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This is where the fun begins! (KOTOR 2 Darth Nihilus cover art costume wip)

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So after some discussion in this (linked) thread I wanted to jump on this costume. 

My progress so far:

Leather gloves from etsy (40cm long, reaches just below my elbow)
Wicked armors Cover art mask 

Long leather boots (most likely won't wear them as some comfy black chelsea boots look the same)
Black morph mask 
And my soft parts are currently in progress by my seamstress. She is using textureless wool blend, has a nice flow, somewhat heavy and doesn't looks plasticy/shiny at all.

I can't wait to take some progress pics 




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Update time, so my suit is almost ready, I am going to pick it up next weekend, my mask from wicked armor is on it's way, some cheap cosplay long boots arrived a few days ago. Hopefuly I can take the costume to it's first event on the 20th of this month! I'll share some pictures of the end results and then it's application time.


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Well well well, the wa mask will arrive tomorrow. So here is the base of my costume. I'll do some minor mods like making the hood just a bit smaller and making sure it keeps it's shape as I just threw it on . The obi is about 1,5-6 inches wide. The cape is pleated and bunched up over my traps, I will use safety pins to stop it from falling down to my shoulders. The hoods top is completely flat 




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