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Do you have multiple pictures to share?


Do you want a place to showcase Everything you do?


Got an event?


New Costume?


Why not make your own album?



YOU CAN DO THAT HERE! With our new forum comes the awesome capability of uploading your own albums and pictures. Multiple pictures and multiple albums! How much space do you get? Well keep uploading till it won't fit anymore! UNLIMITED POWA! 




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Alright I see what you are talking about. Well I made a few changes to make it easier.
No one can upload pictures to the Costume Reference Pictures categories.
Registered Users Forum Members, 501st, & Detachment Members can upload albums to the category: User Upload Galleries
I went ahead and created other sub categories under the User Upload Galleries. 


1. Go to the Gallery.



2. Select the "User Upload Galleries"



3. Select Upload.



4. Select "Create New Album"



5. Type the name of your album and select the sub-category you will be uploading your album to.



6. Select Choose Files to pick the photos in the window that pops up. I recommend using the flash uploader.



7. After all your photos are done uploading select Review & Publish at the bottom of the page.



8. After editing your photos titles and adding descriptions if you want select Finish & Publish at the bottom.



9. Enjoy your new album!


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Hey Chris,


Sorry about the delay. Have you followed the instructions in post #5 in this thread? Also, you won't be able to create albums under the Costume Reference Pictures. If you are please take some screen captures and post here of the error.


I just logged in as you and tested. I was able to create an album and upload a picture. (I deleted the album afterwards.) If you need more assistance or the issue is solved please let me know. 

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