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  1. The V.1 costume did not get accepted. But the one I wore for celebration, I did not send it in. I do not know if to send it in. :/
  2. Some photo from celebration in London last year
  3. Sorry for the late reply....... OTL I used Liquitex "Gloss Varnish". I coat it about 2 layer and this is how glossly it can go. It do not give a Thick feel on to the surface. This is my other updated armor that I took to star wars celebration.. this one is about 2 to 3 layer of the gloss that I used
  4. Just an add on on those wondering what kind of material was used. It is EVA foam This was how it looks before the painting and cutting. Locking out.
  5. Angelus

    WIP Guri

    T_T I am now waiting to post on the Rebel Legion page. but this is my update on her costume. I am pretty much done.... Just left that small belt.
  6. The first picture was swapped but have swapped it back and updated the shoulder to the right place. OTL Sorry Bossman
  7. Just a random photo booth that I went at the event. XD (hope you do not mind the eyeballs. I am still planing to send in as normal Imperial knight)
  8. I was testing the armor and the cloth parts at a con. To see where do I have to edit on the parts when I am moving around. (the wig was just an added for Marasiah Fel)
  9. Hi there XD My name is Joey and I am from Singapore. My ID on 501st is ID8588 At this point, I finish updating my Imp Knight costume and I am working on Guri costume (which is more of a Rebel Legion costume)
  10. Hopefully this is the last update of the costume OTL
  11. wa.... like that I die la... can not communicate.... XD my 字 sucks balls.
  12. I found it when I was at shenzhen few days ago. So will be doing some updating on the sleeve and the neck part
  13. Updated: Remake this few days back. Pretty much wanted to make my shoulder part got more space for the cape to sit well on it. Plus I got my Lightsaber from a local maker in Singapore
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