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  1. We are Alive project is slowly work in progress (some elements need more love)and weathering. Here is some photos and link to my Google disc with all photo documents. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1XJlL8c5NyiRQDczRd_fO2Tfu3MW283Yf?usp=share_link P.S. it will be very heavy costume.xD Belt made form 4mm leather with 5 full metal brass rings. ( Initially, the rings were shiny, but over time they simply dulled, the natural order of things) Arms guard (Probobly right arm guard triangles wil cut out and made by material and put on shirt.)* Prototype paper pattern Final appearance of the part Boots; Prototype Final boots. we decide change colors. game colors are wird and on most mape color is diffrent Armor Prototype amror from EVA foam for pattern and metal V1 Underarmor is base on Japanes Samurai armor its perfect match for game armor Some look control photos without mask
  2. These leather stakes are cut so that I can't look. For someone who does a little leathercraft until the heart bleeds 🤢
  3. Why are these original boots look like low buget quality cosplay from allieexpres ...😕
  4. I think if you use very thin layer of epoxy should be elastic. Last tome I use Royal Resin Clear and thin layer was like rubber.
  5. Hi. Ask Chris. With my order it was a bit different, because ... a year ago he accepted the order for this mask for me, and a Recive finish mask on last Christmas .
  6. Hi. Little update Sorry for backgrund Pants are ready. References photo : Mask and hand by Chris Stephens Creation Its amazing. Right sleeve is in progres as well
  7. Update. The first try on the cut of the pants in different lighting.
  8. Today I had leather samples and this is how the colors look live. Black, chocolate and dark brown. In my opinion, the belt on the stomach should be dark brown and the rest of the leather elements on the hands should be dark chocolate
  9. Hi. Last weekend I buy fabric for right sleeve and We made prototype of Leather elements. But I don’t know with color of leather is better for belt. This: https://juchcik.pl/pl/p/Kark-ciemnoczekoladowy-gr.-3.5-4.0-mm/1740 or this https://juchcik.pl/pl/p/Kark-bydlecy%2C-ciemnobrazowy-gr.-2.5-3.0-mm/1777 We also have mask and hands And saber. More update soon
  10. Hi . We will make armor and fabric first , then we will think about head We will try to reproduce the head as well as possible, we do not exclude cooperation with a professional artist. The head has to look but also be functional, if it needs some changes we will take them into account.
  11. Hi. My boyfriend and I started working on Desann's costume from Jedi Knight 2: Jedi Outcast. Here I will present the screenshots from the game that I managed to make and we will show the results as we work on the costume. Our main assumption is to make the best possible costume from available materials and realistic elements to wear. Due to the fact that my boyfriend deals with metal-plastic and we do leather things, our plan is to make the main armor and greaves of metal, and the bracers and the belt of leather. We realize that other people who may disguise this outfit will have to use some plastic or others material but we want to reproduce the costume as much as possible and in our opinion painted plastic will never give such realism as real metal. Pants and left sleeve fabric and color: In my opinion, on my monitor screen the color of the pants and left sleeve are between smoky purple and denim blue, @DarthValkyria I say it's indigo. The sleeve also has one leather bicep band Along the sides of the legs and the sleeve there is a wide yellow stripe with a narrow strip of red fabric in the middle There are two pockets on the buttocks on the back of the pants I buy crazy wird material, he change color depends of light. Sorry for background Right sleeve fabric and color: The right sleeve, depending on the angle of light and the map, is silver-blue or gray ...,( I dont have Idea what material I will use, for now. ) Also has leather straps with brass or gold studs and silver circles on both sides of the elbow Leather bracers: Two leather bracers made of black or dark brown leather with practically the same structure at the end of the bracer at the feet with brass or gold elements. The right one also has a red crystal and a fabric accessory in the pattern of triangles and graphite studs. Left leather bracer with four leather straps with brass or gold clasps and accessories of the same material. Shoes and shin guards: In my opinion, sand or brown Chelsea boots are suitable for shoes Gold or brass boot covers with two longitudinal grooves Shin guards with brass or gold and brass fittings with dents texture and appropriate grooves as shown in the attached screeans Belt and sash: A leather belt on the belly made of dark brown leather, attached five circles of brass or gold with the help of leather straps on front belt. One large, two medium-sized and two small. There is a belt on the leather belt of the same material as the sash with a golden edge. The sash is made of shiny navy blue material with vertical stitching with a golden trim and a golden strip through the center running from top to bottom. The sash is trapezoidal in shape and is one piece. It has no slits in the middle. Attached under the belt. Armor and shoulder pads: Armor (internal) clinging to the body with appropriate carvings or in six pieces that can be moved to fit each other, front and back looking the same. The armor is dull, it has various stains and discoloration We'll do it from six pieces of suitably shaped and discolored steel The (outer) armor with appropriate grooves and accessories applied to the (inner) armor may be of one piece. or of two respectively joined. The armor is massive and shiny, We will probably make the general shape in two pieces, and then add the appropriate grooves and details Two leaf-shaped pauldrons. Freely falling on the shoulders We'll probably make one whole shoulder pad out of one piece
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