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Decided to upgrade my mask


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This new mask follows the original 3d render from the Game


it has the side cheek shields and its more of a helmet than my first mask







still need to add a visor. not sure whats the best material to use. I dont want to use welding shields as it will make everything look green


any one have any ideas? also not looking to butcher a bike helmet just for that little bit of shield i need

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I'm so jealous of all that Allen does!


Do you have a way of keeping your breath out of the mask yet. I use something like this (see link below) while snowmobiling, it would help lower the fog and heat trapped in the helmet for you. Be mindful in buying this tho as it is meant to keep you warm as well, but I'm sure you could create something like this product with less warm materials.


Mwa is rendering up something like this into the Revan mask for me and will be including cheeks of the mask too. Hope it works out to be near as nice as yours Allen.




Allen is my Revan hero.

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Add a bit of foam under the visor making a sealed division from mid level of your nose to your eyes this stops air from getting to your visor. also use liquid soap and smear it inside the visor . this stop the visor from fogging up

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I'm gonna stop having good ideas as you keep stealing the Thunder :lol: . I'll be interested to see what it looks like as a whole too mate.


Thankfully mine had been delivered once I got home.



Well your Ideas are great Ideas :) maybe you need to put a patent with royalties :2::2:


Did you get my text ? or did you changed your number?

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I've not got your text mate but my number hasn't changed, I'm still off FB until after my ACC board. I'll pm it to you to make sure you've got the right one.


It is looking fantastic!! I think it's time we got our heads together to tackle the rest now :wink: .

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