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  1. Mains: Tormaim: DPS, Sith Sorcerer Torhate: Tank, Sith Assassin Torchar: Heals, Sith Sorcerer I have about 10 other toons but those are my main.
  2. Sorry for my delay in this. I have been away doing things for work. Again I apologize. I always make it a point to reply to people. The pommel I used is this one: https://www.ultrasabers.com/product-p/z-pommel-carchon.htm Impus, I don't know right now, I have to dig my costume out. lol I will get you the answer.
  3. That will work. I actually did the same thing and also weathered it. You can see that here: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/979-darth-brutes-revan-build-thread-finished/?p=13734
  4. Sorry about the wait. I have added you to the Detachment Members Group! Congrats and welcome!
  5. Welcome to TFE! I have actually been to Peru. Lima to be exact. Great city and I had a great time there.
  6. Hey Chris, Sorry about the delay. Have you followed the instructions in post #5 in this thread? Also, you won't be able to create albums under the Costume Reference Pictures. If you are please take some screen captures and post here of the error. I just logged in as you and tested. I was able to create an album and upload a picture. (I deleted the album afterwards.) If you need more assistance or the issue is solved please let me know.
  7. I want to throw an update on my Revan here. Since CVII, I have had a crack about 6" long down the front. But I am currently getting a new armor made. Only a couple of people know about it. Should be about march time frame for the big reveal.
  8. If you need some tips on how to keep the extra fabric under control check out what I did with mine: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/979-darth-brutes-revan-build-thread-finished/?p=13584 If you come up with your own solution please post it! You would only be helping out other Revans. Great build keep up the good work!
  9. Welcome to the forums. Please let me know if you encounter any problems or have any questions while here.
  10. I would honestly love to see if there are more Knights of Ren. And if there are at least 4-5 of them, I would expect a new Detachment to rise. Same thing happened with the Clones. THey were under whitearmor briefly but then had their own detachment shortly after the second movie. (If I understand my 501st history correctly.) But to me, the title Darth doth not a Sith make. Even under the old EU, during the time shortly before Darth Bane once again took up the mantle of Darth; there was the Brotherhood of Sith. None had taken the title Darth but all were considered Sith. So I think they are in the right place right now.
  11. Awesome pictures man. I'm diggin' the dancing with Spiderman.
  12. The game mechanics did change a lot. But I have never really played an MMO really. Touched on them but never kept going. I've been on SWTOR for 2 years now. With that being said, to me it is a lot better now. I don't have to spend millions of creds on gearing all my companions up. The new mechanics have also allowed me to better understand all my abilities. And has even forced me to get involved with other aspects of the game I didn't know existed. So I have learned new ways to have fun. Maybe it's not on the same level of MMOs that are very long running but it is helping me to understand them better. And like I said, I am having more fun now.
  13. All taken care of! I apologize for the delay in your approval! Congratulations on your approval!
  14. Absolutely fantastic work. There is a mantra that holds true in the cosplay world. Build what makes you happy don't worry about membership to any club. I would love to see a Darth Sion first in the Legion. I think it would be awesome. Thomas brings up great points with your build. I've seen builds get done and torn apart only to restart and do it again. You have a great build. And it something to be proud of. If you want to submit for approval, do it. I will warn you Legion Firsts are hyper - criticized. So be prepared for that. I am on my phone so I can't see too many details. But the one that stands out is the bust/neck seam. Also, the chest does seem to be too big for the head. Great job. Really great job!
  15. With the MWA Kit they are two separate pieces. I'm currently working to revamp pretty much the whole costume. But it will take some time.
  16. DONE! DONE! And I went ahead and took care of the Garrison problem for you and changed it on your profile. Hope this helps! DONE! DONE! DONE!
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