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Jaesa Willsaam WIP

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Because one Sith costume is never enough. ;)


Has anyone built a DS Jaesa Willsaam (Sith Warrior companion) from SWTOR, or know someone who has? I don't think there's any approved Jaesas in the Legion yet, although I could be wrong. I'm starting to do some research so I have something to do while in isolation (which may or may not involve rolling up another Sith Warrior so I can get some reference shots of her default gear when she joins the PC. My current SW put her in a custom outfit years ago and her original outfit is lost to the void for that toon.), but if anyone has any tips, I'm open to them! (Pics are not mine, I just yoinked them from Google. Standby while I roll up another DS Warrior.)  


(Also, I'm excited for a face character where I can just have my own hair and not a wig! \o/ I love my Lana Beniko costume, but gawd that wig can get hot.)



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And we now sport reference photos! The bracers and belt are going to need lots of finicky details, and NO idea yet how I'm going to do the back of her skirt... but we'll figure it out. :D 


now to see what in my fabric stash I can play with without having to venture outdoors...

Back of hood.PNG

Better angle under arm.PNG

Boot zoomed in -- buckles..PNG

Bottom back skirt.PNG

Closer detail belt front.PNG

Detail back of belt & gloves.PNG

Right arm and belt.PNG

Focus belt & front of skirt.PNG

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