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  1. Hi. As things to be improved, the gloves have to be lighter. See reference pics and the image on the CRL. And remember that the GI doesn´t wear imperial boots. They are knee-high and greaves. Might be difficult wear greaves with theese boots...
  2. Thighs with long velcros (2 straps/every leg hunging from the belt) and snaps.
  3. Hi guys! I ´ve made some changes in the armor that can be updated in the CRL... Lights, lightsaber attached and reddish visor... Have a look, please!
  4. I am searching for Grand Inquisitor boots with no zipper and noticed in the picture there is a bit of a flare or something near or just above the ankles in most of the pictures.  Did you do that as an armor add on, leather, or something else?  Not many clear pictures of his feet.  Thanks

  5. Welcome!!! My red visor is used for windows... I friend of mine gave me 1 meter... I think it can be used in cars windows too...
  6. Don ´ t you find the head a bit big?? Face is a bit different... Let´ ´ s see others ´ opinions...
  7. 1. Is there any specific placement for the thigh armor on the belt? Is just the side of Trooper's thigh good to go? No. Find the best for you. I use velcro. Snaps are a good option too! 2. Any specific requirements for the distance/space between the bottom of belt and the top of the thigh armor? It´´s not in the CRL. Has to be at the same height. Have a nice Monday!!!
  8. Look at this pic... gloves match trousers and the rest...
  9. Hi! Depending on the image and the moment you see the Inquisitor in the serie, his gloves are light grey or a darker one. To my mind, yours are good, although I’d rather use them lighter.
  10. A CRL can be updated with new information... let me show you a collection of SW helmets here in Spain (probably in other countries too). The visor is reddish and the information given in the brochure says that the visor matches the light of his lightsaber. Here you are some pics...
  11. Hi there! wondering the color of the visor... as you know, the Inquisitor shows us his helmet for only 5 seconds... Reddish??? Black??? what do you think?
  12. Apart from Davide from Italy, it’s me... I think... In my case, I built it from scratch... nowhere to buy as far as I know...
  13. I don’t think so, my friend. Parts must be built from scratch so that they’re adapted to your size. So is how I did! good luck!
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