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  1. Access request submitted, and I've got my TKID now! DS-41511
  2. Requesting 501st and detachment access, please! DS-41511 http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25097
  3. Thank you! Received word back from the GML tonight, I've been approved!!
  4. App submitted over the weekend! Bad makeup day (upper 90s = all the sweat), a few alignment things, but we'll see what the GML says. Crossing fingers!
  5. Apologies for lack of posting! Had to put this one to the side for a bit. I've now lightened the greaves to a more recognizably "dark gray" as opposed to "lightish black" and threw together a hood that I think might just work: Met my GML at the event I wore Ventress to, he pointed out that the bald cap was wonky in the back -- my makeup artist was in a hurry, apparently... Oh well! That was his main issue with it, but the hood should take care of it .. assuming it's not super bumpy in the back as well, but if I tack it down it should be fine. I'll do another round of app style photos once I find my white and gray paints!
  6. Opted to just remake the piece with a better shape. Con crunch is real!
  7. Oof. Good catch! I made the medallion before I altered the width of the tabard. As previously stated in the thread, I do still need to gather or at the top a bit more, so it'll be a bit narrower... I'll figure out a way to make it happen!
  8. Before/after dye -- they're a bit darker, not sure if it's enough for the armbands. Should be good on boots. (Yes, I used ribbon... Couldn't find nylon webbing in a color I liked) Medallions all attached via heavy duty snap, top drape stitched to bodysuit.
  9. Thank you so much for clarifying on the arm wraps. CRL says that sleeves must cover part of the hands, but that the wraps stop at the wrist, so I was confused. I'll probably sew the ends together to make it happen. .. I appreciate the input on the boot straps as well, wasn't sure what qualified as "light grey", so I used the same color as on the armbands. I'll try and dye them a tad darker tomorrow! .. As for the cursed middle strap, I'm not sure how yours are constructed, but I'm considering tacking the strap to the armband itself at this point. Mine are held together by the "buckles", so I'll have a point of stretch to get into them! .. As for the visible tacking on the leggings... Honestly, I'll chalk that up to the wrong Spanx. I have shorts that I'll be wearing under this that make it easier to get the tights on and situated correctly. Plus, my buddy's house was in the 80s so everything was sticking to me in all the wrong places But I'll definitely keep my eye on it and likely go over it again, it was my first time using that sort of stitch, so it was a bit awkward.
  10. Fit/spacing check! Disregard my general lumpiness, didn't have the right shapewear (over at a friend's painting a prop for the MMCC booth at a con this weekend) Need to trim the straps on the boots for sure, and likely go over the black stitching with grey... Oops. And one of my arm straps fell down. Didn't do it tight enough.
  11. Haven't attached upper bit yet, waiting for the broach to dry (I didn't like how the weathering looked), but here's where we are now And the buckles and greaves after being repainted in a more shaded style as opposed to my overzealous application of rub n buff. And mounted on the boots
  12. I'm thinking that maybe when I attach the medallion there, I can push the gathers to the edge so it's more obvious (and so the solid piece has a flat bit to connect to).... Maybe? Should also note, there's another piece of the stiff interfacing to make the end flare as shown in reference images, so it's wider at the bottom. The fabric itself is sort of a burnout, so it's got slight variation in color that's more visible in person.
  13. The next attempt -- the puckering on the belt is from the fabric being stretched, and gravity isn't quite pulling this one down enough. Should I add additional weight? I'll obviously press the seam and topstitch so it isn't rolling as shown, but I had to leave for work.
  14. My ridiculous idea for the sash worked! I used a super heavy duty interfacing and sewed it into the ends of the belt portion and the very top of the loincloth. Used Velcro to attach, hook side away from bodice. The interfacing keeps the Velcro flat and allows for the belt to be tapered in appearance while providing a secure anchor for everything to stay put. May be a touch too wide, though... I'm rambling and need sleep ... But I feel like I'm getting a little closer to where I'd like to be for the road test
  15. Sorry, your WIP thread at the very bottom of the page -- went back and realized the broken images were posted by other people. I'm a sleep deprived overworked idiot, disregard
  16. And now that I'm thinking on it, snaps will be much easier than hooks/eyes to secure the cowl in place... Assuming it's not too baggy!
