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  1. Just wanted to say goodbye to you all.. due to bills and upcoming life changes myself (Darth Nihilus SL-10835 and Ashley (Visas Marr SL-10834) have retired our costumes and passed them to other 501st Members... Thank you all for your continued friendship and love. Be safe and MTFBWY Matthew Former Lord of Hunger
  2. I have a buyer for your Vader if it’s still for sale what's your email so he can contact you???
  3. Are these available? Want a blue saber for my child’s jedi costume
  4. XO Edit: In Addition, as we are almost to the Voting Period, I added you to the Detachment Affiliation as well, so in the event of a Detachment Election, you would be able to vote!
  5. Thanks.. I’m excited about this new costume. Darth Nihilus is one of my favorite Sith Lords next to Darth Vader...
  6. Thanks for the add.. SL-10835 reporting for duty...
  7. Darth10835

    Darth Nihilus 10835 patch

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