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  1. I feel as though it is pretty legit, It appeared in a interview with Dave Filoni that can be found on Starwars.com http://www.starwars.com/video/ghosts-of-mortis-episode-featurette
  2. You can also add Lion's Den Studios to the list. https://www.etsy.com/shop/lionsdendc?ref=l2-shopheader-name I have owned products from all of these makers and they all have thier pros and cons. I felt as though Bigwater99 had better product materials (fiberglass armor pieces and better metal rings and such) than MWA. MWA's armor is lighter and seems as though it would be very comfortable and he also sells the soft goods for the costume. Lion's den Makes amazing masks, I just recently got a set of their new cold cast resin torso armor. It is more DIY than the other makers as you must create your own mounting system. If you are a DIY er it is a good choice.
  3. When you get in touch with Rob he will send you a link (that he asks you not to share due to not wanting to get overwhelmed) to his site with all pricing info.
  4. This was concept art he was going to be one or the Sith Lords Yoda talked to. They ended up going with just Bane instead. But stated that the scene with Revan was shot it just nevergot finished because they decided to just do bane at that point.
  5. This is more for Discussion and Debate on this character and could possibly be a good place to gather references. Revan was slated to be in the Clone Wars tv series as per Dave Filoni. The concept art of this version of the character exists and I am curious as to if it would be a costume that could be considered for approval.
  6. If those are the funtasma boots you can always pull the detail piece on the front out. Then they are relatively simple and should be no problem imo.
  7. Teraxis

    Revan V2.0

    Revan wore this armor in wars against pretty much everyone. I cannot see a outcome from that that would leave his armor in perfect condition so I like the blemishes and things like that. I think once it is painted and weathered it will add to the effect. Thats the great thing about Star Wars thought! It appeals to so many folks in so many different ways!
  8. Teraxis

    Revan V2.0

    An update to my review of the Lion's Den armor the cold cast is actually pretty awesome. I spent an hour or so last night shining it up and it is going to look amazing I think once I paint the bronze color over it the weathering effect will be great!
  9. Teraxis

    Revan V2.0

    Saber pics added above! having owned the SF Fallen and the VV Rev-N Elite I can honestly say that the quality level is much higher with the VV well worth the wait!
  10. Teraxis

    Revan V2.0

    Added some pics of my new saber to the saber post! VV Rev-N Elite is 100% beautiful My New armor from Lions Den Studios arrived today as well! I am very excited about getting started with finishing work on it! I got it in Raw form because I love to paint! if you are not familiar with their work they make some great Revan masks as well I have their SWTOR helmet sitting here to work up as an alternate helmet for this costume!. https://www.etsy.com/shop/lionsdendc?ref=pr_faveshops Having owned Revan Armor from MWA, Bigwater99, and now Lions Den Studios I can say that all have pros and cons. Mwa- is super lightweight and flexible but I was not a fan of the fact that the armor felt like it could break very easily and a lot of the strapping and details seemed to be attached with Hot glue. I was also not a fan of the rings and clasps being cheap keychan parts that would end up immediately trashed. IMO for what that armor costs I want a more finished product. Very nice guy but the product was not for me. Bigwater99- Fiberglass armor with great details. This setup was pretty much ready to go right out of the box. The details are crisp and the armor is comfortable. The big drawback to the fiberglass is it is very rigid. Bigwater99 made mine custom for me (I was around 280 at the time) it fit great! and I really liked it. Then I dropped 40lbs and the armor was simply too big for me to wear. My only real con is out of the box the armor had straps that cross in the front and ended up coming out in the middle of the chest which I had to adjust. Fantastic product overall I would buy from him again in a heartbeat. I wanted to try something new with V2.0 that should not be looked at as a knock in any way on this product. Lions Den Studios- (please keep in mind this is a fresh out of the box review and may change as I work on the armor.) This armor is Resin with cold cast and it is slightly lighter than the fiberglass armor. I probably will not buff out the cold cast as I like to paint. The armor details are bold and I really like them. I think the armor is going to fit well and since it is Resin some careful heatgun work should allow for some gentle shaping. The edges are a bit snug on me at 240 but I think with just a tiny bit of shaping it will fir perfect. This is a great DIY set of armor it is a raw cast so it will require some cleanup. and finishing work. So if you are not crafty this might not be the right choice for you. I am so I am very excited for this build. My 1 big con is at this time it does not come with Bracers or hand plates. So I will be making my own.
  11. I used German jack boots with mine. If you can find them in your size they are great! I have small feet so I got a great deal
  12. The world always needs more Revans!
  13. I know I won't be disappointed once it gets here but I ordered mine in early Dec... VV and I are pretty close to having a fight.
  14. Teraxis

    Revan V2.0

    Things have been quiet here for a bit longer than planned... That being said the next few weeks should see V2.0 kicking into full gear. I decided to pick up a set of armor from Lion's den Studios since i have had some delays on building. It should arrive in the next week to two weeks! I plan to begin building my bracers and hand plates this coming week. My saber should be shipping out any day and I have a meeting with my seamstress (I tried my hand at sewing it did not go well) to discuss changes from V1 to V2.0 that I want to make and take measurements the first week of July.
  15. Okay I am a totally noob with worbla so I am going to have questions for you. As far as the dents go I could not imagine a character who battled the jedi, sith, and the mandalorians not being terribly dented.
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