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  1. So bad news is I might not be the first to register Good news is that we can share the research and compare ideas. I hope you show me what you have! I keep bragging that I've already got eyelashes and boots. http://allegro.pl/mcl1-kozaki-za-kolano-ls82133-black-36-41-i5752015049.html I'm supposed to cut them and use the rest of the fabric to cover the zipper. Then I need to buy trousers and turtleneck sweater. Then the sewing. What kind of fabric did you chose for the tunic? I will have two weeks off by the end of January so I hope to be able to hang out with the garrison and discuss technicalities in person, maybe buy the clothes and fabric. I don't think I'm going to do the Shadow of Revan costume because the quality of the graphics is not so good, it would be impossible to decide if it's fabric or metal, it all looks a bit rubbery. I'd rather be a Jawa Matriarch in my next costume.
  2. The games mechaniccs changed so much that it feels more like a point-and-click than MMO, which is acceptable because SWTOR never was a good MMO to start with. What matters now is that the graphics improved a lot and I have madeup my mind as for what character I want to be in the Legion.
  3. OK, so I contacted the Polish Garrison: 1) they said a new costume (with no standards to follow) is not a big deal, it just needs to look just the way it is shown in the game 2) they said armor plates are not a big deal, I should be able to cut the elements in pvc foam People believe in my skills, this is exciting. Also, nobody has done this costume before and technically there has been no living person going as Lana so far, since the original character is computer generated. Very exciting. My only problem is that I can't really start working on the costume at home because I don't have room to keep the materials and I don't want to ruin floor or furniture during my first encounter with warm plastics. Well, I'll sort it out some day. What I need to do now is to make a full list of elements which have to be assembled. From the eyelashes to the lightsaber. And probably I need to learn the names of some elements and materials. Speaking of eyelashes, I was wondering how to achieve this in-game look of eyelashes stuck together like one surface because it would add a nice touch for sure. I ordered these, I will trim them and cover evenly with black mascara. Also, I'll be getting these lenses, I browsed all shops and these are definitely the most similar in design. So, I have the eyes covered so far, which is fine because the eyes surely reflect the character.
  4. Yes, I think I'll stick to the KOTFE look. The design is just better and it would be more fun to wear. Let's say the red-orange lightsaber goes with the first outfit and now she has generic red, which would be easier to organise. She has two swords on the concept art, but in the game she's obviously a sorc (they all are). If I had two swords I would do a Scottish dance over them. I wish I had more time to play the game. I'll take some screens and let the guys from the Garrison know, that I've made up my mind.
  5. I'm back! In summer I bought in-game replica of the first armor for my OC so it would be possible to take extra screens (including under the cape). Then I was away from the game trying to figure out how to handle real life and online gaming, now that I'm on sick leave I had time to install the update. I think I like the new armor even more and it seems easier to make because you see clearly which parts are fabric and which parts are plates. It wasn't that obvious with the first armor. Another thing, now that Lana is a companion you can see she is equiped with red crystal. Not orange-red as the early concept art suggested. What's your take?
  6. Thanks for all the comments. I'm going to hunt for screen shots while doing this scenario or even better - buy that tunic for my character and jump or ride, that makes capes (and lekku) fly nicely. This is actually very good to hear. The costume is adapted for a player armor, that's why it needs to have separate (purchasable) pieces. But of course it makes more sense if it is made as a tunic, rather than a skirt and a top. I hoped to make a costume with soft (natural) fabrics, but when I looked more closely it looked a bit "rubbery", so I'll have to consider other options. Learning how different types of material are actually called would be a good start
  7. There, I've been thinking about a costume from the game, preferably dark side and something that I could wear without a wig. I haven't completed this scenario yet -- when I do, I'll post my own screenshots here, but so far it seems Lana is not a typical Sith (and of course I need to like a story to chose a character). The costume seems doable, especially since this NPC armor is sold in the game as adaptable armor which a player can wear, therefore it is possible to see it in detail. I'm posting screens of someone's playable character trying this armor on. I've already met the members and they seem very helpful. I guess when you have people who will tell you where to buy the fabrics, who does tailoring and so on, that's more than half the job done. Well, we'll see. This is my first idea.
  8. Hello! I'm Monika, a Star Wars fan for many years, SW:TOR player, quite new to EU. About two months ago the members of Polish Garrison approached me and told me to come here. I guess if you don't come to the 501st for whatever reason, the 501st comes to you Before I start working on a costume I need to know if I can get appoval for a new character. I'm thinking about Lana Beniko, a new NPC Sith in TOR. So I'd like to know where and with whom I should discuss it. And if I can't push it through, I'll just settle on something generic like Jawa or Tusken. Happy to meet you all!
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