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  1. Hi, I know there are no standards for Merrin yet but I plan to make her for registration! I will be posting my progress with the costume here! For now I am starting with shoes and I am wondering if this kind of leather will be Ok for shoes?
  2. Wanted to start getting this thing going as stuff is in the works on arriving so I thought I'd just mention all that's going on right now. I'd been a big fan of Bioware's Acolyte for years, and since I'm hitting the 2nd year anniversary of my 501st enlistment I felt it was time to start a new project. I've gotten several costumes done since I joined in 2017, 2 tie pilots, a clone, a Tanker on the way, but I always wanted some kind of a force user character. I wanted originally to do an old republic jedi....but, I've got some beef with the Rebel Legion and how they handle things, and after 3 costumes having such a hard time passing because of "opinions" of the judges, I decided to switch and get all Sithy cause it'll be fun. My armor is arriving from Mynock's Den....i was very impressed with Mynock's attention to detail and accuracy....lets face it, he really seemed to of been the best choice out of all the research I could find, and it wasn't a lot out there. for future purposes for anyone wanting to build his kit, https://vadersvault.com/armor/ My mask I purchased from Saberforge back in February, I really dug how it looked and it fit the price range I wanted to go for for the time being. Eventually I'll upgrade to Mynock's full helmet...but this'll be fine for now. https://saberforge.com/collections/masks-helmets/products/acolyte-mask?variant=12315978530896 Neckseal I purchased on etsy through Darman Props. https://www.etsy.com/listing/533452618/sith-acolyte-neck-seal?ref=yr_purchases I've had a few purchases from him over the last year like a holster for my blaster to go with my Resistance Pilot in time for TLJ premiere with my crew....so I know he's pretty reliable. Gloves were purchased on amazon at a fairly decent price and they don't have any markings to worry about so there's not gonna be any need for modifications, and tthey breathe so that's a plus! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GBWBM81/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Boots I'm taking cue from First0rder and his purchase from overstock.com https://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Genuine-Grip-Footwear-Mens-Slip-Resistant-Twin-Gore-Boot-Black-Leather/7936018/product.html Robes will be coming from Mystik Merchant as she seemed to of been the best price wise and length of time. While I'm not in a rush at all, I don't wanna get this kit completed by the fall when we start getting active again in my garrison. https://mystikmerchant.com/AcolyteRobe Undersuit though.....this one is tricky, and I'm hoping for some recommendations. I'm at the heavy set side, gained some weight after a very stressful move recently putting me at around 54 inches on my waist. I really don't want to use something like a TK or Clone undersuit, being one piece is alright, but I wanna feel comfortable at the same time...honestly I feel a little casual baggyness is more acceptable than skin tight. So any ideas on what to do like examples would be appreciative.
  3. Hey everyone! Just like many of you, I ordered my Revan kit from Wicker Armor and had some questions for you all. The hood I received is made of a different material than the one picture on their website and in their fitting documentation. The material I have is a lot more flowing and silk-like with a slight sheen, than the linen weave style they show in their pictures. My questions are, what kind of material did you receive in your kit and would this material still meet the CRL? I wouldn't say the material I have is considered "heavy" as required. I've attached some pictures of my WIP and the hood they show on their site. Also, this fabric doesn't hold the characteristic shape of Darth Revan's hood, and more just drapes down. Thanks for any help!
  4. Hi, everyone! I've recently finished my first version of Nighsister Merrin and wore her to a con. I wanted to come here and share photos of costume pieces, fabrics, textures, etc., and see what other people have used for their builds or if you have any advice. Warning, this 'bouta be a long post! As is, there are some things that definitely need replacing, namely - the pants (the color is too brown, the fabric too thin and the texture is missing), the collar (it was done last minute and my cutting isn't very straight) and, possibly, the boots (Merrin's don't have any sort of zipper but mine do and it may not be approvable). While on the topic of seams and fastenings, I had to find a workaround for several items that have no visible closing system in-game: the belt, the collar and the boots. For the belt and collar I just used a simple velcro system with the belt having the added advantage of the smaller middle piece covering most of it. I'm really interested in finding out if these items can be approvable with visible seams, as I'm sure the game developers did not have us cosplayers in mind when creating the character model, and as such have not given much thought to the real-life practicality and ease of wearing of some of them I'll just attach all the close-ups I have now: The vest (the velcro bits are to keep the collar from lifting) it's made from a semi-elastic red fabric (doesn't fully match in-game texture) it has the 3 channels you can see on her bias tape type seam, that have been accentuated with airbrushed shadows the rest of the vest has also been shaded, but should probably be even darker the shoulders were made pointy with the help of two Worbla panels glued underneath the fabric The shirt it's made from a non-elastic fabric and was the closest thing I could find to the in-game texture because it's not elastic, the neck bit fastens with a piece of velcro, as it can't be pulled on & off the head The belt & hip panels the belt is made from 5mm EVA foam covered in pleather the hip panels have been made with the same technique, but with 3mm craft foam the pleather has been painted to match the references the thread has been sewn manually (RIP fingers) the rivets are googly eyes painted gold the belt fastens with a velcro system, as well as through the thinner, middle belt that closes over it and under the gold buckle the gold buckle is 3D modeled and printed, then painted and weathered I've attached the 2 red panels in the front and back (front being narrower than back) finally, shaded the red panels as well The collar