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  1. I don't think that her pants are black, i would say that they are dark grey, just a bit darker than her shirt. https://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/uploads/monthly_2019_11/image.png.c5dc72928e020212d6b0bba9ab5dcbe6.png
  2. It really depends on the type of costume you want to make.. What do you have in mind?
  3. This is getting more and more interesting. A fellow trooper pulled 3d models from the game and I have some more interesting finds. 1) When Merrin has a cape - she only has a front tabard 2) I was right that her headband is supposed to go around her head (i think it could be set for level 2 approval: like it's not required for basic approval - but it's more accurate) 3) Textures turned out to be really helfull, I wanted to get a clear reference for the pattern on her red collar and yay!
  4. I mean that it dissapears in the textures at sides and at the back. It's hard to get a decent picture from the other side or from the back because of the fix lighting.
  5. Hey! Glad to see you here. I think it's pressed to have a crease - not only at the front, but at the back too.
  6. I've played trhough all her apperances in the hood and cape - and every time she had those knee parts. And I was able to find an angle when her hood dissappears. Sorry for cropped photos, it can only happen when her face is almost off-screen. I didn't expect there to be another detail, but it looks like she has a brown-ish headband. I wonder what do you think of the headband and how it supposed to go around her head, but is lost in the textures.. Some close-ups of her face cover + texture of the red fabric. It looks like the inside of the balaclava is lighter gray. It looks inspired by Ventress's hood from TCW
  7. Maybe, but my money is on detachable ones. Just like the shoulder pieces - they are attached somewhere under the red tunic/dress, there is no need for them to disappear after she takes off the hood and the cape, but they do. It's like this is her full traditional costume, but when she decides to help the main character - she just leaves a lot of unnecessary things
  8. I can't stop taking screenshots of this girl, so I'll try to post only essentials. Thank god for photo mode in video games, i've started a new playthrough to go to Dathomir to get those scenes when Merrin wears the hood and cape. And I've also noticed she has additional knee-parts on her boots. her face cover is bugged and can dissappear at certain angles, but it's a good shot of details her headpiece And I also managed to get a decent picture of her boots after she takes off the cape Better look at inner parts of the gauntets and the shape of the glove on her palm I'm also trying to scale the rock that she is using for magick or may be she has a couple of them.. it's rather large during story cutscenes, but gets really small during idle animation
  9. Adding my pack of screens I will try to get better images for her boots and some images of her hood and cape from the back
  10. yesss She is on my plans to Went here to start the topic so I think that's the right place
  11. One year later - I am back. Was replaying the game again and noticed that with that costume you can use two different hilts. On Manaan she has a hilt similar to Revan's - and on Yavin and Ziost she has her a common model of a hilt that other npcs use in game, like Darth Baras for example): I would probably like to go with the first one because it looks cooler I was delayed with reworking this costume, but it's still in my plans and I will be returning to it in a few next months, hoping to be done with changes by 2020: new year - new life for the costume
  12. Thank, I will think of it, I do have V shaped cut at the bottom and it's doing its job for know (need to look closer at my photos from con, once I have those), but so far my collar bothers me at the front a bit because it's too tall/large in my opinion. Yes, I went in the costume to the con I was preparing in the last moment. Still wrapping my mind about two weeks of exhaustion and 4 days of the convention, so only a few photos for now. There are so many changes I would like to note to do - like cape needs major fixes, front details of the collar, shoulder attachments, belt, skirt details and etc.. But for now I ust taking a two weeks break from the costume and crafting to catch my breath. The back photo is taken outside with a strong wind, so the cape is flying a bit xD
  13. Insane crafting week with a ton of photos, although I could take step by step photos, I'm in a real hurry now (want to attend a con in a few days). This is why I mostly took photos of something that might be of use for this specific costume. Also there are more things I need to change in my schemes above xD That is quite a costume for research. I used pvc boots as Aeon, but dyed them a bit lighter. My pattern for the large collar - Progress on shoulder armor: Not shaped and not sanded vs almost ready shape: And well 1 week ago I had something like this: In the middle of the week: Then I began the most annoying part of adding all the small details to the gloves, skirt and etc.. And this is how the costume look this morning. I have 1 evening and two nights to do some minor tweaks to the cape and I'm a bit nervous about wearing this 4 days during the largest con in the country. I will need so much sleep after this... I mean 1,5-2 hour naps each day aren't exactly the healthiest life style.
  14. Wow, that's strange. I've noticed that sometimes things aren't visible in jedipedia normal view, but you can still see them without full loaded textures (as I did with side seams on outer tunic).
  15. I know, thanks. But as was stated before - those models have some inaccuracies... And I doubt that the in-layer textures are visible there. Here are accurate 3d models from the game files for both costumes - you can also rotate and view model in all directions:https://swtor.jedipedia.net/de/npc/lana-beniko-48https://swtor.jedipedia.net/de/npc/lana-beniko-45