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Ashara Zavros


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I'm unsure of the canon aspect of SWTOR NPCs, but seeing as though she is a storyline character, has a complete 360° availability to the costume, and joins the Sith Inquisitor on the side of the baddies, would she be considered an approvable costume? She has the in-game storyline role as well as being in the encyclopedia for the Old Republic. Her "canon" description states she left the Jedi order and joins the Sith Empire under said playable Inquisitor, though she stays moderately light, hence my questioning of if she is possible as 501st. Any input would be appreciated.

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As long as it is the base costume (the one when they are still an NPC), then the character is considered cannon enough. You would need to get a few screenshots from the front, back, and sides. Also, if you can get a shot of the lightsaber she uses, you should look to recreate it (hilt and color).

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Yeah, references are not an issue at all, I can get a complete 360° of her and close up of the ls, was just curious as to the approvability as a dark side character. Thanks for the help!

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You are going to want to look at this:



These are the requirements for getting a new approvable costume.


They will scrutinize a lot harder on new costumes and will be 10x harder for approval.

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I'm not familiar with the character, so I did some exploring to see who she is. I think your concerns about her qualifications as a "villain" may be a real concern. Just looking through some of these quotes... she sounds more Jedi verging on gray than anything else.


"As apprentice to Kallig, she still held to her ideals as a Jedi, but served her new master. Their goal was to create a lasting peace between the Jedi and the Sith, and by extension, the Republic and Empire. When her master grew ill from binding too many Force ghosts, she aided Darth Zash in finding a cure."


"While a capable fighter and knowledgeable of the Jedi Code, Ashara always believed that Jedi should be pro-active against the Sith and that she deserved better. These traits brought her close to the dark side, but even while traveling with Kallig, she tried her best to keep to the Jedi ways."


"Ashara can be romanced by the male Sith Inquisitor. She will only progress her Courtship status with the player if the player chooses to make the more rational choices (usually light-sided) than choosing those of malice and cruelty (dark-sided)."



My advice, as always, is to make the costume if you like the costume... not because one group or another might approve it. Even with good reference images, I can't guarantee that she will be considered a villain, and thus an approveable character in the 501st. But still, make it if you like it!


Pam :-)

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Pam, that was my thoughts. I am already making her, I was just curious to her "villain" rating because she is pretty light side, yet she defected from the Jedi and joined the Sith Empire.

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