, but if the color is right I will use that as a reference for other textures55b3abd5b7e91634846bf83477edd2a2.jpg

Be careful of colour matching while its next to other colors. Because it's next to other reds, it can be bouncing the colour back. You really need to pull it out of the lineup to see what colour it actually looks like. Sometimes the colour can change dramatically depending on what else is around it.



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I took a look at the fabric at Walmart and found a few options. They are cotton so not as soft as I wanted but still might work.


The one on the right is what I'm leaning towards



Here are a few more, the one on the right is the same one from above


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cool. I found someone picking out colors. what is the name of the fabric that Heavy1973 said would work for the inner dress?


Great !  


As long as it has the right color and drapes in a nice way, it is up to you - the CRL doesn´t state any fabric for the innerdress and veil.  

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You did it :wink:  


The only thing, that just caught my eye, are your sleeves on the outerdress - I would shorten them a bit in an angle.


Otherwise you look great !   good work on both versions  :wink:  and good luck on the approvals...

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