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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone! Just like many of you, I ordered my Revan kit from Wicker Armor and had some questions for you all. The hood I received is made of a different material than the one picture on their website and in their fitting documentation. The material I have is a lot more flowing and silk-like with a slight sheen, than the linen weave style they show in their pictures. My questions are, what kind of material did you receive in your kit and would this material still meet the CRL? I wouldn't say the material I have is considered "heavy" as required. I've attached some pictures of my WIP and th
  2. Hi All! I am rather new to the forums and this is my first build for the 501st that I am working on. I have been a long time lurker of these forums using these and the 501st CRL for Lana Beniko as additional resources for details as well as the SWTOR game. I have the majority of my mark 1 costume done following the CRLs but I know I missed a few details on the boots and tunic. I was hoping for constructive feedback from the members so that I could hopefully start the 501st approval process sometime in the next year with this costume. Here is the full costume as I have completed it so
  3. Wanted to start getting this thing going as stuff is in the works on arriving so I thought I'd just mention all that's going on right now. I'd been a big fan of Bioware's Acolyte for years, and since I'm hitting the 2nd year anniversary of my 501st enlistment I felt it was time to start a new project. I've gotten several costumes done since I joined in 2017, 2 tie pilots, a clone, a Tanker on the way, but I always wanted some kind of a force user character. I wanted originally to do an old republic jedi....but, I've got some beef with the Rebel Legion and how they handle things, and after
  4. I have myself noticed the following * the knot is positioned a bit low, so I will try to fix that. * And I now notice there is a small disformation in the front on the head, but I think that is only from excess fabric, so that will be an easy fix. * I also work on making the "horns" a bit rounder. Is the cape to wide perhaps? And yes, these pics where taken before the CRL change to hard blackout mask, so spare the details on that matter :) Tips and hints on making the hard mask is appreciated tho. The white mask is kind of form fit to my head.
  5. I finally feel i have made enough progress to post... Achievement Complete... Rebreather Achievement Complete... Boots Achievement Complete... Pouches Acquired Tusken Bucket Poor man's kit Tapping the helm with 8-32 1/2" screws for new Darth Hair Aluminum Greeblies and beige screens over vents to insure they stay hidden. 12v micro fans installed in upper helm in hopes they will move air through vents at top (no real faith in this but won't be able to attempt it later so why not) it does blow quite i bit against my forehead when the mash front was atta
  6. Hello! I started making the Seventh Sister's costume for my wife. Started with a helmet. But I'm a little confused by the size of the mask. What do you say?
  7. Hi! I'm starting on this costume and looking at making the axe flail weapon, instead of the lightsabers. I have what might be kind of a dumb question: The short section between the handles, is it flexible or rigid? I don't remember seeing her use this (I haven't seen all of Clone Wars, tbh. *hides face in shame*) and this is the only image I can find, so I'm not sure how it's supposed to be wielded. Any ideas?
  8. Hello all, I was just wondering since I'm going to be working with leather, I was just wonder how to tackle Traya's headdress. I know I've been hearing things about like a modified balaclava and such but how? I'm fairly new to sewing as well so some tips would be great as well.
  9. I'm going to share the whole of my costume in this post. I will do all the hard parts by myself. A seamstress will make tissues. The process will be slow due to economic reasons and while throw light into a new CRL for this character. Regards.