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  1. I already have an approved COTF Darth Nihilus, and have been a Nihilus costume mentor for Flagship before. Also written a few CRLS in my day, and was on the CRL team for the CTD for 2 years.
  2. I upped the brightness on some images as well to get a better look at what is going on in all the folds of black, and I noticed there's additional fabric loops or bunches coming down from his hips. Image: https://imgur.com/ltQb1yS
  3. Greetings, I've been looking into the Galaxy of Heroes Darth Nihilus since I might build the costume. I wanted to document the key differences between this new Nihilus costume and his KOTOR 2 version. I think there are enough differences to warrant a new CRL for him. Especially if you go by other detachment standards, like FISD or CTD, that have a completely new CRL even if just the helmet changes. By this logic alone, GoH Nihilus would be a new CRL since he has gold metal, not silver, on his mask. Main Differences: - Mask: Gold metal decoration instead of silver. - Gloves: Simple black gloves, covered with padded bracers (not long leather gloves like in KOTOR) - Robe/Tabard: In the GoH version, there is a clearly visible, full length front tabard panel that is separate from the robe underneath, with it going to the floor. Also a lack of the padded under armour on the chest. - Belt: Much wider and fuller than KOTOR - Cowl: Less loose folds of fabric, much more structured and precise (this could be attributed to the game models style) - Hem: The GoH model has slight weathering and tattering added to the hem line (not as severe as COTF), whereas KOTOR is smooth and unweathered. - Boots: It looks like there may be a strap or padding on top of the boots? Image analysis: https://imgur.com/47WOoNH
  4. I'm working on a KOTOR version of Darth Nihilus, so I can get you images for the CRL once I'm done.
  5. Great photos and an amazing Nihilus costume! Fantastic work!
  6. There are 3 key differences between KOTOR Nihilus and the one in GoH. - Mask has gold detail instead of silver - Padded or layered gauntlets over the gloves - Added hip fabric that flows separately from his normal robes The 4th potential difference that is currently being debated is if the front panel of fabric is a separate piece that is over the robes (like a tabard), or part of the robes as normal and the game model is just wonky. Now if these differences mean having a totally new costume for Nihilus, then go for it. Or, it can be a variant on the already existing KOTOR CRL. I personally could see this being a whole new CRL due to the differences, but that is just my 2 cents. It comes down to if someone likes the costume, then make it! Have fun and do a cool character.
  7. I am super excited to see you make this costume! As always, you can bug me for help anytime. - Deez
  8. I have a bad latex allergy as well. I use silicone prosthetics, which do cost more than latex, but tend to be a lot more durable and last longer. You can also use plastic bald caps, or a product called Watermelon. I also use Pros-aide as the adhesive, then Pros-aide Creme as the blender for the edges. Pros-aide Creme is a thick version of Pros-aide specially designed to blend edges. They can both be removed with a standard adhesive remover, I personally use Ben-Nye Bond Off or Telesis Super Solv Gel to remove my prosthetics. The Super Solv gel is nice since it doesn't run, so you don't have to worry about it dripping down your face, and potentially into your eyes. The bonus to using a prosthetics glue to blend the edges is that the remover will take it off, so the edge line never gets thicker with built up product. Often people will blend a latex prosthetic with liquid latex, which works well for a few wears, but then the edge becomes too thick to blend properly, as you can't remove the added latex. So they have to trim back the edge and re-feather it for future wear. Not a major problem at all, just one of those extra steps you can avoid when you use something like Pros-aide Creme to blend edges. Some links to the products I use: Plastic Bald Cap: https://donshobbyshop.ca/catalog/kryolan-glatzen-bald-cap Watermelon (Scroll to the very bottom for the bald cap): http://www.michaeldavy.com/products/watermelon_products.htm Pros-aide: http://www.pros-aide.com/ Ben-Nye Bond-off: https://donshobbyshop.ca/catalog/bond-remover Telesis Super Solv Gel: https://donshobbyshop.ca/catalog/telesis-super-solv-gel Hope that helps!
  9. One thing I will say is that your Obi seems very large. The CRL states it should be about 10 cm in width. You may want to check to make sure yours is close to that size in width.
  10. Actual jack boots are very expensive. If you do not want to pay for those, there are alternatives out there that are close and not as pricy. Have you looked at Imperial Boots yet? They sell their own version of a jack boot that is approvable and not as costly as originals. http://www.imperialboots.com/product/jackboots/
  11. Have you looked at Scott's "how to" build for his Nihilus hood? It is very helpful! http://chucrew.com/Nihilus/hood.html One thing I think that will help is how the fabric sits around the "cat ears". Your fabric comes right from the point and straight down to the mask. The fabric should actually hook slightly under the points of the "cat ears" and then go down to the mask. This may help in getting the better definition of the points for the "cat ears" and hood. You can see this pretty clearly in Scott's photos when he has the fabric on his hood. Hope this helps! You are looking awesome! So close, I can feel it!
  12. Hello, If you are doing the COTF Nihilus, then his "cat ears" are far more pronounced than in the KOTOR version. As seen in this official art work: http://vignette1.wikia.nocookie.net/fictional-battle-omniverse/images/9/91/Darth_Nihilus_Star_Wars.png/revision/latest?cb=20151231095221 When I first applied with my COTF Nihilus, I had the same type of comments come back about the points needing to be bigger and more pronounced. All I did was glue on some Eva foam, and shaved it down until I had the right shape. I went slowly, shaved a little off, put the fabric cloak on, looked at what I had and compared it to the CRL image and the artwork. I did this until I felt I had a good representation of the points. When I applied the second time, I was approved. Some times it is the little things that are the hardest to get right, but in the end make a big impact on the look of the costume. You are so close! Your Nihilus looks amazing! You just need to get a little bit more definition and size added to your "cat ears". Try the Eva foam method if you like. It worked well for me and for many others. Cheers, Nef
  13. Thread is still there, not sure why the link broke. Here it is again: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/798-nefthys-wip-nihilus/ I would say that going back and doing this again, I would use Worbla instead of what I did. I didn't have access to Worbla back when I made my first Nihilus, so that was the best I could come up with at the time.
