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  1. Click the contact us button at the bottom.
  2. Look her up on the forums. You do mean the TFE correct?
  3. Our DL should be able to help you with that.
  4. I use an Aker under my leather top. Put a looping mp3 with the breathing effects. I use the mic and distort my voice.
  5. I recommend Wicked Armor. I have their Starkiller and it is fantastic. Contact them.
  6. That's saber is amazing. I have the same one. You will not be disappointed. One thing though... It does eat through batteries quick, so be sure to have spares on hand.
  7. Awesome. Can't wait to see your progress.
  8. The best source for SK Hoth is Wicked Armor. The quality is top notch and the detail is spot on.
  9. Hey there. I am a newly approved SK Hoth. Although the CRL is a good reference, it is not accurate to the game. There is a section on here dedicated to the SK Hoth photos. Check them out.
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