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  1. I've never really used e6000 except on my old Sean Bradley ODST suit....everything I've used has pretty much been some sort of epoxy which work rather well but now that I'm on a meager budget, can't afford. Heck I don't even know where my blasted clamps are these days. Yeah it's frustrating....I've cleaned the forearms, shoulders and thighs but it's not clicking in place in terms of how I want to join these together. Mynock's instructions say to just velcro it all together in areas but doing so feels like it could lead to gaping issues and while there's specific instructions saying seamless or anything on the CRL and the way things are looking is that I will need to shim the thighs to be a little bigger in terms of depth. I'm not sure how well that'll be accepted. Sad truth is there's no one really in my garrison who's close by I'm kind of in the middle of no where and my whole team is sprawled out to various reaches. Having a helping hand is just a struggle at this point. Only thing I can do is continue cleaning edges and just thinking. I'm sort of using Andrew Tanski's build as a reference to go off of.
  2. I just could not find that blasted dremel tool of mine so I went down the road and picked up a new one. Had to use some of the parts from my battery operated one on the new one in order to continue trimming out the remainder of the parts. Which.....I dunno how but I ended up slicing my thumb open and I NEVER even noticed it happened until I started wondering why something that looked like my red spot putty was smeared all over the shin piece as I was sanding it down on the belt sander. Luckily it clotted pretty easily and just moved on. Rough trimming is done minus fingers and hand plates. Those are gonna be as last as last can be cause of how small they are. I'll probably take a break tomorrow to work on assembling some furniture for my mom and do some job hunting and Tuesday I'll begin sanding and cleaning my parts. It's been a really long time since I've assembled anything which is causing a lot of doubt. But I think once I finish cleaning up all the parts and refining those edges I'll call it quits for a while. I need to research my options on an under suit and start collecting fabric pieces of strapping and securing. I mean all in all I think it was a productive day and things are turning out fine.
  3. Okay so I haven't said anything as of late cause it took a lot longer than I expected to get my goods. My neckseal from Darman arrived first and was pretty disappointed that it's nothing more than dickie like a TK neckseal....not sure how I'll work with this or if I even can. Worst part was that it doesn't fit, it's really off the mark so I'm going to be ripping the zipper portion off and creating a velcro closure variant in the back cause this is an area that will never been seen thanks to the cloak. Next was the cloak itself....I gotta hem it a bit. It's far to long touching the ground and then some when it needs to be 1 inch from the ground, I'm not even at that. Sleeves might be a bit to long as well...overall it feels rather baggy. So....that's something I might need to fix. Well 2nd week of august kicked in and was scratching my head wondering what was going on with my Armor kit and I contact Mynock and found out he had to do new molds for the 3D printed parts as they had deteriorated to the point of being unusable. Took a little extra time but the good news was he shipped it a few days later and it practically came next day. Sadly my job situation has still be really crappy....haven't landed any solid work since my move to Texas and it's been a downer. So when this arrived I felt a bit cheered up and quickly started to getting to work. However I haven't gotten far. I can't from my corded dremel tool only my battery operated version which can only get me a part and a half in at a full charge which is stupid. With my belt sander helping me out I got a rough trim of the chest, gauntlets, shoulders and 1 whole leg. So Tomorrow I'll be working on getting the other leg done and hopefully the thighs trimmed. I destroyed a pouch but I was gonna replace them with something more authentic down the line. So that'll leave abdomen, hands, belt and greeblies left which is still a ton! I got a lot of work ahead of me to finish this by halloween which is when I wanna do the first fitting and try it out. Hopefully there's kids around my neighborhood or my favorite holiday is gonna blow.
  4. Thanks maybe I'll get lucky with the suit somewhere....I got to travel an hour or more to another town to find anything good for things to build these kind of costumes. Thanks Keith! Sith Acolyte's been something I wanted to do for a long long time but could never figure out where to get the armor....closest was 3D printing or EVA foam...like I have the files for an EVA Foam build but I never have a lot of great luck with that kind of building. But I'm also quite use to being called Vader in my Tie....god that was annoying. As for my robe, I asked for the red to be sewn onto the sleeves, my biggest fear is that the size won't be correct and end up being to big. Worse case scenario will have to rip the seams off and paint it by hand. But that undersuit is gonna kill me, I just dunno what is gonna work for me being a bigger guy around the middle.
  5. Wanted to start getting this thing going as stuff is in the works on arriving so I thought I'd just mention all that's going on right now. I'd been a big fan of Bioware's Acolyte for years, and since I'm hitting the 2nd year anniversary of my 501st enlistment I felt it was time to start a new project. I've gotten several costumes done since I joined in 2017, 2 tie pilots, a clone, a Tanker on the way, but I always wanted some kind of a force user character. I wanted originally to do an old republic jedi....but, I've got some beef with the Rebel Legion and how they handle things, and after 3 costumes having such a hard time passing because of "opinions" of the judges, I decided to switch and get all Sithy cause it'll be fun. My armor is arriving from Mynock's Den....i was very impressed with Mynock's attention to detail and accuracy....lets face it, he really seemed to of been the best choice out of all the research I could find, and it wasn't a lot out there. for future purposes for anyone wanting to build his kit, https://vadersvault.com/armor/ My mask I purchased from Saberforge back in February, I really dug how it looked and it fit the price range I wanted to go for for the time being. Eventually I'll upgrade to Mynock's full helmet...but this'll be fine for now. https://saberforge.com/collections/masks-helmets/products/acolyte-mask?variant=12315978530896 Neckseal I purchased on etsy through Darman Props. https://www.etsy.com/listing/533452618/sith-acolyte-neck-seal?ref=yr_purchases I've had a few purchases from him over the last year like a holster for my blaster to go with my Resistance Pilot in time for TLJ premiere with my crew....so I know he's pretty reliable. Gloves were purchased on amazon at a fairly decent price and they don't have any markings to worry about so there's not gonna be any need for modifications, and tthey breathe so that's a plus! https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07GBWBM81/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Boots I'm taking cue from First0rder and his purchase from overstock.com https://www.overstock.com/Clothing-Shoes/Genuine-Grip-Footwear-Mens-Slip-Resistant-Twin-Gore-Boot-Black-Leather/7936018/product.html Robes will be coming from Mystik Merchant as she seemed to of been the best price wise and length of time. While I'm not in a rush at all, I don't wanna get this kit completed by the fall when we start getting active again in my garrison. https://mystikmerchant.com/AcolyteRobe Undersuit though.....this one is tricky, and I'm hoping for some recommendations. I'm at the heavy set side, gained some weight after a very stressful move recently putting me at around 54 inches on my waist. I really don't want to use something like a TK or Clone undersuit, being one piece is alright, but I wanna feel comfortable at the same time...honestly I feel a little casual baggyness is more acceptable than skin tight. So any ideas on what to do like examples would be appreciative.
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