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The Latest Re-Beginnings of My IK


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Well, I got reinterested in this costume when I saw it had been accepted by the 501st. Since ordering the armor and reshaping the back plate some, I found out it is no longer accepted (a least for now). Pretty bummed about that (not a fan of most 501st costume choices), but gonna finish it anyway cuz I have just spent too much time and money on it to stop this time.


Here are some pics from my initial reshape and quick paint job. I still need to get the chest plate extensions added to fit around my fat gut. But I'm in the middle of ditching my house and moving into an apartment, so might be a bit before I get back on it. Maybe this thread will help keep me motivated through all these set-backs.








Good thing is that this set seems to fit me much better than the first set I bought. That one was bloody HUGE.


I have material for the cape (gonna make a hood that can velcro in for when I want a hood), gloves, boots, and a pair of leather pants I plan to take apart and quilt. Leather is on hand for the belt and planning to buy back my saber I made and sold to a bud since he upgraded to a nicer one. I'll try and update this as I go.



Wish me luck.

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Never got around to seeing the original IK CRL proposal (and can't find it anywhere now), but the Rebel Legion one has a line about an optional belt pouch. Would any of you guys or gals have a pic of what their pouches should look like? I finally got moved into the new apartment and hope to get started on the tunic, strapping, and belt in the coming weeks and would like to have an appropriate-looking pouch to hold my stuff while trooping.

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Well...let us see if this question gets any better (or any) responses :P


For the tunic, I had planned to use upholstery leather or some black vinyl (I have a ton of that stuff). But, while moving and cleaning out/rearranging the sewing stuff, I found an almost full bolt of black "liquid leather" material. It is used in everything from leggings to purses to give the leather look without the weight. I am thinking of using it to make the tunic to keep it light and pliable. But I don't think it will hang right for the tabbards.


So my question is: could the tunic and tabbards be a different material so long as they look the same color and texture wise?

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I would appreciate any help and advise I can get. Thanks :)



I understand the costume is not being accepted for 501st again, so it was kinda a long shot asking around here. But this place has the best collection of references and discussions on the costume (as well as the only 501st approved one as DCO :) ), so figured I would ask anyway. Thanks again for any help you all can give.

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Howdy. Yet another silly question:


Are the Imperial Knights approvable for 501st membership again? Last I had heard, Thomas said there was a moritorium on them, but I was just told that others have been approved in the last month or so. Could I get an official answer on this as I am now completely confused (kinda my normal state...but whatever :P ).

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So far Thomas is the only one with an IK pic up, you can find it under the Royal Guar (TR) section.


The moratorium is to address issues of casters quality vs accuracy.

I know of only 2 casters who have pumped out this armor in quantity, the first was made of fibreglass, missing a back plate and the wrist and forearm armor were one piece.


The second one like the one you have has issues with the shoulder armor, inaccurate sizing.


I am in the same boat as yourself owning both sets, I would really like to be accepted in the armor as well.


We need to find a bulk caster who can get the size dimension more accurat, or option two is to research and scratch build.


To address your first question: The RL description lists (optional) belt boxes brown non-descript, in short reference Jedi belt boxes. I have food capsules with my costume and belt boxes.


If in doubt when it comes time to submit pics remove the boxes, wear them at relaxed troops, use your discretion at official troops. Common sense rules in effect.



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One thing I have noticed about the sizing issue with the shoulders is that the first set I bought were absolutely HUGE. But...so were most of the pieces. This set has much smaller shoulders and they seem to be fairly proportionate to my frame (I can't use these for a bloody Mando ab plate like the last set :P ).


Hopefully, I will get the garage at this new apartment set up as a workshop and the extensions on the sides of the chest plate so I can get the armor strapped together for a test fit. I will be sure to post some decent pics to see how the sizing matches up to references when I do.


I'll take your advice on the pouches and just whip up a couple of simple leather ones. Thanks.

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A small update:


Got the extensions added to the chest plate to allow it to reach around my fat to meet the back plate. Gonna sand and trim the extension pieces tonight (now that the liquid plastic has finally set up) and add in the closures between the chest and back to be as seamless as possible while letting me actually put the armor on. Then on to making the harness to hook all the armor parts together to wear.


I also picked up some really nice, Kenneth Cole riding boots to replace my old ones. No straps on these. Just plain leather boots that are actually comfortable (not really used to comfort in my costume boots :P ).


Tunic material is laid out with some batting to make the quilted lines. Gonna give the liquid leather material a try since I have about half a bolt of it. Pants will have to be disassembled and quilted at some point (but I want to get this wearable by next weekend for a convention, so that will probably have to wait till after that). Leather and hardware for the belt is also laid out for cutting and the dye is now on hand.

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Kinda super late posting in here again. Seems my old link to the forums died and I just found the new one.


My IK was finally finished, submitted, and approved late last month. I R finally a 501st member. TR-33313 (I like 3's  :P )   :)


I also wound up making the tunic with tabbards out of actual leather. I got a fantastic deal on a full hide of motorcycle jacket weight leather and just couldn't pass it up.



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