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  1. The wires are fragile, but I can say this... I have had better luck with my SK saber without sound than I did my SK saber with sound. also, I don’t know if this is something that you can do, resin printer? I have seen a lot of people have great things from a resin printer! I got some monster clay recently and decided to make more molds of ones I have made myself. my trooping set I use is from Wicked Armor, since he’s local to myself it is great! Great work and fantastic to talk to! Couldn’t recommend him enough! I’m extremely pleased with his work!
  2. Here ya go I was able to get an updated vest and undersuit so I'm GREATLY excited and pleased with this costume! This is by far my top go to for now on
  3. The bandolier on this one pleases me! My inner Utinii is speaking out! Back on subject... this one is neat! Thanks for providing this!
  4. Requesting both Detachment and SLD access please http://501st.com/members/displaymemberdetails.php?userID=25760 Thank you,
  5. Ok... so after a long approval process (which I know is needed) I am please to introduce you to.... SL-28222! I'm going to be asking for full thread access shortly I'll also be uploading pics soon (within this week) to show the process. I have a V.1 vest and have ordered another one which will be my V.2 and more readily used one!
  6. Good point! I'll have to update my thread with the photos. I have just been told that the ONLY problem now with mine is the vest... (Intended to make a new one anyways) to make it more accurate. I'm just trying to model mine off of what other have and form it to fit myself. I did a test run at a recent con just to see what needed fixing and the only things were the vest and the sabers on the belt (but that's an easy fix, too much weight on one saber). It was fairly easy for me to navigate through the con and I am excited for completing this one. This is one that I'll be perfecting through the years! So far this will be my 3rd, but I have plans for about 2-3 more. After those, I haven't seen too many more than have sparked my interest, but this one will be one of my favorites!
  7. Ok so my submission was denied because of my stuff being too loose (which I think is an optical illusion), but there are some issues that I have to fix (easy to fix so I'm just waiting for my new belt to come in and then I'll have to fix the vest). I have some questions regarding my undersuit, but I'll wait until I get better clarification. I have 4 things that need to be fixed, 1 has been and the second is coming to me. The other two are the more difficult ones so I'm waiting for right now.
  8. Yep... this is what probably happened to mine which didn't help me much
  9. I'm currently making sure I have the pieces correct before I go and post them as I do not want to post pictures that are incorrect, but I have some pics that I've done as test fittings so I might be able to upload a few of those!
  10. His shop was amazing and I felt like I wasn't in FL anymore when I saw it. He truly is an artist and I'm eagerly looking forward to completing this costume (I'm now 90% complete) and all I have to work on now are the hoses and codpiece (as mine was a little off so I'm remaking it).
  11. I live about 30 minutes outside of Wicked Armor's location and they were having a sale a few weeks ago. I went up there looking for some bits and pieces, but low and behold... this beaut was there! I snagged it up and immediately began fixing it up when I got home. I had a few people look at the armor, but no one was allowed to touch it haha. I got these and the claws while I was at it!
  12. They needed a LITTLE work. Straps replaced and shoulders reattached, but once I got them completed: Well worth it! I added a strap to the middle of the chest so these don't accidentally fall off. I also have "upgraded" the battery holder on the back as it barely held onto the battery. Overall this is one of my favorite costumes! Also a update on what I've gotten completed: Glove straps are all secured onto the gloves. All I have to do now is attach the hoses and finish the tops and back of the boots... then the coveted submission photos! I'm so looking forward to this build being completed! It's been well over a year for this one alone, but obtaining the armor really sped things up on my end!
  13. I do, yes! I'm going to be uploading them shortly (like within the next 10 or so minutes)
  14. OOH this is the same guy that one of our local vaders was telling me about! I'll make note of this and see if he might be able to do the gloves for me, grazie, my friend!
  15. Alright! Good luck and I'll be keeping an eye out to see how you attach yours. Good job so far!
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