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  1. The MWA as the XO says has no clearance at all and even with foam inserts made my nose hurt like hell after a short while. It was the reason I had a new mask commissioned by a fellow member of the UKG (Purge). It has more than enough nose room and is so much better than other masks out there. If you're on Facebook, the "Purgeworx " page will be the place to get one. Al Molina showed his off on this thread: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1587-decided-to-upgrade-my-mask/ Try to contact Darren and if you have no luck either Al or myself will get hold of him for you if you have no luck. Happy hunting.
  2. I dont know about Al, but my seamstress went and copied the render image above. She ran out of material and made mt cowl too small!!! As I used merino wool it was an expensive mistake . Are you panning to make these yourself or get a seamstress onboard? I'm sure if you're confident in your abilities you could find a cowl pattern and go from that. My shoulder and upper swags came from a curtain pattern apparently as some people like that sort of thing. Again you can see my robes above. I hope Al would agree with me here but I think Under Armour would be too tight for the correct look of Revan. I used a roll neck (read turtle neck) top that was a size too big in order to get the right looking creases in the arms. Besides it will be a whole lot cheaper too!!! Good luck!!!!!
  3. Just to be controversial Al my new robes were made from merino wool which is much lighter than than the wool you used. I went with something that looks as close to the game render as I could. I'm not sure I could wear something so heavy as yours (personal preference really!!). Regardless of material, I agree that wool is the way to go and that cotton etc makes the costume look very cheap. I also made sure that my seamstress also followed the game render with regards to the flow of the robe. IMHO, MWA is inaccurate on that front and copying the pattern into new robes isn't really adding anything to a potentially expensive upgrade. Mine looks like this: Unfortunately she ran out of material whilst doing the cowl so its a little small. I'm having a hell of a time finding some material thats a colour match and maerino wool is quite expensive. Hopefully I'll have the cowl sorted for MEM. Now that Al and I have our new masks (from the very talented Purgeworx) we can continue to push the accuracy Revan forward in the UK even more. So in conclusion, I think choose a material you're happy to pay for and will add the amount of weight that you want. It's all about the look for me so trying to get the correct shoulder and back swishes should be a goal which will set your Revan apart from the MWA based robes.
  4. I'm not at sea mate. I was on my WO qual course. We'll get our heads together and have a good drink or two also at MEM.
  5. As you guys know I had 4 sabers made by a work colleague as a one off and they were very expensive. There are images in various threads but this one shows it best. http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=3001 http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=2718 I've been negotiating a run of these with a machinist and he is in the process of pricing up the materials. I'm hoping to offer a limited run of them once we finalise an affordable price. They will come without sound or electronics as I believe that they are a personal choice and there are too many solutions out there for me to pick something everyone would want. I'll offer then unfinished or painted too as it then gives you a choice of how you want it done. I'll post up an interest thread once I get a price for manufacture. Timeframe is uncertain right now but it's taken me two years to get this far!!!
  6. I've not got your text mate but my number hasn't changed, I'm still off FB until after my ACC board. I'll pm it to you to make sure you've got the right one. It is looking fantastic!! I think it's time we got our heads together to tackle the rest now .
  7. I'm gonna stop having good ideas as you keep stealing the Thunder . I'll be interested to see what it looks like as a whole too mate. Thankfully mine had been delivered once I got home.
  8. The current crop of masks are not really ideal for wearing at all IMHO but they are well made. If you're on Facebook, check out a UKG member Darren who has his own page "purgeworx ". He is currently making me a new mask that will more closely mirror the Mando helmet it's supposed to be. Also it has been sculpted to be bigger and more wearable. I'm sure he's going to offer these for sale once we've put them through the Garrison/Legion powers that be to make sure they're clearable. So hopefully there's hope in sight for those of us with bigger noggins !!!
  9. I had a few made by a colleague not so long ago and I basically made sure the emitter end would take a 1 inch blade, then I scaled the design around that. The final length is just under 12 inches.
  10. Hear hear Al!!!!! It's true we need to get away from the MWA robes and try to make them look like the render posted by Alan above. I had my robes replaced early last year but although they are very close to the render, my seamstress ran out of material and rather than tell me, she made the cowl woefully too small. It's been very tough to find an exact wool match now so for the time being ill have to put up with it!!
  11. I tried really hard to find a decent one but in the end I had to have a couple made. I'm hoping to get another four made for the middle of April.
  12. I won't be attaching it to my armour. The UKG GML has stated that at no time is Revan shown with his lightsaber attched to his person, therefore under the UKG standards, I can't do it. I have to admit though that I agree with him although at non canon events, it's not an issue, besides I like the idea of saber swinging anyway .
  13. Thank you mate, lets hope yours come out ok too!!!
  14. Glad to hear it mate!!!! Lets hope you get a result on the pommel. The guy who made these for me used a 5 axis milling machine to get the shape right. He also milled some grooves in the bottom so that the sound from the speaker could travel. He also made it integral to the last inch of the saber body for strength. A good idea I thought tbh. I'm definately no sabersmith and don't intend to be one; this was just a project to get a decent saber and have control over how it looked. Good luck with yours and I really hope the pommel comes out ok .
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