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  1. Names Called While Trooping

    If its a Black Costume, Darth Vader is the number one mistaken name used. In my Starkiller hoth, I don't get names, I get questions "Who the hell are you?" In my Jawa, I get called a Tusken Raider. In my Malakili, again no names, just the reply that "that is probably the most comfortable costume in all of Star Wars". When outside in the hot sun, "That is the Smartest Costume"! Not trooped in my Garindan yet, but I will find out next week what comments I get in that costume.
  2. The Text portion for the CRL has finally been approved and posted: http://databank.501st.com/databank/Costuming:DS-Barriss_Offee_Traitor Now we just need someone to make a quality costume, and lend us the pics, so we can finish the CRL!
  3. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    All good. Some people are easily offended by my comments, so i just like to remind people that my comments are not meant to make you feel good, but to help you get approved the 1st time around.
  4. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Just note a few things: 1. I am the only person with an approved starkiller hoth replying to your WIP. 2. I am also the Detachment XO. 3. I have to give honest assessments in what I see, or people will misquote me. Everyone else can praise your work as being great, and it may give you a false sense of achievement. I don't want to set anyone up for failure, so I give accurate feedback, and I am looking for things that are wrong to comment on. If it looks correct, then I wont say anything, as I am looking for things that would cause your costume to not be approved. Your trophy lightsabers as an example, they look great, so I am guessing I didn't say much about them. Telling someone how great their work is, is not why I comment to WIP threads; I comment to inform people, what isn't looking correct for approval purposes. For your 1st attempt at making armor, its really good, but I cant say its really good, as then people will misquote me and say the Detachment XO said it was really good. So I have to note the things that I see wrong with it. If you don't want me to comment on your WIP, I can stop posting comments, and wait to see if your GML asks for Detachment Opinions when you submit your approval pics. Then give an honest assessment to your GML. When you say "But it will work for basic approval." I would not be so sure, but that is the call of your GML, and if your GML has questions, and post them for comments, who do you think will be replying to your GML about starkiller Hoth costumes? Me, and that is why I try to give honest feedback, and not tell people their work is great, when I can see things that should be corrected, before the costume gets approval.
  5. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Also notice the red triangle, and the difference between yours and the reference. Reference having a flat top, and yours having a pointed peak. Also some other differences that are noticable.
  6. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Something is just not looking right with that back box? It looks like it is a lot wider than it should be.
  7. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Shoulder Bells should be a lot closer to the chest armor. Why is there such a big gap? Yup now you see what I was talking about the the apex of the vest! Why are the lines in your shirt Vertical? They are supposed to be at a 45° angle. What is the black cloth under your armor supposed to be?
  8. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

  9. A'Shared Hett Lightsabers 3D Model WIP

    Claws look sweat
  10. KOTOR Sith Officer

    Normally anything Officer would fall under IOC. Point in case Juno Eclipse. Juno Eclipse is an EU costume, but also an Officer costume. The Detachment a costume falls into, should be the Detachment that has the best resources to support the build. So while these costumes are EU, the support they would need is probably going to be best served by being with other Officer costumes. Any costumes are welcome to use our forums for their WIP build; which Detachment a costume falls into is up to the LMOs and Det Leaders, but I would think that these would fall into the IOC and not the TFE.
  11. KOTOR Sith Officer

    Front, left, right, and back views would be the best references to have.
  12. KOTOR Sith Officer

    Is there a 360° view of these?
  13. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    Looking good. You are going to have the same problem with your vest as I did I see, the top point sticks out in the air, when it needs to curve in towards the body. I affixed a curved piece of medal to the top end of my vest on the inside, to keep the point pointing in instead of standing out in the air like yours is now. Below is a pic of my shoulder armor, just so you can compare.
  14. KOTOR Sith Officer

    Can you be a bit more specific in what you are asking? Provide a picture of the costume you are describing? If it looks like an Officer Costume, it would probably fall under the IOC Detachment.