  14. The sculpt of the mask is very good. The paint scheme however would need to be altered slightly. Darth Malgus has a much more grey pallor to his skin as well as dark grey veins. So you can buy the mask and then re-paint it. Hope that helps!
  15. For fabric you can try out Truro fabrics, they are out of the UK. Something like this would work for Nihilus. http://www.trurofabrics.com/linen-fabric-and-viscose-fabric/linen-blends/linen-and-cotton-blend-fabric-black.html Keep in mind as well that you do not need a lightsaber for approval. It is considered an additional item, and not needed for costume approval in the Legion. That being said, what is a sith without a shiny red lightsaber!
  16. Many members here have My Wicker Armor costumes. He is a good maker, but yes, ask for a second tunic for approval.
  17. If you can find gloves with no stitching on the back, that will also improve the accuracy. Quite a few people buy the stitched Vader gloves for Nihilus, but those are wrong. Nihilus should have no visible stitching on the gloves. Hope that helps!
  18. I wear the black under armour shirt and pants from my Clone armour under my Nihilus. Helps keep me cooler under all those layers of fabric.
  19. As long as there are 2 distinct skirts and they have the correct split up the front, you can wear them however is best for you. The important thing is the correct final look of the costume, not so much how you decide to put it together. There are about 20 different ways people make the hood and "cat ears" but they all look great in the end. As for skirt length, it should reach the floor, but you want to keep safety in mind and should not be tripping on it. I have my skirts belted on so that I can adjust the height by an inch or two. If I'm walking in a parade I belt it higher so I don't trip. If I am standing in a photobooth with minimal movement, I belt it lower to hide my boots. Hope that helps.
  20. There is still tons of room for new EU characters here in TFE. Don't get me wrong on that point. I just feel that with the potential for so many new badies, that new detachments that can focus on those costume better would be more helpful to costumers. We know that there will be more inquisitors, we know that there will be more knights of ren. Yes, it is good to wait and see how many and in what capacity they fall on the "force user" scale. But I think they would all be better suited to a new detachment. As for EU, I see expanded universe as those characters in the books, comics and games. There is still lots of new EU content being made. There are some kick ass bad guys in the game Star Wars: Uprising who I'd love to look at costuming one day. There are new comics coming out all the time we can look at as well. The idea that the EU is old or not canon is rather silly. There will be lots of new content for us and characters to costume. I feel that we need to make a distinction between TV/Movie bad guys, and then EU bad guys. If we clearly define those two sides, then the TFE will still have lots to offer for new costumes. But it does need to be agreed upon Legion wide. Sure we currently cover all "legends" characters, but that doesn't stop us from still being the home of EU characters. At the same token I want to make sure we don't end up being the 'catch all' for characters the Legion are unsure of. I know we will welcome all costumes here, but I am always concerned for the costumer themselves. It is important they end up in a detachment that is equipped to their best ability to help and support all those making a costume.
  21. This is quoted from the Knights of Ren topic here on the boards: http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1995-knights-of-ren-crls/ It is easier to quote the exact same thing I would put in here. We need new detachments to help cover all the new characters that are coming up. I'll add an analogy though, I feel like it has become a mad game of Hungry Hungry Hippos where everyone is trying to snatch up as many new characters as they can, but they are not putting thought into the after effect of once they have them. Can TFE properly support and help these new costumes? At the moment, we can hardly help and support out current ones, so I feel it would be to greater detriment rather than benefit to have them here. The greater needs of the costumers must be looked at. I feel a new detachment focused on the new dark side users would be a better and more supportive structure for these costumes. Just my 2 cents.
  22. There is a discussion going on currently on the main Legion boards about the need for a new detachment for underworld characters. The discussion has now branched that perhaps we need 2 new detachments, one for the "scum and villainy" which would be crime lords, gangsters, pirates,etc. And also the need for a new Canon Dark Side Detachment that would represent characters, such as the new Knights of Ren and the Inquisitors. I am making a Seventh Sister costume and I do NOT see her as Flagship, but at the same time, I don't see where she would fit. With this new and expanding group of characters, I think it is time the Legion took a good hard look at the detachments and perhaps made 1 or 2 new ones to accommodate the soon-to-be influx of new characters. I'm a little tired of the "stick it in Flagship" attitude that has developed in the Legion. Yes, there are characters that still belong here, but we are getting too big to handle all the costumes we have. Our CRL's are lacking, many questions on characters go unanswered despite the Costume Mentors best efforts. Flagship needs to pull up it's boots and work hard to support the characters we currently have rather than trying to add more than we can handle. You can see the discussion here: http://www.501st.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=29&t=90008
  23. Great news! Welcome to the dark side!!
  24. Yup, 25 yards should be enough. And I don't wear the flower when I troop, only at home when I want to feel pretty, hahah!
  25. Ahaha! I shouldn't laugh at the destruction of your poor cape, but that is rather entertaining. I hope your puppy at least had a good time "assisting" in the weathering. Cheers, Nef
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