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WIP Nihilus COFT


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Well, it has been some time, since I have made a new costume, but now I am finally at it again, and after having made 3 Nihilus costumes for others, 2 COFT and 1 KOTOR, I decided to go with the COFT version.

This will be my 3rd TFE and my 9th 501st. costume :wink:.  What can I say other than I love to make costumes, to find all the right parts and getting it all together.

I´ve already done :

inner and outer tunika
quilted and ribbed sleeves


got the boots and gloves sorted out
primed the two masks  

primed the formed hood from Twilék Pam

Now I need to put the belt together, got all the parts - just need a leather hole tool, think my dad may have one otherwise I´ll have to use a nail and hammer :))  

I need to give the masks and the formed hood the final coats.

I also need to make the outer skirt and get the right length on the cape + find a way to attach it to the formed hood (thinking snaps or magnets)  + shorten the sleeves + get the parts tattered.  

Guess a 2-3 weeks, then I should be ready to send in the pics for the GML team...  


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;-)   One of the good things about being in a house quarantine for the next 2 weeks (perhaps more due to Coved19 in Denmark) is, that I can get my costume done.

Got my belt finished and all the soft parts done, except the cape - still thinking of a way to get it attached to the formed hood in a solid way...  

The mask is at my parents place for my dad to paint it - he is much better at it then me LOL 


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Well, got my mask finished and now trying to figure out a good way to mount the cape on the formed hood... going for velcro, think it will get it to fit best.

Things here in Denmark are more or less being shut down due to the Covid19, our borders are now also closed and the mail is delayed... :|      

Be safe everyone... 

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What was wrong with the mask? Was it home made, 3d, or wicked armor? Did you use a kotor instead of COTF in error? Yours looks like kotor from the photo.


Answers will help me as I'm working in the COTF version.


By the way, our GML requires photos of each piece so they can match to the CRL. That would avoid the problem of them not seeing your second tunic.



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The mask is not "skull like" enough  - and no it is not a kotor style, it´s a 3d print of the COFT.  


I´m now trying to reshape it to give it more edge at the black marked circles + I´ve sanded the sides more and removed the red stripes, since those may not be raised.  

I´ve send my GML pics of my two tunics, so hopefully when the mask has set, got it painted and taken new pics, all should be good. There was no issue regarding my costume other than the mask, so that is good news.  Going to look positive on this...  ;-)



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Thanks - well, I did have some trouble with the mask, first go at it had to be redone, since the paste wouldn´t harden, so I had to strip it and start over again.  I think it came out okay, but when I get some funds in the future, I´ll buy the WA mask or hope on a better 3d version  ;-) 


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Here are a couple of pics from my build, perhaps it can help others with ideas as to how-to ;-)

The belt I made myself - bought two leather belts 5 cm and around 1,2 cm + 8 chicago screws + velcro for the closure in the bag. 

Formed hood from Twi´lek Pam, primer and then painted it mat black

Balaclava, one I already had.

Outerskirt attached to the inner tunic (used a t-shirt for size and went from there)

Innerskirt with an elastic waist with the split all the way down

Cape - used velcro to attach it to the formed hood and then sew in a piece of fabric at the forehead to give it more the cat ear look.

The ripped sleeves with 2,5 cm spaces between and sewn them inside the innertunic to give it a look of another layer as to the CRL 

Outer tunic made like the inner tunic but longer, as it should reach mid thigh

The mask was a 3d print and it can´t be approved without heavy mods and reshaping of the form, which I did with auto paste, lots of shaping, sanding, primer and paint. It actually came out pretty well :))

The blackout mask is bought online and painted black.

Gloves was bought online, real leather formfitted and reach mid arms. 

Boots, also real leather and some I already had for my Visas Marr costume. 

And that is it - have fun everyone if you decides to jump in on this figure. It is a very nice costume and easy to move around in, and you can sit down !  :boom:

bælte 5 cm.jpg


hood grundmaling - Kopi.jpg

inder tunika og yderskørt med mellemrum.jpg

inderskørt med split.jpg

kappe .jpg

ribbede ærmer syet inde i ærmet.jpg

ydre tunika.jpg

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