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  1. This detachment does have a lot to choose from, are you the only one who's interested or is your wife interested? My wife and I are Darth Revan and Bastila Shan from KOTOR. A couples costume set might be something fun, just go through the CRL and do some research on what you might be comfortable walking in, standing in, etc... Remember there are never any dumb questions.
  2. Lee, its me Darien from San Diego, bro you gotta get approved
  3. Hey guys i forgot what strapping is best: Is it Cross Braided or Straight Braided? width of 1" or 1" 1/4? Of course Black, but i need to replace the tied threads and i need to replace the front belt straps with something more durable in the heat. The Summer tore it up... Is Vinyl or Leather ok? as long as it all matches right? and where the hell can i find CA Glue? I got the MWA Set....so any recommendations appreciated.
  4. I have a thin vinyl; its a dark red without a shine, it was only $5, used some of it for a TK pauldron, so ended up with a lot left, figured i could use it elsewhere. i'll look at different stuff.
  5. Would vinyl be ok to use for this upgrade? i have the same color vinyl to match the mask...thoughts?
  6. Same Here, i got Wicked Armor's Kit, imo the Big Water Kit looks like its for Revan Reborn from SWTOR expansion pack Shadow of Revan....the CRL states you can have your soft parts be torn on the bottom as like Reborn, so it may work for that stage of Revan.
  7. You hit the nail on the head Dawn. We knew that when Disney took over, things were changing. So as representatives of LFL, WE as the 501st/RL gotta roll with punches too. Make the changes needed to function better as a legion and to allow more "New (Disney Era)" fans to experience the characters they are now seeing. I'm sure i'm not the only Revan that has been called "Kylo Ren" by new fans and well some old fans too.
  8. Yeah just got caught up on that thread, i agree there is a need for 2 new DET, Underworld Det is already being started, but the "New Canon Dark Side DET" (way too long) should have CW, Rebels and (2012-) Disney Era Characters that fit respectively, everything (1977-2012) would be ours includes SWTOR as EU. And of course if Snoke, Kylo or someone is a "DARTH" then they can moved to SLD...Thoughts???
  9. I do believe that's what they saw...and yes i so agree with on them opening up new detachments for new characters. What's gonna happen with "Rouge One" and "Han Solo" movie? They can't all be in TFE as far as the Baddie's go. Seeing as how Clone Wars and Rebels are Canon, shouldn't the Nightsisters/Talzin, Savage, Ventress, etc be apart of that new Canon DS DET? To me it only makes since, and it would a starting ground for that new DET.
  10. Should we take these guys under TFE? if so, should we wait till more info is released in Ep 8/9 about them? All the hoopla over them is causing a stir in my garrison, so i need this answered asap...all the pics are online (google search)....5 Knights of Ren.
  11. PP sent: $10 conf # 5V98855306814821S, forgot to put TKID, but its under D.Jordan
  12. They have a Copper emitter instead of Gold, there is a difference. Also it has only 1 activation switch instead of 2 like the game. So I got the Saber Forge Fallen "HILT" w/ Custom Insides and a V4 blade....280.00 Total instead of close to 400.00. JMO
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