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  1. Hi from Spain.

    Have you looked in the research section? http://www.theflagshipeclipse.com/forums/index.php?/topic/1868-doctor-aphra/& A nylon with one of the many different versions of the tattoo painted on it is the most used method.
  2. Sharad Hett

    Sharad Hett was a goody two shoes Jedi, I don't see where he would fit into our world, but also welcome the debate.
  3. Starkiller Dark Lord Armor (Hoth)

    Well that is a good side by side comparison to talk about. Keep in mind, I find the vest the hardest part of this costume to get correct, and I made 5 or 6 versions of the vest myself, till I got the look down to the correct look. Compare the size of the top strip. In the middle it starts off double the width of the 2nd strip. Then it quickly reduces in size as it goes down the body, and becomes rather skinny. The front peak is very high, and the sides are quite low. So there is a great and dramatic change in the size of the vest as it goes down the body. Having everything stay the same proportions as it goes down the body will not achieve the correct look.
  4. Just remember, it's not a race! lol I am one to talk though, as I have powered through every costume I have made in about 3-4 months each. I would rather it take longer, look right, and get approved the 1st time its submitted. It is looking like you have it under control, just hang in there, looks like you are almost at the finish line!
  5. Starkiller Dark Lord Armor (Hoth)

    What is the suit made out of? it is very shiny. Maybe it will look more accurate with the shoulder armor added to it, and a Balaclava. Vest could be sitting a bit higher up. keep at it.
  6. Acolyte in SW game

    Lol, someone asked the question before about using the game as a reference. I would only do this in extreme cases, where you could not find reference anywhere else for a part of the costume, as the resolution and details are poor.
  7. Acolyte in SW game

    Star Wars galaxy of Heroes game has a new character, it is being call "Sith Marauder" (2 red lightsabers) we know it better as Sith Acolyte. The character is not yet able to be unlocked, but for those of you who play the game and like this Character/Costume, it should be a up and coming in the near future.
  8. Jessa's Eleena Daru build WIP

    Looks like a good start. I also noticed you have a TK ID, but never requested 501st permissions in the forums, so I went ahead and upgraded your permissions for you. When you have a TFE Det costume finished and accepted, don't forget to request for another upgrade to your permissions to TFE Det Mem!
  9. Hi all from Spain!

    Welcome (im in Germany) we have a section set up for that costume. If you check the for sale area, there is also someone offering kits for that costume.
  10. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    My bad, you are correct Ultra Sabers
  11. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    FYI the text I wrote for this CRL has finally been posted, have a look, tell me what you think. Some of the old stuff is still in there double, but it should disappear the next time it is refreshed on the server. Just for Clarity, the optional item for the head, is in place of the helmet, not while wearing the helmet. My work was edited, and I think the part explaining that this was intended to be trooping without the helmet got edited out. When the Sith Stalker CRL text gets posted, it will also have this without helm optional option. Most people find these two helmets the best part of the costume, so I don't see many taking this option, but it's out there. My Lightsaber is a saberforge Revan, it's quite bulky, but i'm a big guy so not an issue. If you were to compare it to a Vader's Vault saber just based on weight, I would say its the difference between carrying around a 2 liter bottle of Coke vs a TV remote, to give you some idea of how bulky it is. But it was the only affordable option on the market at the time, without making a no light and sound prop myself.
  12. Starkiller HOTH ARMOR Refernces

    The updated texted has been posted for this CRL today, take a look. The old skirt and pic is still in there and needs to be removed, so look at the Skirt with no pic for the new info. I will try to get pics taken of what pics are missing this weekend, but then they need to be worked on before they can be posted to accompany this CRL. Let me know what you think.
  13. The 501st Legion roster is now on lock down until after elections. No further additions to the detachment roster are possible until after the LCoGs have unlocked them after the Legion elections.
  14. Starkiller Dark Lord Armor (Hoth)

    I was happy with my stuff as well, till i saw yours lol
  15. Bogan Starkiller Hoth Armor WIP

    The pic from my WIP is my Vest Version 1 or 2, not the best reference as I changed it since then, but you get the general idea. And your pics are working again. I will send you an email with pics of claws