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Mandalore The Ultimate


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I haven't posted anything here yet because at first i was not sure what he should belong to, (BH or EU). after deliberating it for a while i came up with..


Mandalore the Ultimate (MTU) was part of a time, before Mandalorians became outcasts who were then forced into mercenary work to survive and feed their need for battle. He did not die fighting for the best paycheck, he died fighting for supremacy for his people fighting for the glory of battle. Therefore I believe that MTU cannot be a BH, I would consider him part of the EU more than anything I feel that is his best fit.


I am SL-12486 with my Darth Revan, and thought it was only fitting that I also have a MANDALORE THE ULTIMATE! I am not a master of crafting armour.... yet... I found that Rob at MWA must have the same infatuation with the Old Republic as I do because he has done a Mandalore the Ultimate already. So I got in contact with him and he agreed to send me one.


will post pic soon, 



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I started to notice that the mask is constantly changing mostly the shape of the top of the T-visor, and assumed this was because of the artist rendering, and in situations perhaps they were trying to depict his mood by over exaggerating the "eyes" area.  Here are some pics of the different versions












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here is the costume before mods... (picture to come)



I have searched my entire computer and have not been able to find slew of pictures I know I have of it laid out on the table when I first got it. (Pictures to come, when they find me I guess)






i could not wait to try it on, so i did with sneakers, shorts and a t-shirt on



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Here is the mod to the mask i made to make it easier to put on.  The two pieces seen here were together and glued to material under the mask. i cut them apart so they could swing independently from one another. i used snaps where the parts were previously glued so it was easier to take the mask off from the costume. 







in the above picture if you have a keen eye you will see that the top snap is incorrect.... oops wrong direction i have since removed it and replaced it with the correct directional snap. 



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I got some coaching from the guys over at the bounty hunters guild and was told that my boot laces should be hidden. After scouring the referance pics i did notice that Mandalore does have "Boot armor"... i also noticed that he has armor on his gloves as well. so I stated creating them from sintra. and then painted them to match.









And then started on the gashes and cracks! this was fun












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Here are my initial cutout lines re-sized into my ratio. 




I cut out two of these as the sintra i have is only 3 mills and needed it to be at least 6 mill thick.


i then found a wooden stick and cut a 5.5mill slit in it so i could slide the blade throught to hold it. i cut a mop handle off and attached the female end to the wood. i had an extendable flag pole that i was going to use for the staff of the weapon that fit into the female mop end. I then sharpened the top of the wood to a nice point and glued it together, i finished by adding the top of a flag pole that i cut to slide un into the bottom of the pole to lock the blad in. all glued together and then cut out the finifhing parts of the bottom of the blade.


more to come....












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Thanks guys, and a big thanks to Rob at MWA. 


I forgot to post an idea i was playing with when i was sandwiching the two 3 mm sintra pieces together for the blade. What i had done was taken some led wire and ran it along the edge before placing the pices together. i was wondering if it would help it look like it was somewhat powered with something. but no pictures in the comics or anywhere as a reference show it like that so I chose not to .


I am also attaching a photo of my latest update, it has been preped for paint and i am now fillinf in a large gap in the bottom to make it look more solid before paint. 






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newest paint work






after removing the tape i got some lines created from the adhesive messing with the Silver paint. i let it dry over night and i guess ti was not enough wait time for the paint. I may have to either weather the blade to hied it or re paint at a later date. 


Left to do: 

-Add detail to the orb

-add ring retails to the the "orb" on the pole. 

-Paint pole and then take pictures with costume. 

-perhaps put LED's on it just for fun. 





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I was not happy with the mess-up with the previous paint. so i tried to cover it up, in doing so I messed up. I am now going to crap the silver paint job and chalk this one up to experience gained through errors made. I do lie the look of the edges but the center just looks like hell so repaint will happen. 



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