the base is made from 3mm craft froam, while the beveled lines are made from 5mm EVA foam it fastens with velcro in the back and is quite visible, but, as the in-game model has no closing system, it was the only option the necklace has been 3D modeled and printed, then painted and weathered and a silver chain has been painted black (pants can be spotted underneath, but I'll not include them in this post since they need to be remade) The bracers are made from pleather, with a piece of Worbla inside to keep the shape the pleather has been painted to match the reference I've attached dark brown bands all around them, in the same material as the triangular hand covers (seemed to be the same fabric in-game) the triangles connect to a golden ring each (also 3D modeled and printed) The boots were custom made, but I altered the soles by adding the 'peak' bit at the front (made from Apoxie Sculpt) and by painting them gray I also darkened the leather with leather paints and added weathering painted the zipper red in hopes of less visibility Other details and info: the wig is a platinum blonde lacefront that I darkened the roots on with eyeshadow and has been styled in Merrin's signature bun (not a donut-type bun, but rather a lazy, not fully pulled-through ponytail) her nail polish is a matte brown (mine was a dark glossy brown at the time of the pictures, but I've since acquired the right shade and finish) her hand tattoos have been made with liquid liner and eyeshadow, but I suspect natural henna might work as well (though it might not be as dark as the reference) her lipstick is a dark grey with slight tinges of brown (I used black and lightened it with white and brown eyeshadow for added dimension) Here are some final 360 photos (excuse my squinting, it was sunny): (the belt wasn't fastened properly, hence the visible seam gap) And that's about it! Thank you for reading so far, if you have I'm eager to hear what I can improve on this costume and whether anyone has found better textured fabrics and solutions to her invisible seams (belt, boots, collar, etc), and I really hope I can get Merrin to an approvable state and help create the CRL.
  5. Hi All! I am rather new to the forums and this is my first build for the 501st that I am working on. I have been a long time lurker of these forums using these and the 501st CRL for Lana Beniko as additional resources for details as well as the SWTOR game. I have the majority of my mark 1 costume done following the CRLs but I know I missed a few details on the boots and tunic. I was hoping for constructive feedback from the members so that I could hopefully start the 501st approval process sometime in the next year with this costume. Here is the full costume as I have completed it so far. I havent made any real progress since getting to this stage last year due to other things I've had to work on as well as COVID. I know its not the greatest picture. Was kinda rushed last year. I'll see if I can find a better one. I dont know if I have a better one of the full costume. I know of at least 5 more things that I am needing to finish before I can even say I have all the parts as part of the CRL. Chest armor piece Boot bags Wig finishing finish strapping on the boots near the ankles Add the trapazoids near the bottom on the sides of the tunic. I missed that detail when I first made it. All of the armor that I've made is made of EVA foam. I noticed unlike most of the trooper CRLs Lana's doesn't have the requirement for PLA or other form of plastic (3D printed), so I went for EVA foam since I dont have access to a 3d printer. I also went a little further for her right arm gauntlet and added lights to it, as since during game play you can see its illuminated. I love doing things with electronics for builds, so I added this to mine to get the colors. I'm still kinda new to wig modification. Currently the one I have is a little long so I need to trim it as well as style it to better match. Any constructive feedback any other Lana's here have is greatly appreciated. Would like to know now rather than applying blindly. :) Thanks in advance
  6. I have myself noticed the following * the knot is positioned a bit low, so I will try to fix that. * And I now notice there is a small disformation in the front on the head, but I think that is only from excess fabric, so that will be an easy fix. * I also work on making the "horns" a bit rounder. Is the cape to wide perhaps? And yes, these pics where taken before the CRL change to hard blackout mask, so spare the details on that matter :) Tips and hints on making the hard mask is appreciated tho. The white mask is kind of form fit to my head.
  7. I finally feel i have made enough progress to post... Achievement Complete... Rebreather Achievement Complete... Boots Achievement Complete... Pouches Acquired Tusken Bucket Poor man's kit Tapping the helm with 8-32 1/2" screws for new Darth Hair Aluminum Greeblies and beige screens over vents to insure they stay hidden. 12v micro fans installed in upper helm in hopes they will move air through vents at top (no real faith in this but won't be able to attempt it later so why not) it does blow quite i bit against my forehead when the mash front was attached so it might help evaporate the sweat at least. Full frontal of the cows ass before staining the seams to hand adding a bit more as a shim for nose beak. Alignment check on Blood Spitter and Eye Stalks
  8. Hello! I started making the Seventh Sister's costume for my wife. Started with a helmet. But I'm a little confused by the size of the mask. What do you say?
  9. Hi! I'm starting on this costume and looking at making the axe flail weapon, instead of the lightsabers. I have what might be kind of a dumb question: The short section between the handles, is it flexible or rigid? I don't remember seeing her use this (I haven't seen all of Clone Wars, tbh. *hides face in shame*) and this is the only image I can find, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to be wielded. Any ideas?
  10. Hello all, I was just wondering since I'm going to be working with leather, I was just wonder how to tackle Traya's headdress. I know I've been hearing things about like a modified balaclava and such but how? I'm fairly new to sewing as well so some tips would be great as well.
  11. I'm going to share the whole of my costume in this post. I will do all the hard parts by myself. A seamstress will make tissues. The process will be slow due to economic reasons and while throw light into a new CRL for this character. Regards.
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