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  1. Are there any actual drawn up pattern of Traya's robe? I feel like this would help me, or just the right robe pattern with certain modifications?
  2. I meant to put a link in there but this one perhaps: http://eqos.deviantart.com/art/Pattern-Large-Hooded-Cloak-160995777 Just add pleats, and make it a little longer, to go to the floor
  3. Hello all again! I'm wondering if this robe would be adequate for Traya. I'm thinking it would be, but second opinions would be excellent https://www.etsy.com/listing/197875351/star-wars-inspired-jedisith-robecloak P.S. Pix for wip will be posted soon. it's not much it's just mainly underparts, a wig, and balaclava!
  4. Amazing re-do! Are there by chance any patterns available for the cape/hood?
  5. What would be the best pattern that I could use to make Revan's cape? I see that it could be made into 4 pieces put together, I just didn't know if there was a set pattern or not. If I could be put in the right direction that would be amazing Thanks in advanced
  6. Is there any pattern available to use?? If not what's the best to use for the cape as well the hood? Also using craft foam for beginners, is there a pattern for that as well?
  7. Looks awesome! Was wondering where you got the saber
  8. Hello all, I was just wondering since I'm going to be working with leather, I was just wonder how to tackle Traya's headdress. I know I've been hearing things about like a modified balaclava and such but how? I'm fairly new to sewing as well so some tips would be great as well.
  9. Hey I'm Leah. I'm very new to cosplaying, and I've done so much research on Revan and been binging on KOTOR So I thought it was time to make the garb. I already have a shirt, and gloves. I was wondering what material I should use for the armor consider I've never worked with resins/plastics. I have some tools I will be buying soon as well.
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