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  1. Look at this pic... gloves match trousers and the rest...
  2. Hi! Depending on the image and the moment you see the Inquisitor in the serie, his gloves are light grey or a darker one. To my mind, yours are good, although I’d rather use them lighter.
  3. Mauri

    What about the Inquisitor´s helmet?

    A CRL can be updated with new information... let me show you a collection of SW helmets here in Spain (probably in other countries too). The visor is reddish and the information given in the brochure says that the visor matches the light of his lightsaber. Here you are some pics...
  4. Hi there! wondering the color of the visor... as you know, the Inquisitor shows us his helmet for only 5 seconds... Reddish??? Black??? what do you think?
  5. Mauri

    Welcome Grand Inquisitors

    Apart from Davide from Italy, it’s me... I think... In my case, I built it from scratch... nowhere to buy as far as I know...
  6. I don’t think so, my friend. Parts must be built from scratch so that they’re adapted to your size. So is how I did! good luck!
  7. Mauri

    help on a Grand inquisitor

    Yes Nina, this is the one that I have!
  8. Hi there! The Grand Inquisitor cannot wear black pants and top!!! See u!
  9. Hi again! Belt, buckle and gloves were made by myself... there were no makers up to that moment. Now, I don ´ t know... Anyway you can try it! As far as the helmet is concerned, I ordered it to a Mexican guy... he made from scrtach with a 3D printer and the finish is incredibly good. The armor were fully made by me as well. There were only one Inquisitor when I started the proyect and had to deal with all stuffs... Come on!!!
  10. Absoltely agree with Nina. Anyway, the mask looks pretty good. Talk to the seller... maybe he could do it without eyes or cut them by yourself... as for the mouth, cut a bit more and glue it to your mouth. There must exist a bit of "expression". Good luck!!!
  11. Hi! I´m Mauri Garcia and I belong to the Spanish Garrison! I appear as "pending" in I recently had my approval as the Grand Inquisitor... Thanks!!!!