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  1. Mine was delayed a month as it is and I'm thinking they didn't want to delay mine any longer.
  2. Well if that is the case, I hope they are open to replacing my hood if I send this one back. I don't want to piss them off either but I would have gladly waited longer for the better material if I had known. Thanks for you help and I look forward to seeing your Revan!
  3. They've moved back to the fabric that is shown in the listing now or a different thick fabric? Hope you have less problems than I am with this! Also, how fast did they email you back?
  4. Thanks for doing that. This would be really demoralizing if it isn't approved. Guess I'll find out soon enough either way. I am emailing them as well but I've had this costume for 3 months and just now am able to assemble it, so I doubt they would do much for me. I agree with you about spending so much to just have to completely recreate parts that are different than what was listed. Could you let me know what they say in response to your email?
  5. Thanks, me too. Also, some info I wish I had when I ordered, but they create the kit to be true to the game model which has the O-ring belt off-center from the rest of the armor like below. I didn't know that and had to reposition the belt myself as I prefer things symmetrical, hence why it is missing in my pic.
  6. Hey everyone! Just like many of you, I ordered my Revan kit from Wicker Armor and had some questions for you all. The hood I received is made of a different material than the one picture on their website and in their fitting documentation. The material I have is a lot more flowing and silk-like with a slight sheen, than the linen weave style they show in their pictures. My questions are, what kind of material did you receive in your kit and would this material still meet the CRL? I wouldn't say the material I have is considered "heavy" as required. I've attached some pictures of my WIP and th
  7. Hello everyone! I'm Alex from Georgia and have joined the Georgia Garrison already. I love Star Wars and have wanted to join the 501st for years but never had the opportunity until now. I love the Old Republic era and really want to build either a Darth Nihilus or Darth Revan but I can't decide on one! I look forward to chatting with you all and sharing my love of Star Wars!