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  1. I found a maker on Etsy who looks to have some really great soft parts that I'm currently considering: She seems to have great reviews, 501st approved, but is backed up until summer, so trying to figure out how patient I want to be ;P I haven't thought about the saber yet. I found someone who is selling the files, but haven't gone too far down the rabbit hole with that yet. Do you have one that you like?
  2. You rock, @TheLorelei. Appreciate the help here and love the helmet you're making! I'm trying out DC Armor for the hard parts as a first option and seeing about getting the soft parts on Etsy, then hoping that it all works out. This is a great backup if those fall through and I need to put a little more of my artistic skills to use ;P Will keep y'all posted and thanks again for all the help and support. It can be a bit intimidating starting a new costume and it's been great to hear from everyone!
  3. sgomez

    After Nightsister comes 7th sister

    And most importantly, CONGRATS on your approval!
  4. sgomez

    After Nightsister comes 7th sister

    OMG this is amazing! Thanks for all the tips and you look awesome! Thinking of starting this soon myself and this was so inspiring to see
  5. That's really good to know. Thank you!
  6. Yeah, I'm seeing a lot of things that are inconsistent, and it all depends on the GML. Do you know who a GML would kick it to here if they're unsure? Would be great to get their opinion on it as well! Nina, I saw that one too and was working with him for a bit, but thought I had seen another post that his wasn't approvable. Sounds like it's all very subjective and risky haha
  7. sgomez

    M's Seventh Sister WIP

    How did everything turn out? Any updates? Looking to start my own, so let me know if you have any learnings!
  8. Hi everyone! I'm looking to start my Seventh Sister and am going for 501st approval and have looked at a few vendors and wanted to know if y'all are aware if they're 501st approvable. In addition, any thoughts on getting armor and helmet from separate vendors? I'm hearing that there's a risk of the paint not matching, which would mean not getting approved. Any additional help or potential vendors is very appreciated! Helmet: Armor: Bulldog Props (using a new material HIIPS and working on it now) Soft parts: Still looking for solution on boots, so any thoughts/comments welcome! Y'all are the best <3