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  1. Greetings all... My name Is Evan Dz-51009 (Lasombrant on all boards) Just got my A'sharad Hett approved and i do this for the creative release and camaraderie as well as the smiles from the kids no matter there age.
  2. Hello All -- New to 501st and Flagship as A'sharad Hett requesting access to everything I can... LOL...501st, and detachment Sith Lord If I can get that as well. I'm in the process of Krayt variant as we speak. DZID 51009
  3. Lasombrant

    A'Sharad Hett Wip By Lasombrant

    How do i go about submitting pics from the comics as a reference i have three of his comics and none have a depiction with the pouches in the crl. This is the pouch i am trying to replicate as this is what he is most often depicted as using.
  4. Lasombrant

    A'Sharad Hett Wip By Lasombrant

  5. Lasombrant

    A'Sharad Hett Wip By Lasombrant

    I finally feel i have made enough progress to post... Achievement Complete... Rebreather Achievement Complete... Boots Achievement Complete... Pouches Acquired Tusken Bucket Poor man's kit Tapping the helm with 8-32 1/2" screws for new Darth Hair Aluminum Greeblies and beige screens over vents to insure they stay hidden. 12v micro fans installed in upper helm in hopes they will move air through vents at top (no real faith in this but won't be able to attempt it later so why not) it does blow quite i bit against my forehead when the mash front was attached so it might help evaporate the sweat at least. Full frontal of the cows ass before staining the seams to hand adding a bit more as a shim for nose beak. Alignment check on Blood Spitter and Eye Stalks