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Dagan Gera Dark Jedi Research Thread

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 I wanted to share so all may see, what is the likely hood of Dagan Gera being scooped up by flagship eclipse. I don’t intend to fully make this costume but the question was asked to me by new members we have in my Garrison, it seems unlikely that rebel legion would pick him up as he isn’t a Jedi anymore, isn’t a supporter of the republic and is classified as a villian, It would be flagships first high republic character weirdly enough. 




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As mentioned in messages, it isn't up to us on where a character falls. We can accept or decline, but the choice is LMOs.


To get that answer, you'll have to submit to them while CC'ing the DL with the story background and all the references you can find for 360° to determine if they are eligible.

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Yes. You are correct a case is being prepared but we’re waiting for “ the art of Jedi survivor” to release in order to have more references as currently we don’t have a full 360

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Good day flagship membership. I have recently submitted an application to validate Dagan gera within our ranks and sadily it was rejected. The main concern is that while Dagan is evil he is still in opposition to not only cal kestis but also to the galactic empire and that doesn’t validate a spot for him within flagship eclipse. Fear not, as Dagan gera (flashback) is still a valid costume within our sister clubs of rebel legion, dark empire and saber guild. I hope this thread serves as a full explaination, for our current and future members who seek to build Dagan for themselves in any capacity. Have a wonderful week 


Max Fleischman 


Always two, no more no less. 

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Wait a second, that's not a valid reason for denial of a costume though.  Ops say that they must be an antagonist or morally ambiguous.  We have several characters that are already against the Empire in the roster such as Edrio Two Tubes, Hondo Ohnaka, Muftak, Pyke Syndicate, Benthic, Captain Ithano, Qi'ra, any of the Separatists, Jawas, Tusken Raiders, Maris Brood, Tam Posla, Bo Katan, Din Djarin, Axe Wolves, Delilah Blue, The Wampa, etc.  I would re-submit asap citing these and tag a few Detachment leaders for it. 


Wouldn't this be accurate @DarthValkyria?

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My application went to @DarthValkyria the global lmo and ourcout detatchment lmo, nina and I talk about the result and while we in our own ways disagree with the judgement that is the judgment and I respect it

I can understand a reasoning of Dagan looks too much like a regular Jedi and that might confuse people at cons or at events, Which may be a reason for rejection they thought of. But like I said it’s not up to me, it’s globals call.  

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Looking like someone or something is no bearing for eligibility. The LMO's voted overall no due to the following:


"So we have put it to the vote and the vote has failed for 501st inclusion. Feedback/comments included:


“Jedi who was a bit extreme but still a Jedi.”


“Character-wise though, even in darkness his motivation was to save the Jedi. He wanted the Order to thrive. He went about it in a very bad way, but his intent was to preserve them. I don't think that puts him as a good logical fit for us.”


Although some did argue for his inclusion so it wasn’t just one way. 


“If you read the whole story, his motivation was to overthrow the Empire and take over the galaxy himself ..

Plus he 'dark side' bled his saber crystal. A definite 'dark side' trait.”


We also discussed how it could be done safe and looking good with no arm. Other options where mentioned:


“There are images of this character 'force' projecting a right arm via telekinesis (like a force ghost) that could in theory be used as a way around a missing limb. Kinda like the 'force ghost' characters portrayed at conventions.”


So overall it was an open debate with different views but ultimately the majority vote was a no sorry."

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