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501st/SLD and/or TFE Detachment Access Requests

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Requesting Detachment Access, my profile in inactive right now, but it's SL-1613 as Visas Marr. I am also in the process of moving from the East Coast back to the West, but I am currently with the North East Remnant. 


Det XO Edit-


If you notice, everyone else posts a link to their active profile.


You did not post a link, so this delays the response time, till someone can look up your TK ID and verify you are active.


According to your 501st profile, you are not currently an active member of the 501st Legion.


If your records are wrong and not accurately reflecting your membership status in the 501st legion, then please contact your Garrison GMO/GML to fix the problem.


In the meantime, I can change your membership status to Member, like any other person who is not approved in the 501st gets.  I can only grant you 501st, 501st+SLD, or Detachment Member, if your records in fact show you are active in the 501st legion.


Please get your records fixed, and then reapply for higher membership status in TFE DET, with a link to your active 501st profile.



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Hello requesting 501st access






Thank You


Since you filled out your profile with a TK ID, I  had already given you 501st Member status when I approved your application.


Det XO-

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Hi again,

I recently got my Darth Nihilus approved, so I wish to change my member status from 501st member (DZ-64646) to a detachment member (SL-64646), please. ^_^

Thanks so much! Below is my 501st profile link (GWL has not updated the profile picture as of yet)


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Requesting SLD access :-) SL-15964 https://www.501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25509


XO Edit:


You were given SLD access when your application was approved.  Check to see if you can see the TFE Merch area, if you can see this everything is correct.  If not send me a PM and I will check it again.

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Hi, I would like full membership in the Flaship - I am a 501st and SLD member.




Det XO Edit-


Please contact the SLD for upgrade to TFE Member on the SLD Forums to gain more access there!

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