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  1. Hello from Tampa!!!

    Also my Favorite costume, which I have. Not an easy build, but anything is possible. If you need places to buy certain aspects of this costume, or you would like to know how I built something myself for this costume, send me a PM. I am always happy to help another person with this costume. Cheers, Satya-
  2. Starkiller Dark Lords Armor?

    2 piece leather suit made to your measurements, with the correct look, $600.00 + Postage: https://www.facebook.com/swtoys.argentina/ He also sells the correct gloves for the costume for $400.00 Claws I made myself. Abdominal Armor I made myself. Linoleum covered in P leather, just hard to get the correct cut/look. In my final version (I made 5 different Versions till I got it right) I used black plastic clips and elastic cord to close the armor in the back. The elastic cord keeps it snug to your body, yet allows you to breath lol. Gloves/Gauntlets, I bought a pair of Gauntlets ($50), took them to a shoe repair shop and had them fabricate the right look for $100 (cheaper than $400 version). Skirt is easy enough to do yourself. Boots are the Black version of Anakin Skywalker boots, can find them on Amazon.com for $80-$100. The Padawan hair braid (if you make one) is a big pain in the ass, ass it gets tangled in everything. Trophy lightsabers I did myself as well, toysRus lightsabers or make your own with PVC pipes, remove the telescopic blades, add clips, alter the appearance to the desired look
  3. Starkiller Dark Lords Armor?

    Helmet $400 Shoulders: $375
  4. Good job, I don't have access to the game or these pics, so more power to you in your journey in making this costume a reality. My gaming days are pretty much over, but I am still interested in getting my hands on this game for research purposes, some time down the road. Edit: I removed all the posts above about the confusion, so now your post starts off clean, and everyone knows what costume you are creating.
  5. Ukrainian Seventh Sister (WIP)

    No, "Seems a bit small" was just a comment in General in comparison to the Tank helmet next to it. The flaring out of the bottom of the helmet pic you just posted with the red arrows. seems off somehow? Maybe it is the fact that it is all red, maybe its the lighting? In all the reference pics I have looked at, the helmet doesn't look like it flairs out like that, seems more straight. and continues the form of the helmet all the way around. I think the tips of the bottom of the helmet should be further inward.
  6. Ukrainian Seventh Sister (WIP)

    Seems a bit small, but then again it would depend on the size of your wife. Needs to be proportional to the person wearing it, for the overall look to be correct. Can your wife fit her head in it comfortably would be the 1st point to consider?
  7. Lord of hunger. Yumyum

    Another Nihilus from Germany, I think we have had 3 so far this year approved in the German Garrison, could always use another one.
  8. Officers boots for revan

    Probably, as long as they fit the description in the CRL: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:SL_revan Boots For 501st approval: The boots may be black or dark gray in color. The heels are low, and there are no visible laces. A wide strap may be included that goes over the top of the foot.
  9. COSPLAY is one thing, and the 501st is another. One has high standards to meet for acceptance, the other has lower or no standards to achieve and no one judging the costume beside the person building the costume them self. The whole reason we have LMO/GMO/Detachment input and opinions, is to hold costumes to the highest standards, so that there is quality control in what carries the 501st title. It is a great costume for COSPLAY, don't take my comments the wrong way, just not to the standards and requirements of the 501st, as an official costume.
  10. If you were going to make a LEGO Character, which is what this thread is about, then you would have to look like a LEGO character and not a person. Your pic looks like a "Generic Sith/Jedi" and that won't fly in the 501st currently . You can't use a LEGO image and then make a non-LEGO look? Scroll up and look at the LEGO Boba, that is how the character would have to look if you were going to make a LEGO Character. Your pic and this pic are 2 different realities. If you are going for a LEGO look, then it has to look LEGO! http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Naare As Far as my understanding goes, currently no LEGO Characters are approvable, and in the future, if they were, your costume doesn't look LEGO, so it would not be accepted anyway. Basing a Non-LEGO look, off of a LEGO character, is not going to work. Moving away from the theory of this ever getting approved in the 501st, Animated needs to look animated, Film needs to look Film quality, LEGO needs to look LEGO! Not to mention I already see where your costume and the LEGO figure look different, and then we are going back down the road of "Generic" "self interpretation", and "no standards", which won't fly. But enjoy your costume all the same, just not as an official costume in the 501st.
  11. Catmew's 7th sister wip

    I would find a pic from the series, and make sure yours looks like the image seen. Also contact your Garrison GML/GMO if you have questions, as they will be the person approving your costume. Some things are still not finished with your helmet, and I cannot comment on a WIP being acceptable or not. I would suggest in your WIP thread that you post pics of what you made, side by side with pics of what the CRL has and Pics from the Series, and you should be able to answer that for yourself.
  12. Catmew's 7th sister wip

    I love this costume. The detail lines in the helmet look a bit rough in places or maybe its the paint job didn't cover everything? I cant tell? The rest looks nice
  13. WIP - My Nihilus (COTF) build early picture

    Next time try to take the picture with the window and sun to the back of the camera man, so as not to put a glare in the photo. I cant make out any details of the upper body.
  14. Darth Zannah

    With out a complete 360° view of the Character from official sources, the costume will not meet the requirements for approval standards of the 501st. You are still encouraged to continue your costume, but with out 360° view of the costume, it will not be approved in the 501st. Unfortunatly, logical thinking and individual interpretation of how something should look like, is not acceptable in lieu of approved graphics.
  15. Darth Zannah

    Would be helpful to see your reference pics, and the parts of the costume you have already made in comparison to the reference pics. A self drawn pic is not anything we can judge or work with. Also no Fandom or Cosplay can be used as references. We need to see a 360° view of the costume, from approved sources, and we can go from there! I have not seen a full 360° view from approved sources for this costume, so it would be interesting to see what you have found. Most pics I have seen are with the hood up, and your self made drawing has no hood at all, so I am curious to see what you are using for reference sources. Edit: Oh and I moved your post to the research area, as you had posted it in the incomplete CRL area, and there is no CRL for this costume. Then I found that there was already a thread open for this topic that you had already replied to, so I don't understand why you had to start a new topic, with the same theme, in another area of the forums, if you were already a part of the 1st conversation here? So your topic was merged with the other topic that was already started for the same costume! Please don't start any more new topic about this costume anywhere else in our forums, but rather, continue the conversation here please!