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  1. So, I did get a yard of that fabric to see what it was like. It's a loost weave, but is also really stiff. When I ran it through the wash, it pretty much disintegrated. But, I'm in the final stages of a material that I found that I'll be offering as a run. It's from a local vendor and they sell it in bulk.
  2. As if by the grace of the Force, I just got a 40% off for Home Decore fabrics for next month. Specifically, it is for the weekend just after payday! Yeah, guess what I'm getting some yardage of.
  3. It's a It's a material from a local place in Portland, OR. It's $35/yd, but I'm getting some coupons soon.
  4. Here’s a close-up on the surcoat/cape material for my first version robe. I still need to dye it, which I’ll be doing after I cut it out. As you can see, there is enough for me to make mine and perhaps another… muahahahaha. Ehem. Here is my version two material. It’s a little more expensive, but I want to make sure I have the pattern down before I attempt it with such and expensive piece of material. Oh, and did I mention the back is actually coated?
  5. The helmet is built! I will be hardening it tomorrow. I know it looks a little misshapen, but that’s just because I don’t have it braced in the proper position or anything. Updates will be coming after it’s hardened! Oh, and the raised detail on the face will be installed after it’s built.
  6. I have the pepakura file for the Kylo Ren helmet! I will begin building it later this week as I’m still in the process of unfolding it and finishing up a couple of other pepakura projects. I’m looking to clear the palette and start on this project with a fresh set of tools. There are a couple of things wrong with the file that immediately jumps out at me. These include the raised details, the cheeks, and the vent details on the sides. The raised details on the cheeks and brow are identical on both sides in the file. In reality, they are asymmetrical. However, fear not, because the details are actually floating faces over the model! So, I am planning on drafting out the proper design of the left cheek based on sketches I found on the RPF. The cheeks of the helmet are actually cut out under the raised details. After I get the helmet hardened, I am planning on cutting out the cheek and sanding it into the proper shape. Finally, the vent detail on the side will be made using 1mm layered sintra behind another piece of sintra to give it a vent-like look.
  7. The Vanity Fair shoot confirmed the tunic length of the action figure. I was right!
  8. I’m shooting for “as close as possible” without having to buy one of the ANOVOS helmets. I like mine to fit and not cost an arm and a leg. Though, I might buy one just for collecting and actually looking at to get the details right (reference, not recasting).
  9. And this is me being jealous. My saber is probably going to be the last thing I purchase and make. But, before then, I still have my collection of 4 dueling-grade sabers, a MR Force FX Vader, and a couple of the Hasbro toys. And, yes, I know how to use them. Muahahahahaha!!! I can’t wait to see your progress! I’ll probably use those templates as a base, but sketch out my own before I start cutting sintra. I might also mock it up with a foamy before I do it in the sintra.
  10. Yes, unless I get bored with him fiddling, then I’ll just buy the $30 one and start building it.
  11. I have the mouth and eyebrow/cheek templates that someone in SLD posted (see attachments). I was definitely looking at the propzone helmet pep, but there is a guy in a facebook group I’m part of who is also making the pep with the cheek/brows as floating faces (a pepakura term for something you cut out and add on after the item is put together). But, if your templates are different, please definitely link them. You should try being part of a group of Halo ODST costumers… holy cow. Though, the SWAT team that responded to the troop got lots of pictures with us and there is a great picture of us sitting in the back of their military troop transport! But, let’s not get off topic.
  12. Please feel free to use my dissection however you wish. As I do some work, I’ll post what I find (tricks and such) for getting things done. The way I write WIPs are for others to follow in my footsteps for their builds. My dissections (do a search on Flagship) are freely given. For instance, one of the things I’m already planning to do is “Nihilus” the sleeve inside of the doublet. It will cut down on heat and still retain the layered look. Unless, of course, there are shots of the full inside tunic. The pants are one of the things I’m looking for today. Thank you for the suggestion, but my girlish figure is a little more manly than yours However, I will definitely search out Levi trousers at my current hunting grounds (8 Goodwill stores in a 30 minute radius of my house). As for the pictures… do you have them posted to a google+ account or would you like my email address? There are some garrisons that the local laws don’t allow lightsabers. Personally, I like having them. It’s a cool part of the costume and one of the most iconic pieces of movie history. I mean a Jedi without a lightsaber is just an oddly dressed Samurai. Do you do commission work? If so, I might order a set of gloves from you or see if we can work out a trade. Also, I’m basing my doublet on the action figure tunic length. From the “poster” shot it looked like there was a dropped part to the doublet. I was looking at using a sleeveless version of the ‘A’ jacket below. I’d include an Imperial Officer style collar, remove the caps, and give it a riding split to the waist. Does that sound right?
  13. Thank you! I’ll be using a couple of those, for sure. I know the helmet was originally molded poly, but I don’t have the ability to mold or cast in poly. However, I do have the skills and abilities to make pepakura and make it shine. It might not be a screen- accurate material, but technically neither is Episode IV TK armor because it doesn’t just have painted-on eyes. I’m not really planning on using a magnet for the lightsaber, it just looks like it connects magnetically in- universe. One of the shots of the saber in the link above (which isn’t in any of the other major pictures), indeed shows the saber’s attachment is wider than its base. You might be right, but I haven’t seen a high-detail shot of the belt clip. As for the magnetics issue, I definitely plan on not using magnets anywhere near my saber. I might upgrade to sound at some point, but not initially. I hate the battery set-up needed for most of the sound systems.
