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  1. Starkiller: Dark Lord's Armor (hoth)

    People, this was my WIP post, why not start your own WIP thread? I had my gloves made by a shoe repair shop. There is a shop in Argentina that will make you the gloves for $400 He also makes the suit. https://www.facebook.com/swtoys.argentina/?timeline_context_item_type=intro_card_work&timeline_context_item_source=100000614735191&pnref=lhc
  2. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    I have upgraded your Detachment permissions. Please fix your 501st Legion Profile to reflect your 501st Legion profile, it is currently showing your 501st German Garrison Profile.
  3. Requesting 501st access

    Good to go.
  4. Mara Jade WIP

    Hello, and welcome to our Detachment. Unfortunately a lot of people only join our Detachment, after their costume was not approved, or after their costume is approved. The whole reason we have Detachments is to try and help people while they are in the process of building their costumes, to increase the likelihood of them building their costume correctly the 1st time around, as redoing parts of a costume can be time consuming and expensive. As per what other parties told you about your costume, all I can say is, I wish you had joined us earlier and got the correct information from the start. I find it a bit irritating when people suggest that the RL approved some parts of their costume, implying why didn't the 501st. I am not part of the RL, so I do not know (or care) what they are doing and what their standards are. I am part of the 501st, and I am here to make sure the TFE 501st costumes meet our minimum standards. Your GML/GMO had some questions about your costume, and I answered his/her questions. I can understand people's disappointment when their costume is not approved, but remember no one here is against you, we are all here so that your costume can look as good as it possibly can. We get tons of people who do Cosplay and submit their costumes to the 501st, and they get very upset when their Cosplay costumes are not accepted by the 501st. I like to remind people that Cosplay and the 501st are not the same. Cosplay is a costume that no one approves but the person who made the costume, and while it looks generally like the SW Character, a lot of the details are missing or are not correct or the quality is just not there. In the 501st we strive for the best looking costumes to represent our organization. So let's get moving in the right direction, so we can get your costume approved. I would strongly suggest more research. Seek out people in the 501st who have made this costume and gotten it approved, and find out where they got their items from or what materials they used. eliste (meg) who commented just above, would be a good place to start! The Items that were in question with your costume, I listed below, and explained why I approved or disapproved them. Your Body Suit: Take a look at the pic of your body suit, now go to the CRL and look at the display model at the top. See how the models suit looks like a shinny rubber, with no folds or creases or bunching in the material, how it is snug and form fitting. Now scroll down through the individual item in the CRL till you get to the body suit. Click the photo of the body suit so it opens in a new page, and now click the bodysuit again so you can see it alone and larger. Now compare the bodysuit in the picture with the picture of your bodysuit. In your bodysuit pic the crotch area has folds in the material, the outsides of the legs have folds in the material, the inner leg area has the design muster, but it is really hard to see and is not so prominent. Look at the CRL item bodysuit, the crotch area is flat, the legs are without folds in the material, and the details on the inner thigh are much better looking and easier to see the details. You really need a material that stretches in 4 directions, that when the material is pulled, it does not create folds in the other direction. The details in your suit were hard to see, there were folds and extra material in areas that there should not have been. If the material is correct (?), then the problem is in the way it is sewn together. Wig: Even though I am not a fan of your Wig in Red, I approved your wig, because it is an acceptable color. I prefer the strawberry blonde or red/gold wig, but I approved your wig, as it has less to do with my personal taste and more to do with the correct look. So whereas you said the RL did not approve your wig, I did. Silver connector and harness straps: This was a difficult point to judge. I could tell by your pictures that you are of the smaller body sizes, so it was hard to tell what exactly the size was of your straps and silver connector were. As the details in your silver connector were a bit off, it made me think the size was also off. Where the silver connector has 3 oval cut outs in the center facing 9 O'clock evenly spaced apart, your Silver Connector looked like there were just 3 slits cut into it, and it was facing 7 O'clock. The straps are correctly made for the size of the Silver connector (because they match the correct size of the mounting point on the Silver Connector) the question is, is the Silver connector too large, thus makinging the straps also too large? The details of the Oval cutout vs the slits vs facing the different directions, was why i did not approve this item. I would suggest finding a different source for the Silver connector, and then just transplanting the straps onto the new silver connector, if they are in fact the correct dimensions. Holster: is mounted backwards. Its an optional item of the costume, so either remove it altogether or flip it over to face the correct position. Belt & Belt Buckle: The Belt buckle should be hiding the rivets, the rivets should not be visible. Either that or use a different belt without the rivets. Extra strap: should be form fitting and laying flat against the bodysuit/leg/hip. I hope this helps you better understand what things need to be corrected, so we can get the changes made, and get you into the 501st. Cheers, Det XO-
  5. Hello from Australia!

    Costume doesn't have to be Canon to be in the 501st.
  6. Looking for ideas for my first costume

    The CRL is Wrong! One the mask has features like bone structure, the other is straight flat with no structure. It is on the list of CRLs to be fixed, but they have not gotten to it yet.
  7. Arrival in the Legion

    Welcome to the best Detachment in the Legion. There are many people here with Darth Revan costumes (not me), to include the Detachment Leader, so there is a ton of information to be had here for that costume. Have a look around, make your self at home. We encourage people to start a WIP (Work In Progress) thread with their build progress and pics, that then other people can reply to if you are looking for help. Cheers, Det XO-
  8. Looking for ideas for my first costume

    The more popular (more often made) the easier it will be to find sources. Darth Revan Darth Nihilus Are some of our most popular costumes in this detachment. Darth Nihilus is probably the most cost effective costume you can make as part of this detachment. We have quite a few Imperial Knights, you would have to look around and find sources for that costume, or maybe someone will reply to you here with some helpful information.
  9. Darth Revan Costume - WIP

    Lightsaber is fine. No need for covertec wheel, as he never wears his light saber on a belt. The only purpose for this is if you are going to mount a Lightsaber holder to a belt, so it can hang off a belt. Boots are fine.
  10. Welcome back. If you have a TKID, please include it in your profile info, if not, then not.
  11. Hello from Virginia

    Welcome back, make sure to log into the forums at least once a year, to prevent slipping into inactive status.
  12. XO Message: We are Updating the Permissions and what not today on the forums. If you included your TK ID in your profile, then as of today everyone should already have been given the correct access here on the forums. If you have not included your TK ID in your profile info, then you could be seeing a demotion in forum status or the incorrect status due to your missing TK ID. If you already have Detachment Members Status, That is the highest it goes, unless you are part of the Detachment Staff, so there is no need to request it again.
  13. We have manually switch Detachment Members, 501st Members, and Members to "Inactive" Member Status, if they have not logged into the TFE forums within the last year. The Operations Protocol states: "Active status is maintained by logging onto said forum once a year. Failing this, the member becomes an inactive member of the detachment. All that is required to be reactivated is to once again log in." If you were manually switched to Inactive, then you will need to post a reply here, so we can manually switch your permissions back. All that is needed, is a link to your 501st profile, and we will restore your permissions. If you are not yet a member of the 501st, then just post a reply, and we will give you back Member status. Cheers, Det XO-
  14. Revan Armor Advices

    You do realize no one can see these pics right? If you click the internet address and post it instead, then people will be able to see your pics, other wise we cant see anything!