  17. Oh that's odd,I can see stuff now o.O the last time I'd looked, I just saw a bunch of broken image links.
  18. Thank you so much for your reply! That close-up really helps see the shape better (none of the photos on your thread show up for me...) I've recut the bottom bit of the broach and repainted all of them to clean up the weathering: And here's the collar pinned to where I'll have hooks/eyes to secure it on me (forgive the fact that it's sideways, my phone doesn't like to upload things correctly) Also, ignore the hot pink sports bra LOL!:
  19. Everything pinned in place... Still brainstorming how to attach the sash. I figure the medallions will be Velcro, they're super lightweight so won't put much strain on the fabric. Velcro again for the belt bit of the sash, closing in front with the hanging panel to hide it.
  20. Starting the repaint on buckles Sanding finish on greaves Cowl after drying. Still difficult to get on and off, but that means it'll stay! Top is double stitched with a broken zigzag for stretch - once to connect the two layers, once after that hem was folded under to secure. Once it's tacked down to the shirt, it'll lay flatter.
  21. My bodysuit fabric fits the absurdly stretchy bill, so I sewed a cowl out of two circlular segments of fabric and tumped it into a dark graphite dye bath. Hang drying now. It's a bit tight to get over my head, but recovers well enough​ to stay in place. Since it's two layers and serged all around, the bottom doesn't curl up - which was my main concern.
  22. Thank you so much for the prompt feedback! Forgot to mention that I'd be sanding the finish on the greaves, lending to the mottled color on the finished piece. I'll repaint the buckles and finish more like the upper/lower detail on the greaves. For the cowl, it needs to be a solid piece, yes? The idea of a Velcro closure came to mind for ease of dressing, but I know it may not look as good...
  23. While cutting out the fabric for a Sailor Scout fuku last week, inspiration hit and I finally got started on this. The bodysuit has since been altered so the points are in the proper place. Greaves are super shiny because I just put a topcoat on them. They'll have the same finish as the medallions. Sash mockup is just pinned, but I'm not sure it looks quite right... Input would be appreciated! Bracer straps... Am I anywhere close to being on the right track? I just kind of went into creator mode without scrutinizing reference pictures like I usually do.... Hoping to wear it this weekend, a friend volunteered to do the full bald cap/makeup for me, since I have exactly zero experience getting all my hair to hide like that! All that's left to really do for it to be wearable is the cowl. I've got an idea, so we'll see how it pans out. Hood, mask, and flail will be added later!
  24. Thanks for the info! I've definitely got a high standard set to match Question on the boots... What exactly is considered a "moderate" heel? I've got a pair that I purchased based off the show, but the sole/heel are nowhere near as thick as LadyB's. Mine, the heel is a solid inch, but not super chunky. It's also got a gray elastic panel down the shaft as well... Do I need to go back shopping?
  25. Howdy! Had this one on the to-do list for awhile now, and now that my Mando has been approved, I feel it's time to move on to my next project. I've purchased a grey heathered knit from JoAnn (SO SOFT!) and a knit burnout fabric that I'm hoping will drape well for the sash. If not, it'll make a great scarf or something here in Aggieland . I've got my boots as well, and plan to do the shin armor from Sintra, as I've got quite a bit left over and am quite familiar with it now. As I plan to do a Mara Jade eventually for 501st/Legion/Saber Guild, I think I'm probably going to pass on the sabers (for now) and instead carry the flail she used in season 3 (?)... But that's not an "official" part of the CRLs, oh well! I've got a basic plan, but there are a few things I'm not sure of... And I'd love input! A. The outfit as a whole. To do it in separate parts, or connect it all with tights into a full bodysuit? B. The cowl/hood... Not even sure where to start on that pattern. Then again, I haven't tried very hard C. Bald cap. My hair is ridiculously long, so I figured I'd just run it down the back of the bald cap, hidden under the hood... But we'll see, I guess! Any tips or other snags that I need to be prepared for? Thanks in advance!!
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