  14. It’s been about a year since I used my special talent at costume dissection, but let’s see if I can shake the dust off of it. To do this, I plan to use the pictures of Kylo Ren from the new movie coming out this December. As always, if I miss a detail or something, please let me know. If you have a picture contradicting something I’ve written, same thing. I’m always looking to do better and I look to you all to help me make the details right for those who want to do the costume and/or write the CRL. And fear not, this will not just be a WALL-O-TEXT™. I will be adding pictures as I fine tune it in the coming days. As I get things purchased and get them built, I’ll be updating it. I like this character, even though I know nothing about him other than he can breathe in his helmet (see below)!!! HELMET There’s not much I can say about the helmet that hasn’t already been covered a million times. It looks to be 3D printed or pepakura built. It is a full helmet, not just a mask, and that is one detail that most people didn’t fully get until the Celebration display. Of special interest is that the raised face details do more than just add flair to the helmet. If you look closely at the cheeks of the helmet, you will see the holes in the face detail hide the same black-out cloth that covers the eye hole. That’s right, this helmet is something you can breathe in. I will be building the helmet using pepakura with the raised details being sintra. Some of the smaller details I will also be using the 1mm sintra for (such as the vent looking things on the sides). INNER TUNIC SLEEVES AND DOUBLET After reviewing several pictures of the exhibit, I have come to the conclusion that I will be doing both the inner tunic and doublet as one piece. I will also be doing it with a twist I learned costuming as Vader. The inner tunic sleeves will be made using the 38 flaps. Based on the measurements of my arm (31”), I have determined that the visible length of the flaps is 7/8” long, since there are a couple that don’t look the same size. I’ll double that underneath of them for 1-1/2” for the sew-down. Rather than line it, I’ll just use my underarmor rather than add more layers (to keep it cooler). So, I’m looking at 5 yards of material. It will be sewn directly to the doublet under the sleeve much in the way as the faux inner sleeve of a Darth Nihilus; sewn not at the point of the sleeve, but back at the top of the shoulder. It will also feature a separated locking zipper that zips from the wrist to the armpit. I guess this means there are zippers in Star Wars (besides Luke zipping up his orange coverall in TESB). For the doublet, I’ll be using Simplicity 4095 as a base. I plan to modify it by adding a zipper up the front rather than buttons. Other than that, I also plan to add a yolk with Imperial Officer-style collar and a “yolk” around the arm holes. Except for the skirt, it will be made out of a nice moisture-wicking material. The skirt and yolks will be made using the horizontal-tucked wool that is visible through the arm and neck. SURCOAT, HOOD, AND SHAWL For the surcoat, I’ll be using a modified version of the Simplicity 4795 pattern. Specifically, I’ll be using piece number 1 with a flat shoulder and cut waist length. The 4-panel skirt will be made square and pleated at the waist seam, since the pattern of the material is straight all the way down. I will also be including a separated zipper up the left side of the body and a closed zipper just behind the neck to make the opening smart around the collar. The hood is part of the shawl, not the surcoat. The hood is identical to a Jedi robe hood and I’ll be putting a piece of plastic canvas in the front edge so it sits right when it’s up. Additionally, I’ll add a small magnet pocket inside so it sticks to the helmet regardless of how I turn my head (nothing’s worse than having to continually pull your hood up). The appearance of the shall looks quite like a Ranger cloak from Destiny. I’ll have to whip up some test builds to make sure it hangs right, but there are patterns in the Destiny costuming community (once I find them). Oh, and the edge of the shawl is frayed. There is also a fully visible seam where the hood connects to it. GLOVES I’m looking into giving a local glove-maker some pictures of these gloves and asking them to make me up a set. I have yet to find anything that looks even close to these gloves (that weren’t hand-made by Amidala). However, I’ll still keep my feelers out there in case they were a purchased item. BELT The belt is 5” wide with a pair of 1/2” wide top-stitched straps. The belt closes in the front with Velcro that I’ll just sew down to the straps and epoxy under the belt. The buckle will be layered sintra that’s 5” high, 2-1/4” wide, and 3/8” thick. It will Velcro to the exposed strap that closes the belt. The lightsaber clip is the female connector for a stanchion queue barrier or tensabarrier. It is built into a small setup with a pair of teardrop guides to put the lightsaber into the cradle. The base of the clip is 3” high and I’ll Chicago screw it all down to the belt. TROUSERS The trousers will be a purchased item. They are denim trousers, but not jeans. I’m hoping to find something at a local Goodwill, but will probably get them online. BOOTS The boots look to have a separation between the actual boot and the leg. For this reason, I believe they are similar in design to the Imperial boots in Star Wars Rebels. My boots will be a pair of paddock boots with a half-chap over them. There are four 1” straps around the leg of the boot, two on the bottom and two on the top. I’ll most likely connect them with snaps around the proper point until clearer shots can be seen. LIGHTSABER The base for the cross-guard lightsaber will be a purchased item from a saber maker. I’ll custom build the detailed shroud over it using PVC pipes and wires. It will be interesting to build, especially because of the number of details on the main body. I had considered 3D printing it, but I think building it will give it a better feel. Additionally, it will feature the male end of the stanchion queue barrier or tensabarrier, so I can wear it on my belt when at a “no weapons” troop.
  15. Volund Starfire

    Kylo Ren

    I wish I did. Between where I was blown up and Germany someone scored a new pair of gloves.. as well as most of the osik in my duffel bag. I'm looking for them, though.