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    In response to Commander George. (members opinion, non-official) I have had two styles of IK armor and have seen Thomas armor close up. There should be no reason why EVA foam cannot be used. You may have a challenge with the paint coating. Perhaps a latex based paint will allow for flex. Depending on the thickness of the foam used, you could get a nice looking plate thickness going.
  2. Donation submitted; 0SN39356U7046920E Forgot to add my details in the PP submission.
  3. So far Thomas is the only one with an IK pic up, you can find it under the Royal Guar (TR) section. The moratorium is to address issues of casters quality vs accuracy. I know of only 2 casters who have pumped out this armor in quantity, the first was made of fibreglass, missing a back plate and the wrist and forearm armor were one piece. The second one like the one you have has issues with the shoulder armor, inaccurate sizing. I am in the same boat as yourself owning both sets, I would really like to be accepted in the armor as well. We need to find a bulk caster who can get the size dimension more accurat, or option two is to research and scratch build. To address your first question: The RL description lists (optional) belt boxes brown non-descript, in short reference Jedi belt boxes. I have food capsules with my costume and belt boxes. If in doubt when it comes time to submit pics remove the boxes, wear them at relaxed troops, use your discretion at official troops. Common sense rules in effect.
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