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  1. Hi everyone! Recent financial pitfalls have forced me to cut back on things, so up for sale is my COTF Darth Nihilus build for the larger trooper. It began as a custom measured Wicked Armor build for my portly frame (I clock in at around 275lbs), then further modified for a more comfortable trooping experience. Mods include an elastic band sewn into the inner/outer skirt with heavy duty bracers (or suspenders, if you please) to allow for most anyone in the 240lb+ area to adjust height of and keep skirt in place while trooping, and velcro patches on the cloak & shoulders of outer tunic, to allow for the draped back cloak option (as outlined in the current CRL), or over the shoulder option, and a velcro patch on the cloak knot to help keep in place on your undershirt (you'll have to purchase a small velcro strip to sew onto your undershirt to utilize this feature). Comes complete with all parts needed, right out of the box. Boots are size 10.5D. Will also come with custom heavily weathered stunt lightsaber built by Iggy from the FXSaber forums with VaderVault blade, lightsaber belt clip & lithium ion battery charger. Asking $800 (I'll take $100 off if you don't need the boots, but otherwise I will not break the kit down further), plus shipping (will likely have to ship the saber blade separate due to blade length) if you’re not local (San Antonio area). PM me if you have further questions. Below is Iggy from FX Saber Forum's video of my custom built saber for reference. For a potential 501st recruit; while this has everything you'll need to get started for a fraction of its actual total cost, bear in mind you'll still need to fit it to you properly and submit pics to your Garrison GML for 501st final approval. Thanks for looking! **Edit- The Boba Fett pictured is not included. ~_^
  2. Hi again, I recently got my Darth Nihilus approved, so I wish to change my member status from 501st member (DZ-64646) to a detachment member (SL-64646), please. Thanks so much! Below is my 501st profile link (GWL has not updated the profile picture as of yet)
  3. BanthaScooper

    SL-64646 Reporting for Duty! (and a technical question)

    Yes, that's exactly what I was thinking of! I was curious if there were different methods everyone used, and the pros/cons. From what I gather, that'll prolly be the best way to do it.
  4. I got my Darth Nihilus approved (Official GWL photo for the 501st page pending)! Thanks for all the tips I've picked up while finishing the finer details, everyone. I am pretty excited about trooping with this fella, but I have a question regarding the cape. I use a velcro point on my under shirt to keep my cape knot in place, and I noticed as I move around, the weight of the fabric tugs at it to the point where it comes loose. I was wondering if anyone had any good ideas for keeping the cape in place while keeping the weight of the fabric from undoing the front. I was pondering sewing velcro patches on the inside of the cape and on the shoulders on my outer tunic, but what have y'all been using to keep your cape in place other than the Force?
  5. BanthaScooper

    Nihilus WIP

    I myself am just about ready for submission! Finally finished the belt on mine; Tandy Leather had a great sale and I was able to get all the parts for around $50 all together. I had the leather crafting tools previously for the building of and maintenance of my Tusken Raider pouches. Those can get pricey if you're starting from scratch building the belt. I got the boots from Soviet Boots with the expandable calf (they were the updated early post-USSR era Russian military jackboot) with the intent of being able to use them for my In-Progress AT-ST driver. Gloves from ebay seller gloveleathercity518; the listing was for the Men's Black Medieval Renaissance Gauntlet Gloves. I believe it was on Tiedoll's suggestion, if I recall. I had Iggy build me a saber, and it is fan-frikkin-tastic! He is an absolute pleasure to work with, and will build to your specifications, complete with regular progress updates! It was fascinating to see it from start to finish, I must say. I went with a heavily weathered look on mine, and with my VaderVault blade combined with the impressive LED built in it, this saber is almost blinding!
  6. BanthaScooper

    COTF Nihilus Obi Question

    I got my Wicked Armor kit in and am rapidly working on getting everything ready for submission! I still have to make my leather belt (I was waiting for everything else to come in before cutting any leather ), but I had a question about the obi belt, and I couldn't find any posts through the search engine that addressed it (apologies if this topic has already been addressed). How do y'all close your obi in the back on your build? The CRL pic doesn't really show, and I was wondering if there was any special clasp or anything I'll need to sew on, or can I just knot tie it in the back since the leather belt will buckle over it anyway?
  7. BanthaScooper

    Boots for The Thicker-Calved Gentleman?

    On those zipper boots, how high are the shafts? I'm curious how low I can get away with the leg shaft. I'm not entirely sure how much gets seen with the two layers of skirt.
  8. BanthaScooper

    Boots for The Thicker-Calved Gentleman?

    But I thought in Soviet Russia, boots buy you?
  9. BanthaScooper

    Boots for The Thicker-Calved Gentleman?

    Thanks for the advice, everyone! I'll do some more research and go from there. For those using straight jacks, did y'all get yours at Imperial Boots? For the zipper boot, what source did you use?
  10. Hi all, I'm working on a Darth Nihilus build, and was wondering if anyone has a source for approvable boots for the thicker calved fellow. My calves measure 18" around at the thickest, and it seems like most jackboots (Imperial Boots as well) only measure out to 15"-17" in diameter. Is it possible to get away with shorter boots to get around that dilemma as another option? Any source info for jackboots or the other option is most appreciated!
  11. BanthaScooper

    Feedback for a newbie

    Good to know, thanks! I'll let y'all know how my progress goes in the next few months.
  12. BanthaScooper

    Feedback for a newbie

    First off, Tiedoll, most excellent TKID. Great minds think alike! ~_^ I was reading some great reviews of Wicked Armor's Nihilus build and was looking into using it as my jumping off point as well. From what I've seen of yours, DarthSinistrous, it looks pretty good so far! I was curious if your inner skirt was attached to the inner tunic, or did you have to attach it together yourself?
  13. Hi everyone! My name is Jeff, and I'm a Banthaless Tusken Bantha Rider from CTX in Star Garrision. As much as I love playing in the sandbox, I wanted to spread out and make a fun EU costume, and I have my eye set on making a Darth Nihilus, or possibly a Darth Raven. I'll be researching here and may pick y'all's brains a bit to ensure a top quality build, but I'm excited to hop aboard the Flagship Eclipse!